This is music for the ugly ducklings of the world. Music for swans. If you are you're a member of the rat race, climbing around in a dumpster with the other rats yearning for power, you may of course listen, but know - this is not music for you. This is action against you.
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posted a comment on Tlim Shug - Mutuality EP. 13 days ago
Really loving A1 - Rari Techno. Underwater moody shizzle. Sign me up!
posted a review of DJ Heure - First Hour. 13 days ago
This release deserves a comment. The production on this is amazing. Lovely, moody and pure deep house. A2 needs an honorable mention here, that melody makes my knees weak. Supported for sure!
posted a comment on Trance Wax - Trance Wax One. 2 months ago
I'm liking it, kinda cheesy, but I don't care, its the right kind. Solid reworks right here!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 2 months ago
posted a comment on The Gods Planet - LP 2. 3 months ago
Really sad it went under the radar for most, cause its amazing. Thank you for the music, Claudio PRC and Ness <3
posted a review of Convextion - 2845. 3 months ago
This album is absolutely amazing. Top shelf stuff as per usual from Convextion. Future classic right here!
posted a comment on Tales Of The Machines - Tales Of The Machines. 3 months ago
Really diggin' this. Deserves a lot more support. 5 stars from me. Proper techno right here!
posted a comment on DJ Metatron - U'll Be The King Of The Stars. 4 months ago
Sold out already. Was available 22 of july for a few hours via the giegling website.
posted a comment on Mall Grab - Steel City Dance Discs Volume.1. 4 months ago
Both are total bombs, jesus this guy knows house music. Favorite here are 'Father' though. The melody on this is just stunning. Massive support!
posted a review of Lodee Gruv - Bordel 003. 4 months ago
Well, this totally went under the radar for most people. Gruv D is a absolute banger. Don't miss!
posted a review of Omar S* - Desert Eagle. 5 months ago
Amazing record, full support! 10 words are so stupid :(
posted a review of Eschaton (4) - Eschaton II. 5 months ago
I wish more people saw the beauty of true industrial techno. Everyone just jumping on the house wagon. Broaden your horizon people!
posted a review of Various - Infrastructure Facticity . 5 months ago
An absolute massive showcase. A must have for all the heads out there!
posted a review of Perfume Advert - Big Gete Star. 5 months ago
Sublime release, one of 1080p' finest! Massive support on this!
posted a comment on DJ Backspin / Sully (5) / Etch (4) / Reverend Slippy - DRB01. 5 months ago
Massive, massive compilations. Got my hands on one! 31/200 !
posted a review of Studio OST - Scenes (2012​-​2015). 6 months ago
This album is a absolute killer. Where is the hype? Album of the year so far. Don't miss!
posted a review of Levon Vincent - NS-12. 6 months ago
This release differs from he's earlier releases. His jams are usually 8 min or more. Both tracks on B side are less than 4 minutes, which is a shame in my opinion, these could be amazing builders, but at is it, they are just too short. Other than that, ... See full review
posted a comment on Liem / Lucky Charmz (2) - Lehultsub1. 7 months ago
2050 still wanting this. This record will never die, fool!
posted a review of AF (6) - INITIALSRED002 . 7 months ago
I think this is totally overlooked. All four of these are quality productions and works well in any big room setting. Much support!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 7 months ago
posted a review of Globex - Inversia 1. 8 months ago
This shit is too good. Both sides are amazing. Total hype from Acting Press as usual.
posted a review of Alvin Aronson - High Rise. 8 months ago
'B2 Mat' is worth the buy alone, but everything here is quality. Im really diggin' A1 as well. Thank you for this fine piece of music.
posted a comment on DJ Phlowgod - Mantha EP. 8 months ago
Such a awesome release, but so stupid to press 20 minutes on each side. Need to max the gain on this shit every time, even then its mediocre. Really, really sad.
posted a review of Paradise Forum / Maurice Jnr - Last Night / That Good Thing. 8 months ago
'Last Night' is a total bomb. House like it's suppose to be <3
posted a review that has since been deleted. 9 months ago
posted a comment on Alvin Aronson - City EP. 9 months ago
Amazing EP, massive support on this fine piece of music!
posted a comment on Herbert* And Dani Siciliano - So Now.... 11 months ago
I need this. Check my collection if you want to trade.
posted a comment on Room 506 - Drop Out. about 1 year ago
Just sick! Massive support!
posted a comment on Mono Junk / Melody Boy 2000 - Channel B / Monotone Fantastique. about 1 year ago
Quality pressing, but the vinyl is skinny as fuck. Wish it had a little more weight to it, feels like its gonna break any time.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Various - Ostgut Ton | Zehn. about 1 year ago
Amazing compilation. A piece of history!
posted a comment on Matt Karmil - Dans-Maxi Från Nacksving. about 1 year ago
I'm really enjoying "Moment". It's cheesy, but it's the right kind.
posted a comment on Regis - Manbait. about 1 year ago
Awesome compilation, and a total must have for all techno nerds out there.
posted a comment on CNCPT - Brenda 000. about 1 year ago
I missed it! Please repress :(
posted a comment on Terriers (2) - Octagon . about 1 year ago
Octagon is tight as fuck. Total weapon. Go buy this already!
posted a comment on Stojche - Asset 001. about 1 year ago
Decay is such a gem. Totally overlooked. 7 am bliss <3
posted a comment on Jack J* - Thirstin'. about 1 year ago
Check ur needle, mine is fine as well.
posted a comment on Ø [Phase] - Versions. about 1 year ago
Crazy EP. Don't fuckin' miss!
posted a comment on Cio D'Or - All In All. about 1 year ago
Huge landscapes of sound, contemporary techno like it should be. Support!
posted a comment on Various - Ethos Series 3. about 1 year ago
Another amazing Ethos Series, to bad its the last one. Thanks for this fine journey!
posted a comment on Nathan Melja* - A.C.I.. about 1 year ago
Don't sleep! Amazing release!
posted a comment on PLO Man - Stations Of The Elevated. about 1 year ago
A lot of people has bought it on Discogs, including me. Its just very slow to update.
posted a comment on PLO Man - Stations Of The Elevated. about 1 year ago
Where can I still get this?
posted a comment on Morgan Louis - Only 1. about 1 year ago
Awesome release! Killer locked grooves on b-side also. White Material is back!
posted a comment on Various - Back Yard Impressions Vol. II . about 1 year ago
Ass so tight you better make it clap!
posted a comment on Trevino - Klockworks 14. about 1 year ago
Enjoying the whole bunch here. Absolute killer EP. Don't sleep!
posted a comment on Binny (2) - Retrospective EP . about 1 year ago
This is so beautiful! Well done!
posted a comment on Merle* - 2000 (And We're Still Here). about 1 year ago
Loving this, the new version also, it's awesome :)
posted a comment on CC Not - Geo Fi. about 1 year ago
Or just.. its great fucking music?
posted a comment on Variant (8) - Hyperbaric Chamber. about 1 year ago
Amazing droning techno! Full support!