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Heavenly's best album. The K version also includes both sides of the "So Little Deserve" single so has two more tracks than the version on Sarah.
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Hi all - there are duplicate entries for David Storrs. This David Storrs (2) is the same as David Storrs. I am going to change all the artist entries from David Storrs (2) to David Storrs unless anyone disagrees. Thanks.
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posted a comment on LMP (La Musique Populaire) - Meeting Up And Making Friends EP. 7 months ago
In one of the most unique conceptual songs ever, track #3 "Get Out" is a theme song for a fictitious movie based on the Ghosts and Goblins video game.
posted a comment on Chemise - She Can't Love You. 7 months ago
If you think there are tracks more worthy of mention, then why don't you mention what those other tracks are?
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posted a comment on Byrne & Barnes - An Eye For An Eye. 8 months ago
Nearly a perfect album. Great arrangements, production, and songwriting across the board. The only weak spot for me is "Be My Baby" the mediocrity of which is all the more apparent next to other such classy material. For yacht rock, this is one of the ... See full review
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posted a comment on Bryan Ferry - Boys And Girls. 8 months ago
This album is a masterpiece and the best of Ferry's solo career. Among the many highlights are "Don't Stop the Dance," "Windswept," "Slave to Love," and the moody title track which is the quintessential Miami Vice slow burner.
submitted David Stout (2) - Dance Disarray. 8 months ago
posted a comment on Toshiki Kadomatsu - Weekend Fly To The Sun. 9 months ago
Essential Tokyacht with echoes of Chic, Steely Dan, Jay Graydon, and Toto.
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