Reinhard Lakomy - Electronics as reviewed by marssquirrel

August 31, 2016
I like the two East German electronic music albums of Reinhard Lakomy. Of course I was happy to see both available on CD - finally. But there is one big frustration - the track "Begierde und Hoffnung" is missung about 20 seconds of the end on the CD. Why is it stripped-down? On the CD "Die DT 64 - Story Vol. 12 - Electronics" it can be heard in it's full length. That's why I can't give full five stars for this release. Next time, please act with more caution.

Kraftwerk - Ruckzuck marssquirrel

September 11, 2015
"Ruckzuck" ends before the "jam part" starts, faded out quickly. (But "Kohoutek - Kometenmelodie" - which is actually "Kohoutek II" - is longer than on the single release.)