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posted a comment on Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald Present Borderland (4) - Transport Remixed. 6 days ago
Why the full Carl Craig version isn't on vinyl is beyond me. Great classic remix from C2.
posted a comment on Kolorit - Workshop XXI. 13 days ago
I agree with all of your comments here, a really special release, this one. A lot of disparate parts come together to create something very different on this album, and that's hard to do these days!
posted a comment on Kolorit - Workshop XXI. 13 days ago
Awesome release. How can you possibly lose with these two together? It defies categorization for the most part -- it's got the top shelf production you'd expect, and the sound falls into an experimental jazz vibe with elements of techno and house ... See full review
posted a comment on Anthony Naples - Take Me With You. 19 days ago
Good 'ol Nape delivers yet again. Excellent album here. My only complaint is that it's way too short, but I know it was devised as a mix tape. Even still, these tracks are begging for more room to breathe -- you blink and it's over. Great stuff all ... See full review
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posted a comment on Nicolas Jaar - Nymphs. about 1 month ago
Side F is pretty excellent. It starts off with an ambient jazzy vibe, then half way through it evolves into a noisy techno jam. Fantastic track.
posted a comment on Cabaret Voltaire - Plasticity. about 1 month ago
Thank you so much for this info. I bought this record in 1992, and I have been trying to figure out where those samples come from ever since -- you've made my day!
posted a comment on Molly (15) - Waves. about 1 month ago

This is a great release. Molly brings it with the soulful deep techno vibes that we're accustomed to on Giegling, and the immaculate production makes the four tracks highly enjoyable with repeated listens. I'd argue it's the best Giegling release of ... See full review
posted a comment on Underworld - Dubnobasswithmyheadman. 2 months ago
Haha, yea, was thinking the same. He also bought Bob Dylan's "Blood On The Tracks" the day it came out, in 1999. ;)
posted a comment on B12 - Time Tourist Bonus Level 12". 2 months ago
Right. Dude probably bought 10 of them so he could jack the prices up. Good move.
posted a comment on Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Distant Sky (Live In Copenhagen). 2 months ago
Beautiful performances marred by a shameful vinyl pressing. Bad Seed really needs to get their shit together in terms of the way they press their records as they are consistently subpar. A lot of the problems lie with these stiff and hard cardboard ... See full review
posted a comment on Lemon Interupt - Eclipse / Big Mouth. 2 months ago
I always thought the difference between these two tracks was almost comical, like they're by different artists. At the time, "Eclipse" sounded like a generic UK prog house tune that felt dated as soon as you were done listening to it. I remember ... See full review
posted a comment on GusGus - Polyesterday. 2 months ago
For what it’s worth, the “Husmix” is the exact same as the “Gun Acid” mix on the “Standard Stuff For Drama” EP.
posted a comment on Various - Avocado Dreams. 3 months ago
Legov dominates here per usual. He's simply one of the best electronic producers in the world today. "Cenote" is undoubtedly one of his finest works. This vinyl pressing isn't the best, but it's far from the worst -- I'd say it's pretty average. ... See full review
posted a comment on Gus Gus* - Polyesterday. 3 months ago
This is a humorous oddity that should be filed in the "Most Ill-Advised Remixes Ever" category. The Chip Watkins "Part 1" remix is hilariously bad, complete with a goofy, new age spoken-word intro, which is delivered by Watkins himself, I'm assuming. ... See full review
posted a comment on Gus Gus* - Believe. 3 months ago
This record says to play the B-side at 33 RPM, but both sides should be played at 45 RPM -- you can tell by playing the record. The timing on the B-side is actually 7:02 when played correctly.
posted a comment on Francis Harris - Minor Forms. 3 months ago
The "Minor Forms" track is begging for the DJ Sprinkles treatment. The Mora remixes are excellent in their own right. Highly recommended EP here.
posted a comment on Thomas Fehlmann - Los Lagos. 5 months ago
Amen. Fehlmann is always showing everyone how it's done, young and old. It's funny how much better the Fehlmann-involved Orb albums are, too. The new Orb album has very little to do with Fehlmann, and it's nowhere near as good as "Moonbuilding", where ... See full review
posted a comment on The Soundtrack Of Our Lives. 5 months ago
Agreed, these guys were awesome. Saw them live a few times and the energy was incredible.
posted a comment on Various - M/N. 5 months ago
Excellent compilation, really happy I picked this up. The vinyl pressing is top notch with each record coming in a poly-lined generic inner sleeve. Side note: the version of Holloware Squad's "Surface Intention" is an edited version here. The full ... See full review
posted a comment on K-Klass - One Two Three (Andrew Weatherall Remixes). 5 months ago
I've always had my doubts that mix #3 is a Sabres mix. The quality just isn't up to snuff to anything Weatherall has ever done.
posted a comment on Conemelt - Crash, Bang / Wallop. 6 months ago
This record was definitely released in 1993. I don't have any proof I can share other than my memory, So I thought I'd share what I know to be true here. For what it's worth, I was hammering this record in the clubs in the fall of '93, and have a ... See full review
posted a comment on Autechre - NTS Sessions. 6 months ago
Already done. I'm really surprised by the damage, I've been ordering from Warp for years and never had such a glaring mishap.
posted a comment on Autechre - NTS Sessions. 6 months ago
Hype? I'm simply stating a fact. Good for you for receiving an undamaged copy.
posted a comment on Autechre - NTS Sessions. 6 months ago
Massive disappointment with the vinyl pressing. Got mine today, and all the sleeves are bent and the records are warped. The box that the records were housed in is fine, so it's clear Warp shipped these out without noticing or caring too much about the ... See full review
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posted a comment on DJ Sprinkles, Hardrock Striker - Skylax House Explosion (Under The Loft). 6 months ago
This is definitely my favorite of the "House Explosion" trilogy. All three records are worth grabbing, but this one beams in comparison. Each track is a slice of high quality that does an exceptional job of capturing an old house vibe that only seemed ... See full review
posted a comment on Terre's Neu Wuss Fusion - A Crippled Left Wing Soars With The Right - DJ Sprinkles Remixes. 6 months ago
Is it me, or are these two mixes exactly the same? I hear zero difference.
posted a comment on Jesse Outlaw Feat Bill Beaver - Luv U Deeper. 6 months ago
My copy is warped, too. This is just an all-around bad pressing, reminds me of a lot of those early 90s US indie house label pressings like Murk, where the music was great and the pressings were crap. The Naples remix here is awesome, not a fan of the ... See full review
posted a comment on John Carpenter In Association With Alan Howarth - Big Trouble In Little China (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). 7 months ago
Exactly. You can get mad at the flippers, or you can just make a decision to not play the game. I prefer the latter -- there are plenty of records out there worth buying at reasonable prices. Also, Mondo themselves encourage this flipper madness by ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Sprinkles, Hardrock Striker - Skylax House Explosion (Under The Garage). 7 months ago
Absolutely. Move D has been killing it for years — he’s one of those people that always delivers the Sprinkles!
posted a comment on Will Long - Purple / Blue. 7 months ago
In a sea of beautiful music from Terre Thaemlitz, "Chumps" might be the greatest moment she has ever given us. Just an unbelievably moving song. Even after two years of listening to this track it continues to move me in new ways. Who needs therapy ... See full review
posted a comment on Leslie Winer - Witch. 7 months ago
Aha, I see. Thank you, I was left wondering! This is a rare instance where the re-press is worth more than the original.
posted a comment on DeepChord - Immersions. 7 months ago
Seriously. Who is he kidding? I give it another few weeks before someone is trying to get 1,000 dollars out of this.
posted a comment on Will Long - Royal Blue / Mustard. 8 months ago
It's clear that Long needs DJ Sprinkles to sound more interesting. These tracks aren't bad, but the minimal meandering is a bit tired for its own good. Bring in Terre for remix duties, then you've got something.
posted a comment on Six.byseven* - 04. 8 months ago
It needs to be said somewhere that this is one of the worst vinyl pressings ever devised, and I've seen my share. I do love this album (always been my favorite Six By Seven album), so I was excited to get it. The second I had it in my hands it was ... See full review
posted a comment on Prime Minister Of Doom - Mudshadow Propaganda. 8 months ago
Excellent point. All I can say is the label replied a repress was coming. We can hope!
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posted a comment on Various - Soundboy Punishments. 9 months ago
Agreed 100%. This was my intro to Shackleton, and I've never turned back since. Impeccable music.
posted a comment on Prime Minister Of Doom - Mudshadow Propaganda. 9 months ago
So people should just shut up and accept the fact that they can't purchase an album at a reasonable price because a bunch of jerks bought up all the remaining copies so they can try and gouge real fans of the music? People have every right to complain ... See full review
posted a comment on Pet Shop Boys - Introspective. 10 months ago
These recent PSB re-issues are proof positive how important it is that the original record company that released the album produce any later re-issues -- reason being, they have the original master tapes, and can do the re-issues correctly. Parlophone ... See full review
posted a comment on Rezzett - Rezzett LP. 10 months ago
Juno has this as of March 27th. Get on it!
posted a comment on Valentino Mora - Ash Walk. 11 months ago
Agreed. Mora seems to be on the same level as people like DJ Sprinkles, delivering truly deep house with some soul. Hope he keeps this up.
posted a comment on Leslie Winer - Witch. 11 months ago
Can anyone explain why this repress is coveted more than the original press? Not understanding that one....
posted a comment on Everything But The Girl - Walking Wounded. about 1 year ago
Good lord -- 200 dollars for a VG+ copy of this?? Sometimes I love going through my collection and discovering records I haven't touched for years and realizing they're worth stupid amounts of money. I think I paid 15 dollars for this brand new back in ... See full review
posted a comment on Kassem Mosse - Chilazon Gaiden . about 1 year ago
I guess "real" to me means songs that have the proven depth Kassem has been able to reach during his career. The "songs" on this release are brief snippets of what he's capable of -- they're shorter vignettes designed for DJs to bridge gaps in DJ sets, ... See full review
posted a comment on Vangelis - Blade Runner. about 1 year ago
I wouldn't agree with this. I have the Audio Fidelity one, and it sounds exactly the same as this one. Just because an album is pressed on 180gm vinyl doesn't mean it will sound better. So many factors go into play with every pressing. Having said ... See full review
posted a comment on The Future Sound Of London - Lifeforms. about 1 year ago
I've had the original vinyl pressing since it was new, and I hear zero differences here on the re-press. Any album where there's 50 minutes of music on it is going to sound degraded to some extent, but I don't hear any downgrades on the LP2 repress ... See full review
posted a comment on Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough / Personal Jesus. about 1 year ago
The Dirty South mix of "Just Can't Get Enough" here has got to be one of the worst remixes of all time. It's a grating repetitive mess of non-creativity, and one can see why it was only relegated to an obscure promo release. It's worth picking up for ... See full review
posted a comment on Leafar Legov - Family. about 1 year ago
These noises are intentional. It's worth mentioning, though, that Giegling presses aren't all that great. But in this case, the scratchy sounds are supposed to be there. Simply look at the revolutions of the record itself as it spins on your ... See full review