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Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Digging Mud
posted a review of Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Digging Mud. over 12 years ago
For fans of Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Twin Sharkfins, this album is an absolute must-buy. This is dark and twisted full-on psychedelia, without the anger of today's "dark psy," all the while retaining the Goa trance flavor of Twin Sharkfins-style BotFB. You'll hear tweaky, trippy... See full review
Shorn Doda - Red / Merky
posted a review of Shorn Doda - Red / Merky. over 18 years ago
This record is nuts. It's the only "jungle" record I own, and I really only picked it out of the bin to listen to it because I'd suspected the Germinating Seeds of Doda connection. Maybe all jungle from around this time sounded like this (I dunno, I'm... See full review
Lotus Omega - The Lighthouse
posted a review of Lotus Omega - The Lighthouse. over 19 years ago
Lighthouse: funky, yet driving. Waldorf Salad: funky, yet driving. Somehow L.O. manages on both of these tracks to convey both that driving foot-stompin' feel while retaining some funkitude. Both tracks are two of Lotus Omega's best, and have quite a... See full review
Solaris (4) - Out There / Extra Mundane
posted a review of Solaris (4) - Out There / Extra Mundane. over 19 years ago
"Extra Mundane" isn't exactly mundane, but is so overshadowed by the absolutely stellar and over-the-top melodic monster "Out There" that I don't know if I've listened to it more than once. On the other hand, "Out There" is - in my opinion - Ofer's... See full review
Talpa - The Art Of Being Non
posted a review of Talpa - The Art Of Being Non. over 19 years ago
This album sounds like Infected Mushroom *on* mushrooms. Older I.M., that is - none of this singing stuff they have coming out nowadays.

Sometimes a tad campy and goofy, but taken as tongue-in-cheek this album definitely fun. The whole disc is... See full review