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posted a comment on Shaded Explorer - Empatia. 3 months ago
One of the best Silent Season releases by far. A caress for your ears and soul!
posted a comment on Martin Goodwin (2) - Hearth. 3 months ago
This album is a beautiful, soothing, smooth trip. I really like this Label! No vinyl for this beauty... :(
posted a comment on Yagya - Stormur. 4 months ago
Wow...i'm really pleased with this release, it's a smooth dubby blessing trip...
Beautifully crafted from beginning to end, Yagya at his best!
posted a comment on Dntel / Herbert* - My Orphaned Son / It’s Only. about 1 year ago
It's Only (DJ Koze Remix)... What a track! Simply Beautiful.
posted a comment on King Crimson - The ProjeKcts. over 2 years ago
I remember to listen this awesome piece of improvisation at the house of a great friend of mine back in 2000.
I never forget how amazed was at the moment! Bill Brufford & Tony Levin are one of the greatest hard bases ever in this style of music. Eternal ... See full review
posted a comment on King Crimson - The Power To Believe. over 2 years ago
Artist of the magnitude and immense experience like KC, Have the need to evolve, to catch, to astonish the listener. Like the first time i heard this CD... One of the lasts King Crimson gems. Love it!
posted a comment on Gas - Königsforst. over 2 years ago
Königsforst... It´s beautiful soundscapes, are a sonic trip, the powerful kick drums mixed in a wonderful way with the deep layers... I really love this album, in every sense. I used to listen the whole album in my night walks, before bedtime too! (It´s ... See full review
posted a comment on Monoloc - The Untold Way. over 2 years ago
Monoloc - The Untold Way
An absolutely dark, deep, lush, trippy Techno stuff! Open your ears and mind, relax and enjoy this fantastic journey that Monoloc has prepared for you. A must have =)
posted a comment on Ricardo Tobar - El Sunset. over 2 years ago
Excellent, beautiful! Three great songs togheter, forms an amazing debut of Ricardo Tobar. Personal Favorite.
posted a comment on Ricardo Tobar - Collection Remixes Part Two. over 2 years ago
Not Ricardo´s best, but Redlight is a really good song.
posted a comment on Rich Curtis - Freeloader. over 2 years ago
The Cid Inc. Rmx is killer!! I love this song.
posted a comment on Cid Inc. - The Cid Inc Collection (Volume Two). over 2 years ago
With this release, Cid Inc. blow my mind =). As tonumaa said, this is (seriously) insane stuff! One of my personal favorite compilations.
posted a comment on Dominik Eulberg - Sensorika. over 2 years ago
Genius! Aurora is one of my favorite Dominik songs ever!
posted a comment on Extrawelt - Deine Beine Rmxs. over 2 years ago
Beautiful... Was Übrig Bleibt, Dominik Eulberg´s & Ricardo Tobar Rmxs, both are killer. Max Cooper, Mit Liese Auf Der Wiese, is a very good rmx too.
posted a comment on Dominik Eulberg - Limikolen. over 2 years ago
Wow... simply stunning! This German prodigy of Electronic Music never disappoints. Pure genius!
posted a comment on Dominik Eulberg - Spülsaum. over 2 years ago
What a Beautiful EP of this German Prodigy and Innovator. I fall in love after the first listen. Minimal Beauty at it´s best. Absolutely Recomended!
posted a comment on Trentemøller - Fixion. over 2 years ago
And the word is... Fixion... I love this Danish guy! an absolutely mood changer, so, so good...
posted a comment on Trentemøller - The Pølar Mix. over 2 years ago
Absolutely beautiful! good mix, kinda strange mood... great soundtrack for rainy days...