Strobelight serenade, tinted like Scheherazade's nocturnal lemonade. Member of the human race. Hail from Zagreb. Fond of elelctronic music. Heavy emphasis on techno. Long time and long term record collector. Not really a fan of digital files as an instrument to cherish music. Peeled tomato with a profound mosquito repellent scent. Accepted eclectic, perhaps neglected, most probably rejected.

But, music is a vehicle. All about the feeling. If it feels right, I'll play it on anything, any time, anywhere. Narrowing myself to a certain format is limiting, and in essence, techno should be a liberating, boundless movement, where format is merely a means to a greater end.

Bring 'em tunes and techno 'til we die.

I use to have a couple of photos posted around here, but due to multiple, persistently ardent requests related to my marital status, I had to remove them. Against popular demand though.
If you wish to make my acquaintance, a desire shared by many people, please refer to my office opening hours or schedule a meeting by contacting one of my fashion model secretaries. We might strike a chord and embark on a platonic relationship with the intensity of ten thousand trail blazing suns. Book return tickets to atom heart mother, and end up on a one way cruise to the moon's western hemisphere.
Like a pair of conflicting currents on a collision course to contradiction.
Pedal to the metal, rather than meddle.

Here's the breakdown to my humble room set-up, which I'm kind of proud of!:

Turntable: Technics SL-1210 GR
Turntable accessories:
-Gyrotension Swing isolation footers with M6 Thread (set of four)
-IsoAcoustics ISO Puck isolating stand device (Set of 4)
-Oyaide HS-CF Carbon Fibre Headshell
-Puresound Tenuto Gunmetal Turntable Mat

Cartridge and needle set-up: Audio-Technica VM760SLC or Ortofon 2M Bronze
Speakers: Monitor Audio Bronze 2
Speaker stands: Rondo (standard model)
Amplifier: Marantz PM7005 (black)
Interconnect: Black Cat 3202 Interconnect cable
Speaker cable: Black Cat Airwave 3232 Speaker Cable
Plugs: Two sets of XOX banana to spade adapters (material: brass / gold).
Power supply: Transparent High Performance Power Cord x 2

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Carl Cox
posted a review of Carl Cox. 10 months ago
Quote: "They would impound some of my sound system. They would lock me up over the weekend, so I wouldn't be able to do any of the parties. I would be surveilled and followed, uhm, everywhere. I would have county court injunctions against me not to go... See full review
Floorplan - Shop / Learn
submitted Floorplan - Shop / Learn. about 1 year ago
Gecko - Just Close Your Eyes (2002 Rework)
posted a comment on Gecko - Just Close Your Eyes (2002 Rework). over 3 years ago
Hi there. I don't think WJ Henze / Gecko was ever in favor of digital distribution. The fact he doesn't make music for over a decade now does not help either. Let me know some of the tunes you are trying to obtain. I might be able to sort you out...

See full review
Female - The Exotic Three
posted a review of Female - The Exotic Three. over 3 years ago
The more diligent Downwards fans among you have already realized that the track Hung is actually the hidden track off of the "Hard Education" various artists compilation from 1997. However, you could have only come to that conclusion if you have the... See full review
Surgeon / Regis / Female - The End Of Living, The Start Of Survival
posted a review of Surgeon / Regis / Female - The End Of Living, The Start Of Survival. over 3 years ago
There would not be much to write home about here, as it's a collection of fairly known and available Downwards tracks on various sound carriers. What makes this a must, especially to dedicated collectors, are two tracks:
B2 Female - Ready Made
D1... See full review
Regis - DN Tapes
posted a review of Regis - DN Tapes. over 3 years ago
Female - Angel Plague
posted a review of Female - Angel Plague. over 3 years ago
Got this revamp of a nineties Downwards bod. Sound wise it's a nice sonic representation of the UK techno aesthetic anno 1999. They didn't mess around with the sounds too much, no transposing and altering for the sake of making of a change obvious.... See full review
Regis - Necklace Of Bites
posted a review of Regis - Necklace Of Bites. over 3 years ago
I have finally managed to do back to back plays of the two different versions. In a nutshell, there are no radical differences. To the user inquiring about the excessive use of space on each side of the record. I would just like to add, for the... See full review
Various - Hard Education Sampler
posted a review of Various - Hard Education Sampler. over 3 years ago
Just a heads up to the potential buyers. The Youtube videos on your right are, well, hard to say. At times correct, and then there are days I come here and find the retail versions linked, by retail I mean from the 2xLP "Hard Education".

It should be... See full review
Surgeon - Surgeon EP
posted a review of Surgeon - Surgeon EP. over 3 years ago
I actually went through three different versions of this record I got sitting on the shelf. This is an old school favorite, so before getting all sensitive about the sound, make sure you're really getting a playable version that is worth the... See full review
Regis - Application Of Language
posted a review of Regis - Application Of Language. over 3 years ago
OK so I tried to make a clear, accessible explanation in regards to the confusion this release and it's track titles and ordering create.
First, the blue label version. The one with four tracks. The initial version. For the sake of analogy and making... See full review
Portion Reform - Imbecile
posted a review of Portion Reform - Imbecile. over 3 years ago
Brilliant precision minimal four tracker from the evergreen Portion Reform collaborative project. Two of the tracks can be found on the CD version of the album: A2 Under Duress, which corresponds to the track Resident there. Then, we have Resident,... See full review
Portion Reform - Accidents In The Workplace
posted a review of Portion Reform - Accidents In The Workplace. over 3 years ago
More Downwards track titling confusion. The A side track, named Condition here, is the track you will later find on the CD version of their album and the various artists compilation "If You Stand For Nothing You'll Fall For Anything", only it is... See full review
H:* - Events
posted a review of H:* - Events. over 3 years ago
P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L slab of wax.

The only reason Mike Humphries naysers are Mike Humphries nayserys is because most of them were not even in the making when this record hit... See full review
The Anxious - Destination Theory
submitted The Anxious - Destination Theory. over 3 years ago
Lisa Oakes - Cause And Effect EP
submitted Lisa Oakes - Cause And Effect EP. over 3 years ago
Bojan Vukmirovic - Anger EP
submitted Bojan Vukmirovic - Anger EP. over 3 years ago
The Anxious - The Wolf EP
submitted The Anxious - The Wolf EP. over 3 years ago
The Anxious - Spirit Of Dementia EP
submitted The Anxious - Spirit Of Dementia EP. over 3 years ago
I1 Ambivalent - Demon Acolyte Dying EP
submitted I1 Ambivalent - Demon Acolyte Dying EP. over 3 years ago
I1 Ambivalent - The Compelling Strings Of Destiny
submitted I1 Ambivalent - The Compelling Strings Of Destiny. over 3 years ago
I1 Ambivalent - Subjective EP
submitted I1 Ambivalent - Subjective EP. over 3 years ago
I1 Ambivalent - Ghost EP
submitted I1 Ambivalent - Ghost EP. over 3 years ago
Luis Ruiz - Hard Like Bronze EP
submitted Luis Ruiz - Hard Like Bronze EP. over 3 years ago
Etnica - Andromeda EP.
posted a review of Etnica - Andromeda EP.. over 3 years ago
While it definitely falls short of the musical craftsmanship and appeal much of their highly venerated opus from the mid to end nineties had in spades, it's somewhat inaccurate to label this as rubbish.

I vividly remember a new sound was taking over... See full review
Son Kite - Youngel EP
posted a comment on Son Kite - Youngel EP. over 3 years ago
Now the Son Kite boys have done a lot of good, music related at least. From their early days of paving the way for the scandinavian minimal progressive sound, their immense "Colors" album and the subsequent world take over as Minilogue, these boys... See full review
Stoop & Fidget - The Mudless E.P.
posted a review of Stoop & Fidget - The Mudless E.P.. over 3 years ago
Unquestionably one of the finest slabs of wax ever released on the mighty Flying Rhino imprint.
Cherished by every dancer. Sought after and rinsed out by any half decent DJ. Venerated by every self respecting collector.
The chemistry between James... See full review
Patrik Skoog vs The Anxious - Hard Minds - Vol II
posted a review of Patrik Skoog vs The Anxious - Hard Minds - Vol II. over 4 years ago
There was a time when I'd reply with The Anxious - Rave Killer when you brought up the word techno.
This track exemplifies everything that I fell in love with in the first place. It' s not even a personal favorite, or even close.
Yet it is exactly... See full review
Zohar - Dark Queen
posted a review of Zohar - Dark Queen. over 4 years ago
Don't be misled by the fact that you've never heard of Zohar, and have this release slip by you. Two finely crafted cuts on the B side, one on the on the electro side of things, the other being a solid chunk of prime time ammo.

But the reason why... See full review
The Suburban Knight* - Nocturbulous Behavior
posted a review of The Suburban Knight* - Nocturbulous Behavior. over 4 years ago
V-Agent (see below) beat me to it. I recently snatched up the mighty repress because this is one of those records you'd want to have a second copy of just because you can. I always admired Suburban Knight's scarce yet utterly amazing output. This... See full review
Nuccle vs. H - Nerve Hammer
posted a review of Nuccle vs. H - Nerve Hammer. over 4 years ago
Nuccle vs. H, or any other variant of this duo's artist name, have to given more credit than they could possibly carry along. There must be no oter outfit with such an amazing, pure and relentless winning streak of storming techno pounders without... See full review
User (4) - 07
posted a review of User (4) - 07. over 4 years ago
The Youtube video entries are way off guys. Don't buy into ignorance. The only track that belongs here is the 5 minutes and some change one. The others are part of the 007A release which came out a full year after this.

The installment of the User... See full review
Cold Dust - Remix EP01
posted a review of Cold Dust - Remix EP01. over 4 years ago
The B side of this record is a text book example of what good, well engineered hard techno sounds like, and just how well can it keep up with the rapidly moving times. I mean Michael Forshaw splits the atom three ways by the force of a drum. He... See full review
Cold Dust - Test Site
posted a review of Cold Dust - Test Site. over 4 years ago
I can only chime in harmoniously, and echo the justified praise. This is a spectacular record. Self assured, loud, invigorating, exerting pressure with its menacing approach, beefed up & nasty drums, raw attitude and pure techno ferocity. I never... See full review
Ian Void - The Rascal (Remix) / Retension
posted a review of Ian Void - The Rascal (Remix) / Retension. over 4 years ago
Along with Speedy J's remix of Gaiden's Point Blank, Luke Slater's remix of Joey Beltram's Forklift, and Bruno Cooper's remix of Paul Damage's "Tina Never Had A Teddy Bear", this might just be the finest techno remix of them all.

May be you do not... See full review
Binary Star - Masters Of The Universe
posted a review of Binary Star - Masters Of The Universe. over 4 years ago
I vividly remember the the moment when this album hit the shelves. Or, truth be said, I remember the aftermath, when the word spread, when it hit the world wide internet, and made it onto our Traxdata CD-Rs. I was a high school freshman in Rome,... See full review
Regis - Delivered Into The Hands Of Indifference
posted a review of Regis - Delivered Into The Hands Of Indifference. over 4 years ago
Excellent, and I really do mean it when I say it, excellent reissue of this epochal mid nineties stormer. The sound is on point, reworked in a manner to expand the low end response without sacrifiying the rawness and recklessness of a fully geared up... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
Uturn Records
posted a review of Uturn Records. over 4 years ago
Although I never ended up completing the label's full catalog (I think I am missing the first 2-3 releases), Uturn is the label that taught me to follow not only artists, but imprints they release their music through. It made me realize that it was a... See full review
Apathism - One-Ten
posted a review of Apathism - One-Ten. over 4 years ago
One of Heiko's best releases of all time. By now you should know that the competition from his own catalog goes around the corner down three city blocks.

But this? A flat-out classic. A timeless exercise in mental minimalism and deviant acid,... See full review
Selección Natural - Split Didactics EP
posted a review of Selección Natural - Split Didactics EP. over 4 years ago
Do not let this gem of a two tracker pass you by. I am aware of the fact that the ten inch format is not a DJ's favorite choice, but dismissing this on the account of the record's diameter would be a shame. For what lies under the amazing yet standard... See full review
posted a review of Heiko Laux - Souldancer. over 4 years ago
Very hard to describe how important and great this record is. Heiko Laux's discography is loaded with quality tunes. One may be mislead and think he built his reputation around Detroitesque tunes with a German twist, but this highly talented producer... See full review
Diego - Mouth Full Of Fresh Cut Flowers
posted a review of Diego - Mouth Full Of Fresh Cut Flowers. over 4 years ago
Shame on me, but I had forgotten just how bestially bangin', hypnotically driving and forcefully resolute this double pack is. One could have easily overlooked Diego as his labelmates at the time were no other than Heiko Laux, Alexander Kowalski and... See full review
posted a review of Template. over 4 years ago
Template was always a label that I found peculiar. It was run as a part of Glenn Wilson's growing network of imprints. While it never reached the status of some of its contemporary fellow subsidiaries (Compound, Submissions, Punish), it boasted an... See full review
Claude Young - DJF 1100 - DJ Friendship
posted a review of Claude Young - DJF 1100 - DJ Friendship. over 4 years ago
One sentence I always avoided when trying to portray the atmosphere and the images conjured up by musical journeys I embarked on was "for the ones who know".

That is why I said I would only be bothered to shamelessly use it once: this mix right here... See full review
Ant - Tooled Up - London Underground Techno Sessions Vol. 001
posted a review of Ant - Tooled Up - London Underground Techno Sessions Vol. 001. over 4 years ago
One of the best, and if not that, then definitely one of the fiercest mixes I've had listened to. Any given branch of electronic music counted in.
The level of energy throughout is off the hinges. A tempestous blizzard of deviant acid lines and hammer... See full review
Zeta Reticula - EP 1
posted a review of Zeta Reticula - EP 1. over 4 years ago
I just wanted to say that I completely agree with the thoughts laid out by fellow reviewers here. There is no doubt that the second installment of the series was all the hype back then, and I'm the first to admit that I use swore by it, but the storm... See full review
Umek - Nodlocnost
posted a review of Umek - Nodlocnost. over 4 years ago
I am also guilty of being an early Umek fan boy. Just as I was starting to dig deeper and deeper into the genre, Umek's career was about to take off and his productions would become globally sought after and appreciated. As a long term fan, this is a... See full review
Selección Natural - Left Behind
submitted Selección Natural - Left Behind. over 4 years ago
Rrose - Hymn To Moisture
submitted Rrose - Hymn To Moisture. over 4 years ago