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posted a review of Reinhard Voigt - Recht Erst Jetzt. over 13 years ago
I am not a big fan of R.V. but I decided to buy this release only because the synths on the B track blew me away. Once I had a chance to listen to this record properly, my opinion of it is as follows:

Side A didn't catch my attention on the slightest; ... See full review
posted a review of Skylab - River Of Bass / Electric Blue. over 13 years ago
This record is produced in space, I am convinced of that. Inspired by other worlds, by the big unknown, by the magnitude of the "surreality" out there.

"Electric Blue" is spacey and extremely trippy. It's a beatless depiction of an ice cavern, ... See full review
posted a review of Technological Terror Crew - The Ripper. over 13 years ago
Listening to this record definately shapped my musical tastes. All I thought about hardcore was that it was annoyingly noisy and stupidly fast. It was hearing The Ripper and not being able to stop laughing. Hardcore suddenly entered my world: it was all ... See full review
posted a review of The Bowling Green - The Receptionist E.P.. over 13 years ago
I found this record on the way to the skip. The owner must have forgotten about this, not giving it the credit that it deserves. "Light from a different sun" is one of the most amazing downtempo tunes i have ever heard and has become one of my all time ... See full review
posted a review of Joey Beltram - The Caliber EP. over 13 years ago
I can't believe nobody has commented on this yet! This record is one the best techno record i have. Pure Joey Beltram style, solid drums and a rolling bassline, a bit trance-style. It also borrows an epic mood from this genre.

I play A1 Caliber ... See full review
posted a review of Tim Taylor & Dan Zamani - Planet Of Drums 03 - Acid Over Manhattan. over 13 years ago
This is a fantastic pure acid record. Side A is imho a lot better than side B. It starts very simple and rythmic and slowly those patterns unfold into a mind blowing acid experience.
posted a review of Glenn Underground - C.V.O. Elements EP. over 13 years ago
This is a very beautiful release. All of the tracks in here are very deep and fluffy. It makes you feel happy and awakens a love for live that is simple, yet full. One not to miss.
posted a review of Henrik B - Kryoniks. over 14 years ago
This is also on of the most beautiful albums i have ever heard. To me, it feels as if i was in a comfortable transparent capsule, sinking in a deep ocean and life is being presented to me in a beautiful dance... the last track is just soo amazing, such a ... See full review