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Deadly Avenger - Deep Red
posted a review of Deadly Avenger - Deep Red. over 21 years ago
If John Carpenter, Bill Conti, David Shire or Lalo Schifrin were reincarnated as DJ's they'd be Damon Baxter. 'Deep Red' is an imaginary soundtrack filled with wonderful soundscapes, textures and melodies a la Grantby style. Instead of rehashing the... See full review
Karminsky Experience Inc.* - The Hip Sheik E.P.
posted a review of Karminsky Experience Inc.* - The Hip Sheik E.P.. over 21 years ago
Spectacular acid jazz spy-fi sounds from this obscure UK duo. This sounds like an imaginary score taken straight from the Henry Mancini-Arabesque soundtrack with its Middle Eastern undertones and funky breakbeats. Essential. Be on the lookout for a... See full review
Pelding - Pelding
posted a review of Pelding - Pelding. over 21 years ago
This is The Prunes album that should've been. Hip hop that focuses more on live instrumentation rather than recycled loops and samples, Peder--1/3 Prunes member, takes his sound to the next level. Recommended for fans of Mo'Wax, Ninja Tune, Grand... See full review
Silent Poets - For Nothing
posted a review of Silent Poets - For Nothing. over 22 years ago
Perhaps the best Silent Poets album to date. It pretty much illustrates just how versatile these guys can be as producers. There are tracks ranging from jungle & downtempo to dub & hip hop...something for everyone. Plus, they've consistently released... See full review
The Deadly Avenger* - The Illicit EP
posted a review of The Deadly Avenger* - The Illicit EP. over 22 years ago
Deadly Avenger, the man with the plan and one to look out for in 2002! The Illicit EP highlights a small taste of Damon Baxter's sound which consists of funky breaks, heavy soundtrack sampling and old school hip hop flavor. Guaranteed to rock any dancefloor! See full review