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DJ'ing & Collecting since 1999, My main passion is Italian Disco/House 80-93 but I do like a bit of Ghetto Funk / Nu Funk / Electro Swing / Breaks. Always searching for those elusive, unknown gems.

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RA-RE Productions

Favourite Artists Include:
Falcus & Vangok

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posted a comment on Viceversa - It's Mornin' Time. 8 months ago
beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeast can't get enough of this. Great tune !
submitted Electric Choc - Anniversary EP. 8 months ago
posted a comment on Pianohead - Do Me Wrong. 8 months ago
Absolutely awesome track. Best tune bar far from the very talented Pianohead AKA Sam White.
submitted DJ Snoopy's Count Down - Everybody Dancing. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Alfredo (36) - Action!. about 1 year ago
£599.99!!! Is that all? I wish there were 2 for sale so I could buy both, lol.

posted a comment on India - Right From The Start. about 1 year ago
The fly mix is absolutely stunning. That piano line WOWSERS!!!
posted a comment on Tom Mix - House In The World. about 1 year ago
Absolutely belting piece of Italo house music. None stop beast all the way through, chopping and changing with a YMCA stuck in for good measure. I love this track
posted a comment on Red Fox - U Babe. about 1 year ago
Lol, Because it sounds nothing like Red Fox and is a completely different tune?? I don't understand your comment
posted a comment on Masha - Never Before. about 1 year ago
Brilliant piece of italo house - Amazing piano riff, a must for any italo collector
posted a comment on K.D.A. (2) - Everybody Dancin'. about 1 year ago
Absolutely stunning in everyway possible . . . I prefer the Signal Funky version but both sides are so far from disappointing!!
posted a comment on Cristal* - Drink My Soul. about 1 year ago
Drink my soul is an awesome track. Very nice lil piece of Italo Disco & house fused together. Cheeky lil use of the Everybody (All Over The World) vocal from Love And Understanding (Come Together) by Kool & The Gang.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on 4 Melodies - Everdream. about 1 year ago
Loleatta Holloway - do what you do what you do to me

Jocelyn brown - main vocal
posted a comment on Thin Plate - Pay That Love. about 1 year ago
Such a fantastic tune!! Powerfuly stabby techno beast, great use of the sampled bits of vocal taken from Do That To Me by Loleatta Holloway.
posted a comment on Good 4 Us - Love & Understanding. about 1 year ago
lol, I like the username of the seller who is trying for 102 quid

"bestpricerecords" ha ha ha
posted a comment on Various - Promo-Mix 5. about 1 year ago
Its all about A2 on this piece. I feel satisfiiiiiiied.
posted a comment on Big Band Limited (B.B. LTD) - Why Don't You Love Me. about 1 year ago
Hi mate, check out the 2 videos attached on this page. Both from my youtube channel
posted a comment on Eggs & Bacon Holidays - Chicken. over 2 years ago
Wow!! Just ridiculous on all levels :D nice bit of piano though. KFC anyone?
posted a comment on Terry Buckwald - Don't Try. over 2 years ago
Another great track produced by the man Feroldi. Love the stabs at the beginning leading you right into the drop to that great piece of piano.
Shame this is another one of THOSE tracks that once upon a time some one purchased for silly money and now ... See full review
posted a comment on Spherical Gate - Nothing Is To Say (Stepping Into The House). over 2 years ago
B - E - A - U - T - I - F - U - L !!!!
posted a comment on Sweet Beat (2) - Sweet Louise. over 2 years ago
Woooooah!! VG+ @ £220 - Someone has been sniffing glue me thinks
posted a comment on Drummer J. Gus - No Pain. over 2 years ago
Proper beast of a tune. Filthy bassline and along side that stomping piano.

Also another one that seems to be ridiculously overpriced by sellers of today :(
posted a comment on Out Of Mind (3) Featuring Baby Pat - It's Not Over. over 2 years ago
Tell me about it, this appears to be ever growing. It doesn't help buyers or sellers if you ask me, buyers for the obvious reasons but sellers who come on to try and sell their tunes see these silly prices so undercut a little bit not actually realising ... See full review
posted a comment on Sarasota - We're Getting Hot (Remix) / Pleasure. over 2 years ago
Or maybe this is what they both copied off
posted a comment on P. Lion - Burn In His Hands. over 2 years ago
For years everyone has been singing their own rendition of the words, but when you listen to them in the mahalia Jackson track you can know hear them properly in the P. Lion track.
posted a review of Miss Sex - Sensation / Enea. over 2 years ago
This has to be one of my favourite tracks from the Out Records catalogue, the big beefy bassline intro into the awesome piano line is truly brilliant. Cheeky use of vocal sampled from Stacey Q's 'Two Of Hearts' c'mon c'mon. Take it from me, a definite ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Powerline (3) - Energy. over 2 years ago
Stunning piece of Italo House music. The intro on this tune alone makes you think WOW! Deep bassline sounds and then the high pitch synth brings it nicely into that beautiful piano riff. This beauty is a very sought after piece of vinyl on a truly ... See full review
posted a comment on P. Lion - Burn In His Hands Remix. over 2 years ago
This makes soooo much sense now, I used to sing 2dance through the leaves, oh my god"
posted a review of Dirty Trick Featuring Lucky EF - Peace... Inside My Heart. over 2 years ago
Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeast of an Italo House tune. Awesome, strong, powerful piano riff.
posted a comment on L.I.N.D.A.* - Fill My Belly.... over 2 years ago
How anyone can think this is a good tune is beyond me, it is pure awful and sounds like a really bad, euro nursery rhyme. Terrible terrible tune
posted a comment on Academy Of Modern Dance - Sucker For Love. over 2 years ago
Absolutely corking piece of piano house. Wicked vocal to boot, this tune screams out Italo house
posted a comment on Big Score - Trust Gone Wild. over 2 years ago
Absolutely stomping piece of piano house. Both sides of this will get you off your feet onto the dancefloor!!
posted a comment on Thelma - Try To Love Me. over 2 years ago
Can anyone smell cheese? As this tune definitely belongs in the mouldy blue cheese aisle. Awful parp!!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on DJ Snoopy's Count Down - Everybody Dancing. over 2 years ago
An absolute BEAST of a tune and Rare as unicorn shit to boot. It's all going off in this one, trumpets, piano, wicked B line, awesome vocal and sampled bits of vocal. A definite must have for any italo house lover.
posted a comment on Bass Value - Feelin' Happy / Do You Wanna Party?. over 2 years ago
I blumming love this track, proper rave. I don't know why but this version kicks ass over the actual release on 3beat but for some reason, the "in the morning, in the evening" vocal completely gives this version the edge over the 3 beat release and it's ... See full review
posted a comment on Talya Jones - You Can't Fight. over 2 years ago
Ball bustingly amazing tune. Relentless, powerful & ticks all the boxes if you are looking for a proper uplifting piece of oldskool euro house, awesome piano behind some very nice stabby riff all finished off nicely with an awesome vocal.
posted a comment on Bottelli With Mercy - Love Me Right. over 2 years ago
Another overpriced Italo stomper. Beautiful track, both sides of it. Shares the same piano riff as Atomic House on Italian Boy with that catchy black box - ride on time bassline. A truly nice piece to have in your collection albeit a tad over priced ... See full review
posted a review of Toni H* - Enough Of Your Love. over 2 years ago
This is such an awful track and sounds so cheap. Horrible euro parp, why folk rave about this is just beyond me.
posted a comment on T.I.F.O. - You. over 2 years ago
anyone know where the rap came from? Same rap used on Ex-plain - Check out
posted a comment on Project - One - Relation. over 2 years ago
Has everyone's copy of Relation got marker pen on both sides of this vinyl, the picture has, mine has and a few of the sellers say theirs has?
posted a comment on Black Records (5). over 2 years ago
Has everyone's copy of Relation got marker pen on both sides of this vinyl, the picture has, mine has and a few of the sellers say theirs has?
posted a comment on Plutone - Final Exit. over 2 years ago
This tune is just mentally amazing. Stop start stop start :)
posted a comment on Wayne Handy - Say Yeah. over 2 years ago
that they are, think he's been sniffing glue. lol, all prices are just ridiculous
posted a comment on Front Page (5) - Radio Station. over 2 years ago
It's all about B2 on this vinyl, don't know if it got an official release or was just on this piece but all I know is that it's ace
posted a comment on Baccacha - Round And Round c/w Party To Party. over 3 years ago
A very well produced tune, capturing all the sounds of Italo House in both of the tracks, out of the 2 I prefer Party to party but both of these tracks are awesome. Well worth buying if the plinky plonky italo house sound is your thing.
posted a review of The Z.A.M.B.O. feat. Kytra Williams - I'll Drop (Anything For You). over 3 years ago
Absolutely stunning piece of Italodance. Eerie samples of vocals along start this beast off mixed correct type of synth along with the catchy bassline makes this tune as good as it gets in the italodance world, when the vocal drops, booooooom.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago