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posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Moodymann - Inspirations From A Small Black Church On The Eastside Of Detroit. over 2 years ago
we get two tracks from the first pressing and two tracks from this:
posted a comment on Paperclip People - Clear And Present / Tweakityourself. over 3 years ago
the flip side actually sounds the same if you spin it forwards or backwards, interesting indeed!
posted a comment on Stephen Beaupré - Battery Noise EP. over 3 years ago
Brilliant genre bending music here, all three tracks are excellent.
posted a comment on Half Hawaii - All Over. over 3 years ago
I can beat mix the entire B side and that bass guitar is nothing but funk the whole ride, not sure about the train wreck comment, B side is nice jam.
posted a comment on Akufen. over 3 years ago
Everything I've heard from Marc Leclair has invoked feelings of epiphany. I'm not sure what else I could say about his art.
posted a comment on Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak II. over 3 years ago
Such a great track! I like finding remakes of it, I've got quite a few now.
posted a comment on DJ Bone - Riding The Thin Line. over 3 years ago
you'd hate to see the $3.00 price tag on my copy (from record time). it's crazy to see some of the prices these records are fetching.
posted a comment on Joey Beltram - E.P. Number One. over 3 years ago
I was playing this EP lots around the time it was released. It was a floor filler every time.
posted a comment on Barbara Brown - 'iL Minestrone. over 3 years ago
B2 is simply brilliant and beautiful this is a great summer hit and certainly timeless.
posted a comment on Mike Holiday - Neural Warriors Code-00.0. over 3 years ago
release is corrected now.

posted a comment on DFA* - Microstructural Characterization. over 3 years ago
it's hard to believe there's nothing else around by this guy? this record is amazing I picked it up at when it was new, so ahead of it's time! It took me years to build a collection of house music close enough to this tempo to mix...
posted a comment on Project 625 - Solar Flair EP. over 3 years ago
you'll find those inside out records from time to time.

the real head trip is when you find a record with two tracks cut in side by side grooves causing one track to be hidden! queue the track, go back to mix it and find a different track!
posted a comment on Flexitone - Rotoreliefs EP. over 3 years ago
spin one side backwards and here "these are the sounds of disaster and chaos"
posted a review of Floorplan - Doin My Thing EP. over 3 years ago
I've had this record since 1997, it's the only record I've ever felt the urge to black out the stickers on. This is simply the most amazing tool a mixing house dj could ever hope to have. it's epic for doubles and simply makes me happy every time I ... See full review
posted a comment on The Aphex Twin* - Digeridoo. over 3 years ago
the crowd always reacts, it's been in my box for years. mixes well in a techno set.
posted a comment on Jeff Mills. over 3 years ago
maybe try the purpose maker stuff, i've been a fan since he was on the local radio in the 80s as the wizard and this is my favorite stuff, you should find things to listen to..
posted a comment on Cari Lekebusch - Free From Form. over 3 years ago
This is the first Cari Lekebusch record to truly grab me. I've had it since it released.
posted a comment on Igloo Music. over 3 years ago
The only thing I know is that I was living, and djing in Anchorage when I found this label and none of these folks were there.

who is this?
posted a comment on Paperclip People - Floor. over 3 years ago
I've had this one since it was released and bought a second copy after wearing my first copy out.

I have to agree, this one drops me on the floor every time and is my favorite Carl Craig track ever. Although those of us growing up on the dance floor in ... See full review
posted a comment on Groove Counsoul & Woody McBride - Paragraph One. over 3 years ago
the single track side is woody's. thank's for the props on b2!