dance mania 4 life..

im always open to trade my items for sale, i collect dance mania records. also chicago trax and many other labels..cheers
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posted a comment on Solid Space (2) - Space Museum. 19 days ago
Best album of 2017, even though it was a reissue. Tunes are amazing. Wonder if Ian Brown from the Roses heard track A3, Destination Moon. If you ever reform I will be there.
posted a comment on Pleasure Pump - Fantasize Me. about 1 month ago
awesome Liz Torres vocal...great bassline, nice drums. classic house ....
posted a comment on Flume Feat Jezzabell Doran - Sleepless Remixes. about 1 month ago
tune..........The Shlomo mix is the bomb, real nice builder...atmospheric synths and crazy vocal stretch
posted a comment on Break The Limits - Break The Limits Part II. 2 months ago
ready to rumble - mike dunn and armando meet UK techno and its dope
posted a comment on Mad Musician / X-Plosion - Braek Out. 2 months ago
I have a cd by this group called' The Project II ' - X plosion. 14 tracks
posted a comment on The Martian - Cosmic Movement / Star Dancer. 2 months ago
Star Dancer has always reminded me of 'Stars' by Mr. Fingers. Some similarity?
posted a comment on Hashim - Primrose Path. 3 months ago
cheers for info mate, makes sense now. thanks again mate
posted a comment on "Fast" Eddie Smith. 4 months ago
fast eddie is a true don of house music.......long live fast eddie

posted a comment on Skream - Skreamizm Vol: V. 4 months ago
If you know, love them old skool bleeps. Im thinking Unique 3
posted a comment on Colonel Elliott & The Lunatics - Interstellar Reggae Drive. 5 months ago
Cosmic Bust does it for me. Imagine riding through space on a surfboard leaving a rainbow trail. Wearing big flares with multicloured stars shooting off in all directions.......
posted a review of Brain Killers* / Family Of Intelligence - Border Line. 6 months ago
its all about the original, look at paintings....haunting jungle great amen work out with dream like synths
posted a comment on Shitmat - Full English Breakfest Volume 4. 8 months ago
steptoe and son inna jungle fashion....made my head nod :)
posted a comment on Underkut - Both Ends. 8 months ago
the fusion of breaks and new beat synth sounds that sound so john carpenter horror is a real treat..I liked horror films back in these days along with hip hop and techno music , and this track gets it so right
posted a comment on Para Noise - Incantations. 8 months ago
john carpenter ......................................halloween. sounds :::)))) like it, pre cert techno
posted a comment on Hashim - Primrose Path. 9 months ago
what does the main vocal part say....sounds like . now we know the arial???
my ears deceive me.
any help would be great
posted a comment on Cheap Knob Gags - #2. 9 months ago
I love all the cheap knob gags 12's..this is defo the best , I agree
posted a comment on Aubrey - Dark 03. 9 months ago
awesome techno tracks on the B side... nice techno grooves
posted a comment on Dream 2 Science - Dream 2 Science. 10 months ago
sounds a bit like the laugh from nude photo - derrick may
posted a comment on Dr. Kevorkian - Suicide Machine EP. 10 months ago
I think it is that very reaper, the seventh seal..Great film btw.
posted a comment on Blacknecks - 6. 10 months ago
RAW.. basic, coarse, fresh, natural, organic, rough, uncooked, unprocessed and untreated techno
posted a comment on Daniel Jacques - Livet Efter Detta. 10 months ago
this EP is so nice and good. Top quality tunes
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posted a comment on Funkineven - Cha / Dracula. 11 months ago
skip tastic...shame nice tune as well. skip skip skip skip
posted a comment on Undercover Agent - Dangerous / Dream. 12 months ago
quality jungle tune....sample works very well in the tune. NIce!
posted a comment on Joy Thomas - Jump Around. 12 months ago
wow what an obscure sound, cant quite put my finger on it...this is the sort of funk, space rangers in a 1970s space station danced to in their down time
posted a comment on The Fat White Family - Champagne Holocaust. about 1 year ago
fat wites....see them in OXforrddd wiith meat raffle inn support...great gig.
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posted a comment on Black Scorpion - Empyrion. about 1 year ago
Please please me - the beatles gold and black label was once a few pounds its worth thousands. Things go up mate
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posted a comment on Annanan - Lyser. about 1 year ago
124 is great piece of techno with kraftwerk sounding synths. Im not sure about the bass sounds distorted, kept checking my stylus for fluff...The track should have been called 'fluffchek'...still a great tune though

posted a comment on Wanexa - The Man From Colours. about 1 year ago
How can the original be indentified, compared to the repress??.ANy info would be great
posted a comment on Julio Bashmore - Everyone Needs A Theme Tune. about 1 year ago
such cool tunes. nice for a sunny afternnon of house music bliss
posted a comment on Jimi Tenor - Outta Space. about 1 year ago
Great track, kind of got the same vibe has 'Prince - Let it Go '
posted a comment on The Higher Intelligence Agency - Colourform. about 1 year ago
Classic 1993 ambient sound, if you like Atom Heart.....check this also
posted a comment on Egyptian Empire - The Horn Track. about 1 year ago
Anyone know where the horn part of this track is sampled from...I heard this recently
And I can hear a good resemblance??
posted a comment on Various - Balearic Beats - The Album Vol 1. about 1 year ago
I use to see this LP in the racks next to the acid house LPs..I always picked it up, looked at the back the back of sleeve, looking for artists etc. never recognised any as I was focused on acid comps. The fantastic sleeve would always ... See full review
posted a comment on Mike Dred - Fu-Chin-Ra. about 1 year ago
Side B is much better than Side A...nice mellow acid tunes, kind of UK style..think early Baby Ford, Garden Of Eden ..great tunes
posted a comment on Various - Jackmaster 2. about 1 year ago
Some great tracks on this comp, I bought this back in the day...Joe Smooth's Inside My Mind is worth the purchase of this can also be found on Joe Smooth's first Lp
posted a comment on Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - 1st Of Tha Month. about 1 year ago
The Kruder & Dorfmeister mixes are sublime, totally blissed out,
posted a comment on Meat Beat Manifesto - Acid Again. about 1 year ago
The Depth charge mix 1, is far the best mix in my opinion. And I love the sample on the intro, it sounds like it is from some 1960's drug awareness film.
posted a comment on Various - Dance Madness And The Brooklyn Groove. about 1 year ago
Around 2:24 on Anthony Acid's track, Rock And Boogie Down, I start to think of Basic Channel ‎ Phylyps Trak II. Or am I hearing things.??...either way, great track from Anthony Acid .
posted a comment on Robert Hood - Internal Empire. about 1 year ago
I have 2 copies also, white label and silver label.
I bought the silver label version in the mid 1990s around the time of it's release. And I bought the white one in the 2000's, possibly the white one is the repress?
posted a comment on µ-Ziq - In Pine Effect. about 1 year ago
The Roy Castle tune always gets me moving..wonder what Roy Castle tune he has sampled? Assuming it is a Roy Castle sample
posted a comment on Asmus Tietchens - In Die Nacht. about 1 year ago
Fantastic album, so strange, the track 'Höhepunkt Kleiner Mann' just makes me smile when I hear it.. without sounding offensive, it's like gary numan on ketamine.
posted a comment on George Morel - Morel's Grooves Part 8. about 1 year ago
ignore the dodgy A side..go straight for track B2: A Walk Through N.Y.C. good solid house tune, kind of heavy beltram style , sounds from 1991. well worth a listen
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