mostly into techno, detroit, electro, deep house, electronica (i hate that word) soul, funk, disco, jazz, since mid 90s. The thing about music...when it hits you feel no pain.
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posted a review of Isolée - Rest. over 11 years ago
This album deserves a comment-scratch that, this album deserves a purchase. On sight. Like the description says it's House, Techno, Minimal. Its also electronica/IDM, dubby, glitchy and even dancefloor-y. All about five years before hipsters decided this ... See full review
posted a review of Deadly Avenger - King Tito's Gloves EP. over 12 years ago
The cries("This is it!" etc.)at the start of 'King Tito's Gloves'are sampled from seminal 1983 New York graffiti documentary 'Style Wars'. The scene is a group of graff writers seeing the result of their night-time efforts appear on the side of a moving ... See full review
posted a review of Photek - Modus Operandi. over 12 years ago
What makes this my favourite Drum and Bass album is not only the genius drum programming, but the restraint shown in production. Unlike some other D&B LPs, it's not just a collection of dance tracks swamped by brutal bass. It changes pace and mood. ... See full review
posted a review of 3MB Feat. Magic Juan Atkins* - 3MB Feat. Magic Juan Atkins. over 13 years ago
Utterly essential. Get it for Die Kosmischen Kuriere (Magic Juan mix), a piece of melodic, syncopated, soulful techno that tells a living, breathing story. beautiful and dancable.
posted a review of The Future Sound Of London Present The Amorphous Androgynous* - Alice In Ultraland. over 13 years ago
FSOL are now so prog-rock they're even on EMI's revived prog sub-label Harvest, alongside such giants of the genre as Kraan, Deep Purple and, er, the Scorpions, not to mention Pink Floyd, for whom Harvest was set up. As per the quality of the record, ... See full review
posted a review of As One - Celestial Soul. over 13 years ago
To me, this is the worst As One album, as it simply retreads the ground covered on 'Reflections', and the tracks, though in the same style, simply aren't as interesting, melodically, texturally or rythmically. Start with '21st Century soul', 'In with ... See full review
posted a review of Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Galaxy 2 Galaxy. over 13 years ago
Am I the only one who hears irritating high pitched frequencies (I mean on the level dogs hear at) in the track Hi-tech Jazz. They bugged the hell out of me, so much so I had to sell my copy. A shame, as i neglected to remember how good 'Journey of the ... See full review
posted a review of Foremost Poets - Moonraker Phase II. over 13 years ago
I prefer this version of Moon Raker, with it's faster pace, female backing vocals and p-funky breakdown. Shake's mix reuses parts of his own 'The Fake Left, Go Right Plan'(Songs for my Mother EP) on Frictional, to lesser effect.
posted a review of Curtis Mayfield - There's No Place Like America Today. over 13 years ago
This is one of Curtis Mayfield's lesser known but better albums and comes highly recommended, though it is hard to find, even on CD. It is neither as funky or orchestral as 'Curtis' or his big hit, the 'Superfly' soundtrack, but has it's own unique, ... See full review
posted a review of Octave One - Black Water. over 13 years ago
Black Water was quite successful when it was released in 2000, being distibuted by concept music, and featuring in the sets of non-techno DJ's. This original release is probably worth getting for the track Black Water alone, a piece of percussive techno ... See full review
posted a review of Conceiled Project - Second Coming. over 13 years ago
Not usually a fan of the compressed, hydraulic, loopy, scandinavian techno sound, but this EP has got something, in it intricate percussion and haunting, almost IDM pads. Good stuff.
posted a review of Remote (5) - The Swarm. over 13 years ago
This record is funk in the truest sense. It is fierce, robust, syncopated, wiggin' proper electronic funk. For me, this, along with the Turning point EP, Interstellar Fugitives and much of the Direct Beat catalogue, are the high point of Submerge's ... See full review
posted a review of Brother Of Soul - Music. over 14 years ago
The B-side 'Be Right There' is a sweet one -lovely keys and soul sample, maybe stevie wonder, but i'm not sure. One thing- the bass is upsettingly loud for what is a sweet, downtempo, end-of-night type thing. EQ it right down.
posted a review of Boards Of Canada - Music Has The Right To Children. over 14 years ago
I'm a little puzzled as to why no-one has mentioned the origin of their name- BOC is a reference to the National Film Board of Canada. Best known for it's documentaries, in the 70's and early 80's they produced some exquisite wildlife films. I was ... See full review