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posted a comment on Leftfield - Leftism. 12 months ago
No - they are very similar in length but not in mix/arrangement. For example, the last three minutes of the Full Vocal Mix after the breakdown are heavy on the 4/4 beats; the last two minutes of the vinyl version, though, are the half-speed raggaefied section. See full review
submitted Rodney P - Trouble. about 1 year ago
submitted FaltyDL - Danger. over 7 years ago
posted a review of Badly Drawn Boy - EP1. over 19 years ago
Riding with Gabriel Greenberg is the best track BDB has ever done - an instrumental composed of organ, drums and bass in a vaguely scuzzy Money Mark style. Of course, with there being only 500 copies in the world, you're not likely to hear it any time soon... See full review
posted a review of Cabaret Voltaire - Groovy, Laidback And Nasty. over 19 years ago
Possibly the least aptly named record in the history of dance music. A collection of insipid, anonymous proto-house tunes with little character or interest. Decidedly ungroovy.
posted a review of Ready Made - Opack. over 19 years ago
Deeply satisfying, drum n' bass- and techno-flecked deep house that oozes quality and effortless cool. Saulbass theme is the standout track but there are no fillers. Equally essential at home or on the dancefloor.
posted a review of Underdog vs. Sabres* - Theme. over 19 years ago
Trevor Jackson (aka Underdog) thought that the original version of Theme was a half-arsed attempt to make a hip-hop record... so he turned it into a full-on hip-hop monster, dumping all but the horn swells and a little guitar in favour of gunshots,... See full review
posted a review of NewOrder* - Nineteen63. over 19 years ago
Pleasant if pointless housey updates of classic New Order b-side. Save your money for the original 12" of True Faith for the superior original on the flip.
posted a review of David Holmes - Johnny Favourite. over 19 years ago
Homer was obviously still feeling his way with this one, working towards his recognisable sound. This is a great deal murkier and grimier than later releases - it sounds more typically Warp than typical David Holmes...
posted a review of Bandulu - Guidance. over 19 years ago
If Underworld, Orbital and the Chemical Brothers are the top tier of nineties techno acts in the UK, Bandulu hovered just below them for a while with steady, chugging, dub-inflected tracks like Guidance. They concentrated more on beats than melodies -... See full review
posted a review of Blue - Circle Line. over 19 years ago
Laidback, bass-driven dub: Circle Line is one of Blue's best and most successful releases - it's certainly a lot more focused and memorable than some of their other stuff. The original is more electronic, the superior remix on the flip is more... See full review
posted a review of Fortran 5 - Time To Dream. over 19 years ago
David Holmes remixed Fortran 5's Time to Dream and Persian Blues early on in his career. The latter remix is both more recognisable as his work and much better for it. Check out those marching drums!
posted a review of Money Mark - Insects Are All Around Us / Cry. over 19 years ago
The perfect pop record - Cry is three minutes of melancholy blues where Money Mark pines for an unrequited love over some soulfull keyboards. On the flip, Mark accompanies some chirping crickets. Seven inches of genius.
posted a review of The Prunes - The Plot. over 19 years ago
The first of ten 12" records released by Mo'wax under the Excursions imprint - five on a techno bent (in green sleeves), five on a hip-hop and jungle tip (in blue sleeves). Both sets of five records could be collected in a box that came with the third... See full review
posted a review of Meat Beat Manifesto - Storm The Studio. over 19 years ago
MBM had completed (or near enough) a first album over several weeks when the studio containing the master tapes burned down. The band then recorded a new album in just a few days - hence, storm the studio...
posted a review of New Order - Get Ready. over 19 years ago
Why is everyone saying that this record harks back to the band's Joy Division days? If anything, it harks back to 1997 and sounds more like Oasis. Not a huge improvement on Republic, although Crystal is a stormer.
posted a review of Lexis - Criminal Elements (Klute Remix) / Hypnotise (Autechre Remix). over 19 years ago
Actually, I take most of that back - the Autechre mix is more subtle, not that repetitive and actually very good. The Klute mix wins on points though.
posted a review of Underworld - Underneath The Radar. over 19 years ago
Now that Darren Emerson has parted company with the group, I can only imagine that Underworld will once again pick up their headless bass guitars and give us some of that funky 80s pop again...
posted a review of Lexis - Criminal Elements (Klute Remix) / Hypnotise (Autechre Remix). over 19 years ago
Klute fares much better than Autehre on this 12" - the Warp stalwarts deliver a fuzzzy, clanking and repetitive slie of IDM while Klute's dark and imaginative rework is much more engrossing and focussed.
posted a review of Sun Electric - O'locco. over 19 years ago
The early orb mixes on the flip makes this an essential release - 20 minutes of spaced-out trippiness that doesn't make you feel like a hippy for listening to it.
posted a review of Locust - Penetration. over 19 years ago
Along with Skinny Puppy's Punk in Park Zoo, When we coincide must rate as one of the loudest tunes ever.
posted a review of Orb* - Orbus Terrarum. over 19 years ago
Hugely underrated album from Alex Patterson and co. Following the release of Pommes Fritz, everyone expected a return to the quirky ambient dance of Perpetual Dawn and ittle Fluffy Clouds. What they got was something darker and deeper. Fewer people... See full review
posted a review of New Order - Fine Time. over 19 years ago
The reversed speech at the conclusion of Don't Do it is a smaple from the Exorcist, where Linda Blair screams 'Your mother sucks cocks in hell.' Pardon my French.
posted a review of Depeche Mode - Barrel Of A Gun. over 19 years ago
Depeche Mode were reportedly unhappy with the first remix that Underworld did of Barrel of a Gun - deeming it too hard and banging - so Underworld did another one, a great deal lighter and more melodic. That one appears here.
posted a review of Juantrip' - Interstone EP. over 19 years ago
Stand-out track is Shadows, which sounds like it should be on the soundtrack to a noiresque 50's movie about a detective chasing some crims through the US mid-west. Or something.
posted a review of Juantrip' - Masterpiece Trilogy. over 19 years ago
Proof positive that dance music doesn't have to be about necking e's and gurning like a bastard, this is pretty powerful stuff - it commerates the death of a friend's son by sampling his cries and truning them into a house track. Not a fun house... See full review
posted a review of 2 Lone Swordsmen* - A Bag Of Blue Sparks. over 19 years ago
Played at 33rpm instead of 45, this turns from sparky, intricate electro into majestic, bass-heavy dub techno. Try it - you might like it.
posted a review of New Order - Blue Monday. over 19 years ago
Despite being the biggest selling 12" in the world ever - FACT! - the sleeve production process meant that Factory records lost money with everyone they sold. And - FACT! - the band were RUBBISH when they performed it on Top of the Pops.
posted a review of Gescom - The Sounds Of Machines Our Parents Used. over 19 years ago
Puzl makes judicious use of Cybotron's Clear (it also inspired the name of the label), a seminal tune from back in the day that many believe kicked off the whole electronic music shebang in the first place. Thank you, Juan Atkins.
posted a review of The Orb - Blue Room. over 19 years ago
This is the full length version effectively cut into two halves. Soft strong, and very long - and apparently worth about twenty quid...
posted a review of Jedi Knights - New School Science. over 19 years ago
If Science Friction sounds familiar, it's because you've heard it before. It's 7:39 (Link And E621 Appliance Of Science Mix) from the second 12" of Global Communication's Maiden Voyage ep under a different name. But no less good.
posted a review of Leftfield, Lydon* - Open Up (Remix). over 19 years ago
The I Hate Pink Floyd mix is so called because vocalist John Lydon wore a t-shirt adorned with the same slogan when punk ruled the roost