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posted a comment on Vasselli - Paura Del Sole / Il Canto Di Agla. 2 months ago
Perfect electic italo pop/
something mecholic , raw elements. disco innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
posted a comment on Cyber People - This World Is Not Enough. 2 months ago
High tension when i push the play button
Hugh name and even the old italo brewer Spagna is involved
however the vocoder is top, but Unfortanately rest of record sounds as a casio game from my son.

This quality is not enough
posted a comment on Scotch - Evolution. 3 months ago
Does this many pressing has noice in every copy ?
posted a comment on The Voyagers - Distant Planet. 6 months ago
Makers of this masterpiece........please please , return for one time behind the old machines to create an italo
do it under different names if you want. you will make 1000 people happy
posted a comment on Paul Paul - Good Times. 6 months ago
Stolen from Human league - don't you want me ?
posted a comment on Kirlian Camera - Coroner's Sun. 6 months ago
I think although more dance is still a good album
regarding your comment should more aplicable on their last release
posted a comment on Jaber DJ - Search For You. 6 months ago
Nice to see the old "mem" label`.
Congrats Flashback records !
posted a comment on Jaber DJ - Search For You. 6 months ago
well , a future classic is born in 2018
If you like "dont stop loving"you can't pass this
Same gliding sounds.
one of the few new italo's i should not labeled a new., true italo disco
A must have . great great great great
posted a comment on Tom Hooker - King Of The World / I Look Into Your Eyes. 7 months ago
outstanding stuff !! great dramtic synths and the voice of Tam, a must have
chieregato's touch is distinctively here. a 12'that should perfect fit in 1986
posted a comment on Bolero - I Wish. 7 months ago
yes , the extra backing vocals is the italian release. i prefer the bellaphon
posted a comment on Spagna* - I Wanna Be Your Wife. 7 months ago
A very well done synth pop italo song
By far her best release, produced by the Giants brother"Theo "and Larry Pignagnoli
The track starts with a gitar riff added with the wel known italo beat. Ivana's charactiritic voice complete the pearl.
Ivana is a ... See full review
posted a comment on Scotch - Take Me Up. 8 months ago
The first time I heard it, I was hooked
However I played the record too much it's still have a kind of magic in it
posted a comment on Ness (8) - Two Hours Before Neptune. 10 months ago
Via Techno queen Charlotte de Winter.
A real techno masterpice , driven on a steaming beat and rolling bass, the locomotive were i looking for
correct me if i'm wrong , some psy trance into here btw ? ten points out of ten 10
posted a comment on Aleph - Fire On The Moon. 11 months ago
Italoconnection did it again.
didn't play aleph not much for some reasond
But this remix is wonderfull ,The voice of Giancarlo sounds more natural here and the sharp edges are the synths alwell.
Can't wait for Big brother
posted a comment on Kirlian Camera - Sky Collapse. about 1 year ago
Have my doubts about this new KC, this new release is not far away more from trance.
The intro is ok ,also the voice of the male, but later the song becomes more and more cheesy, esspecially when elena begins to sing. KC is moving to dance, nothing wrong ... See full review
posted a comment on Sissy (3) - Coloured Rhymes. about 1 year ago
of course not, go to your own kind of music please
posted a comment on Thomas (3) - You Take Me Up. about 1 year ago
Simply another Catalano masterpiece
Picked you up the Thompson Twins Marcello ?
posted a comment on Johannes Heil - Future Primitive. about 1 year ago
Cherubum is for shure one of the most considerable records of this genre. It's a deep trip.
Can't recall a track wich brings such emotion like this one, symphonic, meledious, classic,deep
I rarely play techno at home , but this one is outstanding. OUT ... See full review
posted a comment on Tany - Waiting For... (Your Smile). about 1 year ago
Dub version. pls. Masive ass lines.
I can really imagine only italo insiders will love this. freaky in all it's ways
posted a comment on Hot Since 82 - Voices. about 1 year ago
Via Monika Kruse,@ tomorrow land. tkx Monika.
however 2015 .For me summerhit of this year, South european summer vibe with a good deep bass.
Stuff for +++ from baseline . please , a vinyl press for this monster.
posted a comment on Clay Pedrini - Ocean / Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. about 1 year ago
Five stars for the B side. great work.
A side is not that good
posted a comment on Deep Thought - Kennedy. about 1 year ago
One of my fav's during the 90 ties. i like that very dark undertone, Boy record did lot of voices in their records. this one sounds not that dated.
posted a comment on Datura Featuring Steve Strange - Fade To Grey. about 1 year ago
eveybody has his taste, but you are talking ultimate bullshit here,
posted a comment on Datura Featuring Steve Strange - Fade To Grey. about 1 year ago
Euro trance on it's worst.
really 1000 in a dozen shit. italy...shame on you for this. now 20 yars later it sounds out of tune and dated
Pagano was a member of gaznevada during the 80ties, and in that time they made really wonderfull things.
posted a comment on Kirlian Camera - Blue Room. about 1 year ago
The blue edition has a hiss an the a side on the rigt speaker
posted a comment on Polo Est - Fly Fly. about 1 year ago
A very great Marco (Mike Rogers) production, and one of the best 12' on this label.
The song built up in a pretty way, some sound, over that a another sound, again a sound.
The sharp voice of the lady is not anoying here. Very dancable record. Sleeve is ... See full review
posted a comment on Bolero - I Wish. about 1 year ago
Belaphone version has some instrumental; after the verses
In dingo version they sing something like time ore what after the verses
posted a comment on Jimmy Mc Foy - I Can't Stay Without You. about 1 year ago
Yes, great stuff.
Just like Daftcombo said, all the ingredients for a good italo are here. Of course sang by (the ductchman) Mc Foy.
William Marino was involved in more great italo tracks.
Out of the (almost) everything was great year 1984
posted a comment on Sweeps* - Optimistic Melancholic. about 1 year ago
Just discovered this Pearls
A perfect mix of synth pop and italo disco. a sweet sound , but not cheesy
posted a comment on Aldo Bergamachine - Astromoog. about 1 year ago
Sequenceer dream is the track that space you out. Pure magic, a trip i a fast spaceship.
Fantastic synths that keep your intention till the last second.
posted a comment on Tiziana Rivale - For Always. about 1 year ago
I missed this 12'' for some reasons.
Great record, however more pop it reminds me of Kirlian Camera's -"wasted" bridges and more songs of their album "Pictures of eternity"
Great voice and very nice composition. Five stars. musr have
posted a comment on Giusy Dej - Walking In The Night. about 1 year ago
For everybody available now
Of course the most worthfull discovery of the last years....
There is something mysterious in the song, can't mention what
double xxx factors, the song is mentioned to be happy i guess, but it's not imo
Good work in the ... See full review
posted a comment on Silver Pozzoli* - Love Is The Best / Get Along. over 2 years ago
ZYX version is shorter then the Time records version. Strange

posted a comment on Bolero - I Wish. over 2 years ago
This Belaphone version is a bit different frpm the Dingo version
posted a comment on Joey Mauro Presents Rago* / Remo Zito - Rusty Wings / Secret Agent. over 2 years ago
A very strong flahsback product.
Robust vocals wich are matching with the robust synths
No tingle tangle here. I think a future classic. Five stars and a must have , even for the " only old italo" buyers
posted a comment on Country And Town - Yo Yo. over 2 years ago
Italo perfection in the verses however the chorus sucks a bit.
Nevertheless i give 5 stars .
posted a comment on Atahualpa - Ultimo Imperio. over 2 years ago
For shure one of the strongest italo house productions
I think 1990 and 1991 were true pioners years for this raw productions

posted a comment on Raffalli - Don't Stop. over 2 years ago
Don't try to immitate Patrick Cowley, you can't.
All in all not a bad record
posted a comment on Rude 66 - The Kill. over 2 years ago
Congrats Rude. ! We want more of this vocoder uptempo stuff
posted a comment on Mike Oldfield - Crises. over 2 years ago
The track crisis is a masterpiece,
I am a child if the 80ties and this track brings me werever i wanna be when closed my eyes

Big boss of Progresive rock.
posted a comment on Laura Branigan - Self Control (Extended Version). over 2 years ago
Hard to choice between this one and the Raff version.
Raf's version is rawer and more 80ties, but Laura's voice is way better
posted a comment on Alphaville - Sounds Like A Melody. over 2 years ago
i've Always like this song more then Big in Japan.
Nice to see the guys are playing life nowadays.

Great stuff from Germany, out of the golden years (1982-1986)
posted a comment on Hardwell - United We Are . over 2 years ago
Another overrated wiz kid.
As said before, this commercial milk-kids cows have no any added value to the nowadays dance scene

It's ordinary flat radio house-pop.
another mistake is that they think they are pop stars or even songwriters.
this result in ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Dario Dell'Aere - Eagles In The Night. over 2 years ago
Personally is i am not buying each and every repress, but this is a nescessary thing.
posted a comment on The Blue Nile - Tinseltown In The Rain. over 2 years ago
incredible, the song contains an mystic, melancholic character
everytime i hear it , it brings me in another armosphere,
unfortenately the video clip could be better

one of the best songs ever made
posted a comment on Max (9) - Day By Day. over 2 years ago
worth to buy, sung by Brian Ice.
Very good production for 1989
posted a comment on Tom Hooker - Looking For Love. over 2 years ago
A well-known and easy available record.
Nevertheless a highlight out of the Chieregato-Turatti factory , a unmistakable baby records production.
Very well produced and a nice beat. Doing well on dancefloors, even it's 30 years old.
submitted Helen (2) / Stella Stevens - Zanzibar / Butterfly. over 4 years ago
submitted Chico (61) - My Chico . over 4 years ago