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posted a comment on Brigid Mae Power - Brigid Mae Power. 9 months ago
I have to agree on both accounts. My red vinyl limited edition is also marred by constant hissing and popping, and has been since day one.
The music is brilliant though.
posted a comment on CV Jørgensen* - Sjælland. over 3 years ago
It was missing a digit. I have updated the release
posted a comment on Villagers (3) - Where Have You Been All My Life?. over 5 years ago
My green vinyl version sounds fine, on both sides, so you should probably return it for a replacement.
posted a comment on Bob Dylan / The Band - Before The Flood. over 5 years ago
I completely disagree, and judging by the ratings, I'm not alone ;) It's one of the best live albums around, and how could it be anything else with The Band backing?
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