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posted a review of Blame - Music Takes You Remix EP. over 16 years ago
Blim manages to remix a hardcore tune without sounding cheesy. (John B doesn't but it's still pretty good!) Plus you get the hard to find original remixes. Bargain!
posted a review of Gabrielle - Forget About The World. over 16 years ago
Rated 5 purely and simply for the Daft Punk mix, one of their greatest and weirdest.
posted a review of Depth Charge - Legend Of The Golden Snake EP. over 16 years ago
Bought this for £1 the other week and have just got round to listening to it. Must say it was an absolute bargain!!! If you're a fan of his other stuff such as Shaolin Buddha Finger, this is more of the same, all 4 tracks on the EP are excellent.