*To those people who bothered contacting me for selling records,

Thank you for your notice first of all, and I am checking your collection and will get back to you when I'm able to afford the records I want.

I wanna buy as many records as possible at once.
(it's tedius buying one by one and waiting for each one!!)

i'm a :
Normal Bed-room-DJ.

Not on any labels or anything.

Feel free to contact me for whatever.
(The records in my want list are not always the records I can not get hold of. I'm just listing them sometimes for myself to remember what to buy. Many of them can be found quite easily on GEMM and other rec dealing sites etc...)

My collection is not huge as such...
But the collection is yet to be updated. I have more.(i'm only showing my musical tendency and not trying to sell.. i'm only here to BUY.)

I can be found on myspace.com as well.

I will not respond to your sales offer when i have not enough money.
But it's always pleasure to hear some invoice from you.
Thank you.