(Since google is BANNED nationwide in China, my correct contact e-mail is:

I am a die-hard extreme metal fan from China. Yes, my country is one of the few communist countries left on this planet.

I started collecting metal CDs back in 1994. So far I have got 8000+ CDs and 700+ LPs in collection. They are all metal and still growing. So far, NONE of the items in my collection is for sale or trade.

I am into all types of metal music, mainly Death, Black, Grind, Thrash and Doom (death). Old School Death is my all time favorite, esp. ablums releaesd before 1995.

I am ALSO looking for all CDs and LPs blocked by discogs, if you have them for sale, please contact me at Q031207@126.com or leave a message here at Dsicogs.

However, these items need to meet the following condition:
1. They are METAL
2. They are FULL LENGTH studio albums
3. They are CDs or LPs. I do NOTcollect tapes
4. They are silver pressed CDs, NOT CDrs
5. They are NOT bootlegs (except REBORN CLASSIC series)
6. anything i can think of later.....
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posted a comment on Metallica - Master Of Puppets. 9 months ago
everything released in China, esp. metal music is the cheap crappy silly bootleg. Yes, it is cheap and crappy and silly.
posted a comment on Deadspawn - Emissions Of Reality. about 1 year ago
I recently got a copy of this CD. A bit strange is that on the back cover of the tray card, the logo of the label "warhead" was not there, in stead it was logoed with the letter MSG. The rest are ALL the same with pics posted here. Does anyone know the ... See full review
posted a comment on Flesh Grinder - S.P.L.A.T.T.E.R.. about 1 year ago
I really have no idea how to describe this color of Cadaver Vomit. I had the CD version and these big picutes of the LP are truly disturbing.