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posted a comment on Autechre - NTS Sessions. 1 day ago
''Includes a 12x12 cm release sticker.'' I bought a sealed copy from an UK based seller. But no sticker inside. Wtf!?
posted a review of Multipolyomni Presents We™ - Antenna Tool & Die Co. Sequences - Positive 360° Degrees Of Freedom. 4 days ago
Hi guys - What do you think, are there more than two tracks on this release?
The release text is damn confusing. Could it be that there are at least three or even four tracks on it?
I suggest the following titles:
A1 maneuvering of the leisure mush™ ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 4 days ago
posted a comment on Mobydic - Rhythm. 6 days ago
I have to agree to japedumarie almost forgotten deep beauty. No fillers on this release. But my faves are ''Cold Waves'' and ''Love''.
posted a review of Dominatrix UK - Possession. 8 days ago
In "Life And Times Of The Truly Wise One" Dominatrix UK picks up 3 Phase Featuring Dr. Motte's ‎"Der Klang der Familie" theme to put you into the same set. Not a cheap copy but a perfect extension to the original from Berlin.
posted a comment on Cortex Thrill - Intro. 8 days ago
Cortex Thrill used Phrenetic System's ''Reality'' intro for their Sleepwalker. Well done.
posted a comment on Special Agent Fuse - Special Agend Fuse. 8 days ago
A1 Asset Star states: "Yeah it's gonna be well wicked."
posted a review of Atom Heart - Baud / XXX. 8 days ago
X.X.X. explains you that... "A trip is an LSD experience."
posted a review of Tebukuro - Untitled. 9 days ago
B is best to... "Go on the same trip together."
posted a comment on Brainwasher - L'Ange Gabriel. about 1 month ago
''No home is forever.'' ''You're welcome.'' Strong deep dwelling Belgium Techno. Can't believe this release doesn't get the attention it deservs.
posted a review of Mijk Van Dijk - Suck My Soul. about 1 month ago
''When you suck my dick I will lick your slit...'' but Mijk Van Dijk says it more poetical.
posted a comment on Emmanuel Top - Climax V 1.1. about 1 month ago
Could be so - I bought my Attack 12"s from 1994 to 1995. And all have white Attack logos.
posted a review of Godz Of LSD - Rabbits And Elephants. about 1 month ago
''This is the story of rabbits and elephants. - Make your trip. - I'm your god of LSD.'' These two tracks are best companions for strong acid trips.
posted a review of Marc Acardipane - See You In 2017 - A Compilation Chapter One. 2 months ago
I thought ''CU in 2017'' - Over all 25 years I took this as a promise. But you were not there. What happened?
posted a review of Resident E. 2 months ago
Now that DJing turned into digital and I am ripping my entire collection I realize that your ''Copy Protect'' is a real pain in the ass! I own all Resident E compilations and all are impssible to rip. What a f**king f**k!
posted a review that has since been deleted. 2 months ago
posted a comment on The Effect (2) - Green Angel. 2 months ago
Green Angel (Angel Mix) - The sky is opening wide... the trip starts. - What an intense bodyload!!
posted a comment on Serious Beats (2). 5 months ago
Such a great series of quality Techno from the Benelux. Unfortunately nearly each and every track is edited.
posted a comment on Sushi - The House Of Hong. 10 months ago
WARNING - The original plastic sleeve detroys the vinyl. Thank you Frankfurt Beat!
posted a comment on HGich.T - Therapie Wirkt. 10 months ago
HGich.T's "Therapie wirkt" in einer limitierten Vinylauflage von 500 Stück.
posted a comment on Mandala - High Noom EP. over 2 years ago
B1 is B2 and B2 is B1 not as stated on the label.
posted a comment on Fanatic - Pills. over 2 years ago
''Kleine Pillen gegen die Traurigkeit... '' used in track A & B1 are originally from Ludwig Hirsch's song 1928. Translated into English: ''Tiny pills against sadness...''
submitted Fanatic - Pills. over 2 years ago
posted a review of Spicelab - Quicksand EP. over 2 years ago
''Quicksand'' works perfect as an intro of a trance set. Someone's running along a stairway taking your imagination with...
posted a comment on Psycho Kinetic - Rock Your Body. over 2 years ago
My fave is the B1 track ''Whoooo'' which features the intro of Phrenetic System's ''Reality'' from 1992.
posted a review of Martin Fromme. over 14 years ago
Martin Fromme has a handicap. The left forearm is missing since his birth. He plays crude prank on this. He stated this in 'Dance 2 Trance - Freaks'. Respect!!