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Donna Summer - Love To Love You Baby / I Feel Love / Hot Stuff
posted a review of Donna Summer - Love To Love You Baby / I Feel Love / Hot Stuff. 5 months ago
This special, Gay Pride rainbow edition features a trio of Donna Summer's perennial, evergreen classics, and is a very fine addition to any disco lover's crates. But please, I urge you to be careful if your mam is like my mam (that is to say,... See full review
Janelle Monáe - The Age Of Pleasure
posted a review of Janelle Monáe - The Age Of Pleasure. 5 months ago
Janelle Monae, if you are reading this, I would just like to let you know that you have done such a good job, with this album!! The pressing that I am owning (The Coca Cola Clear Vinyl) is sounding, so divine!! P.S. Thank you for showing to us, your... See full review
Boldy James & Alchemist - The Price Of Tea In China: Deluxe Edition
posted a review of Boldy James & Alchemist - The Price Of Tea In China: Deluxe Edition. 5 months ago
This album, is just so nice and fat and crispy, with such a velveteen low end, that it is worth TWICE the price of tea in China, which is ironically, as my lovely girlfriend says, almost how much it is costing to buy a copy, nowadays!!
Dj Dstrukt - Magnum Breaks
posted a review of Dj Dstrukt - Magnum Breaks. 5 months ago
I like this record, so much! Because not only is it, looking like a condom and being packed with the most excellently loud scratch samples. But it is also exactly 5 inches big, which is the same size as my best friend Babish Patel's tallywhacker!!
Smoove - Multitrack Reworks Vol 2
posted a review of Smoove - Multitrack Reworks Vol 2. 6 months ago
Well done Smoove, you are so clever with these tasty reworks. I have been playing them to my mam this Friday, and she has been boogieing around the living room like a lunatic spinster!!
Smoove - Multitrack Reworks Volume 5
posted a review of Smoove - Multitrack Reworks Volume 5. 6 months ago
I am thinking, that it is because Smoove had to pay for the multi-tracks, and they were very expensive. And so no, he is trying to recoup his costs, so his wife (Mrs. Smoove) is not cross with him, and they can go on holiday, to Tenerife!!
Zhigge - Zhigge
posted a review of Zhigge - Zhigge. 6 months ago
If you are looking for classic, and golden era hip hop that has been more slept on, than Babish Patel's mam, you will definitely be needing to have this excellent Zhigge disc, residing within the depths of your dusty milk crate!!
Soul Supreme (4) - Poetic Justice
posted a review of Soul Supreme (4) - Poetic Justice. 6 months ago
This is, a very handsome and nice, splattery record that just sounds, so beautifully fat and crispy! When I held it at last, in my trembling hands, I could feel my tallywhacker tingling, with such a sense of anticipatory delight!!
Lady Wray - Piece Of Me (Remix) / Joy & Pain (Pete Rock Remix)
posted a review of Lady Wray - Piece Of Me (Remix) / Joy & Pain (Pete Rock Remix). 8 months ago
This one is, more fire than my mam's three bar Dimplex Electric Logs that she got as a present, when her big hunky toyboy (Gavin) won 500pounds, on a scratchcard. Oooh, it's a heater!!
Alchemist - Doka Sessions
posted a review of Alchemist - Doka Sessions. about 1 year ago
TUFF KONG, you were so very naughty, with the length of this release. And Alchemist, this has made me lose some of my respect for you. As normally your releases, are so nice and I am a completist. But this one, is reminding me of a bad trick my good... See full review
Toto - Africa / Rosanna
posted a review of Toto - Africa / Rosanna. about 1 year ago
Thank you , Mister Dia Tribe (number 73) these two releases are very nice to listen to as the nights draw in, and the Serengeti seems a long way off. My mam is even getting so much in the mood, that she is putting on her grass skirt and pouring an... See full review
The Beatles - Revolver
posted a review of The Beatles - Revolver. about 1 year ago
I am finding myself agreeing, with Zackamania. The extras are, such a good time! Particularly the version of "And Your Bird Can Sing" where the Beatles are laughing. It never fails to cheer me up, when I put it on. So in that respect, it is very good... See full review
Arctic Monkeys - The Car
posted a review of Arctic Monkeys - The Car. about 1 year ago
A fantastic loud, clear and fulsome pressing, that is certain to become a jewel in many record collections. The only drawback, for me, is the shade of yellow the band have chosen. As whenever I get it out to play it, it makes me want to eat custard.... See full review
Taylor Swift - Midnights
posted a review of Taylor Swift - Midnights. about 1 year ago
This pressing for me, really is the definitive pressing. And the color, is so rich and marbly, which makes it such a pleasure to watch as it goes around and around and around on my mam's turntable. However, if I have one complaint about this album, it... See full review
Various - Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party - Vol. 4
posted a review of Various - Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party - Vol. 4. about 1 year ago
This album, is certain to please all festive funkateers and funkstresses this Christmas. With Sammy Applebaum's seminal "The Year Around Christmas" and of course, Wayne Champion's masterful "It's Xmas Time" both present and correct, my lovely... See full review
Blackwave - No Sleep In LA
posted a review of Blackwave - No Sleep In LA. about 1 year ago
This is, a knacker-cracking album, and that is for sure. The reason I am saying this, is two-fold. As first, it is pressed so nicely and booming and loud. And secondly, when my friend Babish Patel was around my house recently, I put it on and he... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Fragrance (11) - Always / When The Night Is Right
posted a review of Fragrance (11) - Always / When The Night Is Right. about 1 year ago
With this unholy 80's synth bop, you will be grooving and moving, so seductively and also, sinfully. Then afterwards, you may need to go to a confessional at your mam's Pentecostal Church, to plead forgiveness for the blasphemous transgressions,... See full review
Cheryl Glasgow - Glued To The Spot
posted a review of Cheryl Glasgow - Glued To The Spot. about 1 year ago
When this one is played, you will hear a sashaying beat that is almost reminiscent of "Rock Your Baby" by the mighty GEORGE McCRAE. And when you are hearing this, you will start to bop. And then you will realize, that you are not to be glued to the... See full review
Djar One - Tainted Love
posted a review of Djar One - Tainted Love. about 1 year ago
These two expertly crafted tracks, are certain to give all the GILFs of a certain age, a very big thrill in the discotheque. Please, deploy with caution, especially if there are those present who are dancing "the geriatric jive!!"
Daft Punk Feat. Pharrell* - Get Lucky
posted a review of Daft Punk Feat. Pharrell* - Get Lucky. about 1 year ago
Good lord, these are two monster tracks crammed together on just one seven-inched piece of plastic, that will satisfy your mam even more than her other, seven-inched piece of plastic!!
Yung Gravy - Sensational
posted a review of Yung Gravy - Sensational. about 1 year ago
Yung Gravy, really has excelled himself, with this release. The sound stage is just so warm and fulsome, with not a hint of the dreaded compression that can sometimes plague rap records that are copiously endowed in the low end. In fact, when my mam... See full review
bbno$ - Eat Ya Veggies
posted a review of bbno$ - Eat Ya Veggies. about 1 year ago
This is, such a superlative pressing. It is so quiet, with minimal cracklings, that you can hear even so much as your mam queefing, in between the tracks. I am hoping that the new album (Bag, or Die) will get such as good a treatment. So I can show my... See full review
Michael Barrymore - Doin' The Crab
posted a review of Michael Barrymore - Doin' The Crab. about 1 year ago
My mam found this record, in a charity shop and bought it, for 75p. Now she is addicted to playing it several times a day and, it is driving me completely round the bend. But, it is, quite funky, I must admit!!
The Unicorns - Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?
posted a comment on The Unicorns - Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?. about 1 year ago
What a fabulous album, to prance around to on a Sunday afternoon, after Sunday luncheon has been heartily consumed. It is made even better, if your friend Babish Patel is dropping by, with a fresh, unopened, bottle of poppers, that he has successfully... See full review
I Marc 4 - I Marc 4
posted a comment on I Marc 4 - I Marc 4. about 1 year ago
Such a terrific album, that will have you bopping around on a Sunday morning, like a victorious peppermint sucking champion!!
Nappy Roots - Good Day
posted a comment on Nappy Roots - Good Day. about 1 year ago
This really is, such a jolly slice of sunny hip hop. It is so positive in its sentiment, that even my mam found herself unable to resist tapping her toe along to it, as she relaxed her tired feet in her pedi-ease, multi-speed foot spa massager. Very nice!! See full review
King Of Nothing* - Messin / Stop (Rock The House)
posted a comment on King Of Nothing* - Messin / Stop (Rock The House). over 2 years ago
KON delivers the goods, with a pair of boogiefied cuts that will have you lovingly fondling your own buttcheeks as you pivot and twerk across the living room, clad in your tightest, whitest, stretch-nylon hotpants!!
DJ Goce - Dusty PCP / Prosciutto Smile
posted a comment on DJ Goce - Dusty PCP / Prosciutto Smile. over 2 years ago
A pair of fine funk remixes, that had my best friend Babish Patel panting as he pranced around his bedroom at full speed, intoxicated with unbridled, semi-orgasmic glee. To be recommended!!
The Traffic - Beat It
posted a comment on The Traffic - Beat It. over 2 years ago
A very pleasant, and upbeat, horn-heavy cover of “Beat It” (originally by Michael Jackson). And on the other side, you will find “Thriller” (also originally by Michael Jackson, in case you didn’t know). I think the King of Pop would give his blessing... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
Jim Sharp (3), Goce* - Feelin' Good / Old Digger
posted a comment on Jim Sharp (3), Goce* - Feelin' Good / Old Digger. over 2 years ago
When you are listening to these two sides of Hip hop funk from DJ JIMOTHY SHARP, you will likely find yourself “feelin’ good”, especially if you have drunken some of your mam’s sherry and are dancing freely with your best friend, Babish Patel!!
Soul Supreme (4) - Let's Ride / Runnin'
posted a comment on Soul Supreme (4) - Let's Ride / Runnin'. over 2 years ago
Soul Supreme, has done it again, with two Dilla covers that are just so perfect to listen to whilst imbibing a small paper tube full of finely ground, jazzy cabbage!!
Ann Peebles - This Is Ann Peebles
posted a comment on Ann Peebles - This Is Ann Peebles. over 2 years ago
Such a high quality, and good pressing of this seminal soul funk album from the Fat Possum record label. Something that I have always wondered about though, is the story behind the picture used on the front cover. My theory is that just as the photo... See full review
The Equals - Michael And His Slipper Tree
posted a comment on The Equals - Michael And His Slipper Tree. over 2 years ago
My mam, like me, loves this catchy song from Eddy Grant and his Equals. In fact, she has often declared that she would love to grow a slipper tree in our back garden. However, when I tried to help to facilitate this by planting one of her cozy,... See full review
Baddiel & Skinner & Lightning Seeds - Three Lions
posted a comment on Baddiel & Skinner & Lightning Seeds - Three Lions. over 2 years ago
A fine pressing from Epic that my mam’s hunky toyboy (Gavin) says, is his number one record, of all time. I have noticed this to be true, as he listens to it at every given opportunity, from when he is watching England play, to when he is on the sofa... See full review
The Who - Face Dances
posted a comment on The Who - Face Dances. over 2 years ago
This very sexy Who disc set, which was a special release for Record Store Day, is here to delight the most ardent Who fanatics with its superlative sound, fantastic tunes, and of course, such wonderful packaging. I know I will be personally poring... See full review
Nick Bike - Resense 055
posted a comment on Nick Bike - Resense 055. over 2 years ago
Nick Bike, has done it again - with a triumphant James Brown edit that will have you twisting and twirling like the Godfather of Soul, himself. Just please, be careful not to split your frenulum, like I did whilst dancing!!
Smoove - Resense 054
posted a comment on Smoove - Resense 054. over 2 years ago
A crucial edit, of one of the very best latin tracks of all time. My mam was powerless to resist its boogaloo charms, and ended up shaking her big decorative maracas in such a way that I had never seen before!!
Hober Mallow / Jim Sharp (3) - Resense 053
posted a comment on Hober Mallow / Jim Sharp (3) - Resense 053. over 2 years ago
Two slabs of red hot FONK, that will have you sashaying around the living room so enthusiastically, that is until your mam comes home from her church, and you are forced to frantically pump your boogie brakes!!
Moby - Reprise
posted a comment on Moby - Reprise. over 2 years ago
My mam, who ranks Moby's "Play" lp amongst her top ten albums of all times, really cannot get into this album. And in fact, as she is repeatedly saying to me, the grey vinyl is emblematic of the contents of the album - that is, the music is quite... See full review
Various - Soul Slabs Vol. 3
posted a review of Various - Soul Slabs Vol. 3. over 2 years ago
This is just one more essential release, from the label "Colemine". Containing delights from the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, the Harlem Gospel Travellers, and Ben Pirani (amongst a plethora of others) this double lp set contains enough swinging funk and... See full review
Al Green - Give Me More Love: The Orchestral Greatest Hits
posted a comment on Al Green - Give Me More Love: The Orchestral Greatest Hits. over 2 years ago
These lovely, easier listening versions, of Alan Green's best "hits" are just so right and perfect for my mam, who likes to put this record on, when she is needing to clam down, after another big argument with the lady next door, whom she hates so much!!
Soopasoul - Soopastole Edits Vol 25
posted a comment on Soopasoul - Soopastole Edits Vol 25. over 3 years ago
Another classic, sureshot, from the mysterious artist known as "Soopasoul". This is a man, who can even make my mam prance and boogie (although, I do have to only ever play her the "instrumental" sides of his rap edits, as often there is profanity and... See full review
Black Market Brass - Chemical Plant Zone / Sagat Theme
posted a comment on Black Market Brass - Chemical Plant Zone / Sagat Theme. over 3 years ago
This is a MOLTEN HOT slab of pulsating FONK on wax, that will have any self-respecting FUNKATEER, prancing as though they have accidentally sat on Sonic the Hedgehog, and now are frantically trying to extract a number of razor sharp needles, from... See full review
Chaka Khan - Epiphany: The Best Of Chaka Khan
posted a comment on Chaka Khan - Epiphany: The Best Of Chaka Khan. over 3 years ago
As a massive fan of Chaka, my mam was so disappointed with this newest pressing. For she is not able to believe that Warner/Rhino Records could not expand the tracklisting, so as to include a selection of Chaka's newer smashes, such as the wonderful... See full review
Gerald Mitchell - The Metamorphosis Of Twookie Wonder Brown
posted a comment on Gerald Mitchell - The Metamorphosis Of Twookie Wonder Brown. over 3 years ago
These two nuggets of intense, P-FUNK goodness will have you boogieing with so much gusto, that you will be completely tuckered out by the time the needle reaches the end of side two. You might even need to, sit down and have three or four puffs on... See full review
Virginia Astley - From Gardens Where We Feel Secure
posted a comment on Virginia Astley - From Gardens Where We Feel Secure. over 3 years ago
I remember finding a copy of this in a charity shop, for just two pounds. It is such a lovely and calming album, to listen to when you are cutting your toenails!!