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posted a comment on Toni Rios. 11 months ago
One of the big names in the Underground German scene,i really Love his old Productions and Kiss LP is for my one of those records that Electronic Music Lovers must have.
posted a review of Chicago Skyway - Heavens. about 1 year ago
Una de mis discos favoritos de los últimos años,pura magia,energía e inspiración.
Discos así me siguen haciendo creer que sigue existiendo gente con talento e inspiración.
Tengo dos copias y seguro que compro más,nunca va a faltar en mi colección o en... See full review
posted a comment on Vector Lovers - Capsule For One. about 1 year ago
Soma Quality por supuesto siempre han tenido un gusto estratosferico fuera de lo normal, auténticos Aliens de la mejor música electrónica.
Este artista es solo un ejemplo.... pero casi todas sus referencias son de la más alta calidad.
posted a comment on Millsart - Humana. about 1 year ago
I love a lot of Mills Records but this is the Special One for me,Gamma Player is the track that really Changed all in my Life in diferent ways,I never heard a inspired track like this again.
My number one in all time classics list.
posted a comment on Grovskopa / Agony Forces - Seventh Seal. about 1 year ago
Mulero,s Best all time Remix!!! Dark,industrial techno......hearing this take me back to all Mulero,s Dj seasons in the 90,s pure magic.
posted a comment on Kike Pravda / Eric Krakeroy - Ghost. about 1 year ago
One of my secret weapons,real Spanish techno dance floor killer!!! The original track ist amazing but the Oscar Mulero,s remix is just a earthquake!
posted a comment on Exium - Morphology. about 1 year ago
This is one of the best Spanish techno Vinyls of all time!,played by Oscar Mulero,Dj Pepo......
The track Morphology turned everything to party it’s just Fuel for the dance floor and Juan Rico is a Modern techno genius.