Before you start reading and all, let me spare you the blood, sweat and tears:
My collection is original, authentic and I am happy with it.
I can help you out with anything, and will answer to any question you have, but ripping MP3 files for you is not an option.
Trade offers are always more than welcome!
Anything else you are interested in, feel free to drop by a word or two!


One of Zagreb's vintage flyers, for the 1995 Diva Futura club night. Naturally I was too young to attend, but how can you not love such a simple yet striking and honest flyer?

I am a Zagreb born and bred electronic music afficionado, and have been activelly following the ongoing development of the scene ever since the Members Of Mayday seemed like the greatest invention second to sliced bread and three stripe tooth paste.

At Zagreb's legendary Mungos Club some years ago:

My first encounters with parties date back to 1998, when Astralis, an event organizing team, threw first goa/psy trance orientated parties in a club called The Best. The DJs who spun there were DJ Go Cut and Damir Ludvig (AKA DJ Ludvig). Both of them are still present on the scene, although miles away from the entire niche of psychedelic trance music.
Another DJ who was a big influence at the time was Zagreb's Vox (6), who played goa trance as well, occasionally even with the duo mentioned above. My earliest musical purchases were influenced by his DJ sets as often they reflected the stuff he would be playing. Here is an old flyer of an underground party in Zagreb, with Vox being part of the line-up. I wasn't there that night, but nevertheless, it's a cool document to Zagreb's underground movement:

If I may put it that way, the apex of my party going career was reached around the turn of the century, when the notorious Future Shock parties, organized by a well respected, famous and long running group of party promoters, packed a crowd of 10,000 people in one of Zagreb's largest venues, called Velesajam. Some of the biggest names from all over the world were reunited under one roof. It was during those Future Shock parties, in 2000 and 2001, that I have experienced some of the most intense and unforgettable moments of my party life.

Zagreb's last strobe of light:

Subsequently, Petar Dundov, one of Croatia's major electronic music exports, began to throw his own Perfection parties, and during a five year period, he successfully brought every techno household name of the era to Zagreb. I remember it being a fun time where I had the chance to hear a lot of my musical idols play live.
Here are (attempted) glimpses of the party atmosphere back then:

Zagreb @ it::

However, I may not be the most competent individual to testify about Zagreb's scene at the time, since I was given the opportunity to attend high school in Rome, Italy. Naturally, I grabbed it, and lived there four years. Very soon, I got into the scene there, and visited many parties where the "holy trinity" of the roman electronic scene played: Lory D, Andrea Benedetti and Leo Anibaldi. The best parties were held at the great Qube Club, with additional nods to Rashomon, Brancaleone, and the occasional massive raves at venues like Castel Sant' Angelo and Palazzo Dei Congressi in the EUR district.
At that time, I was lucky enough to be in an environment where it was easier for me to purchase new music. In fact, most of my collection was accumulated while in Italy. After having assimilated (to a certain extent) the language, I started writing review and such. Some are good, some aren't, but I always though how the most precious thing was giving it a try and giving my little contribution to the scene.
Then came Rome's ElectRoma festival, showcasing some great unexposed talents, and overall - it was a fantastic journey!

Other then that, not to sound like Marco Polo, we're back to Zagreb, which has some of its own DJ legends, such as Mr. DJ Dario, Ivan Komlinovic, DJ Mary, and Kristian Nardic (AKA DJ Kiki), all active to this day, though some to a lesser extent than others. I just felt like it was my duty to jot their names down as these are guilty parties to blame for forcing me into spending uncountable amounts of money on new releases.
Today, I am preferably to be caught at parties focused on the harder aspect of the techno spectrum (not schranz, mind you!). There are times when I enjoy some modern minimal, although it began to bore me. Party to party, it all sounds the same. As for psy trance, I tend to visit one larger international festival during summer, and a party now and then comes in handy.

In Paris, end of May 2008:

Shots of the Rex Club in Paris, taken on Saturday, May 31st 2008. I was there for the clubs 20th anniversary: a seven day stretch of consecutive partying

O.Z.O.R.A. Festival, Hungary, August 2009. This is an all seeing shot of the main stage:

As for my musical preferences, I try not to by picky and geeky about genres, but I maintain a steady focus on harder techno. I have been, still am, and plan on subscribing to being life long fan of the Downwards style and sound. Old school Detroit and goa trance make my blood stream gain in velocity as well, and in addition to that I like anything painted over with wicked 303s.
Today I mainly collect releases which I missed the first time around, years ago. For example, if I ID a track from an old set which rocked my boat many a times, I'll venture on a treasure hunt and see if I can track down the tune in its full, unmixed form. But I like it all, and don't like to be exclusive. Vinyl is still my preferred format, not because I insist on being old school, but for the mere fact that I am accustomed to it, and the vast majority of my collection is on wax as well, so feel free to call it a natural progression if you will :-)
I kind of toned it down with old school goa trance though, as that stuff has steadily but gradually ceased to fascinate me as much as it did.

This is my humble room set-up. But I love it!:

Here's the breakdown:
Technics SL-1210 GR turntable
Onkyo A-9355 Amplifier
Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Speakers
Interconnects: Audio Quest
Current headshell: Shure M44-7 or M44G

This is a photo from way back when decent beer was sold for accessible prices @ Zagreb's (then called) OTV Club. Not that my life revolves around beer, but the lack of more artistic photographs lured me into posting this one:

You can always check out my collection and all, see where I keep items I am willing to trade away or sell. I will not do any MP3 or such, but I am never adverse to the idea of trading. Always on the look out for new stuff, and I am at all times more than glad to help you out with a release you're after! All of my vinyl is original, some white labels, true, but it's all here. As for the CD releases, don't take my word for it, as a lot of them got lost in the shuffle during the years, plus I never gave as much attention to CDs as I did to my vinyl. Coming to think about it, I have no idea whatsoever why...? Whatever...
Go on, feel free to check my stock out, although I do look kinda scary...

First and foremost, my musical heroes are:
X-101/X-102/X-103/Underground Resistance
Petar Dundov
Etnica/Pleiadians These guys could not make a wrong step before 1999!
Jochem Paap with his many aliases, he is my musical public energy #1!
Depeche Mode 1984-1990
Joey Beltram the R & S Records period

My priceless vinyl with Speedy J logo etchings:

I let my dawg take care of business:

Friendly and trustworthy traders:
1984Comrade - my buddy for life here, anything you ever need or want help with, just hit me up!

If you double cross me, I'll get my hatchet. And then...

At the end of the day, all paths will lead you home... This is an old, simple yet effective flyer pointing you the way to a club called Kulusic, which was located just a few hundred yards away from where I live. Closed since 8 years, if I remember correctly, with the same chain and lock still wrapped around its gates...:

One interesting thing: it states that DJ Markan is playing, another one of those "God only where he ended up DJs" who was around for a while, had plenty gigs too...

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