Music lover. For me, there's no such thing as “cheesy” music.

In the 1990s, I maintained and contributed to numerous discographies, FAQs, mailing lists and fanzines about artists, labels, and genres, including ambient music, the ZTT label, the Art of Noise, Moby, The Future Sound of London, Sun Electric, The Orb, The KLF, and C-Schulz. I co-ran the VRave chat server and Hyperreal, the first electronic music and rave information archive on the Internet. I ran the ambient music mailing list, and I wrote reviews and participated in discussions on various other electronic music related mailing lists. I was an ambient/downtempo DJ at raves & clubs in the U.S. Midwest, and was associated with the well-respected music/art/party collectives Illuminator and ele_mental. I worked for six years at a used record shop which is still in business today. I was also briefly a live sound assistant at various ska, reggae, and indie rock shows and video shoots.

Building on my HTML and system administration experience, in the 2000s I had a well-rounded Web technology and computer programming career with significant experience in Java and Python. In the areas of character encoding and certain technologies, I was near the top of my field and contributed to several standards. I also became deeply interested in Discogs, Wikipedia, and audio file formats.

I'm a huge fan of rhythmic music, strong melodies, and nostalgic escapism, so I'm way into classic techno & house music and all of its influences, including original-era disco and Italo Disco. I dig the Balearic and Afro/Cosmic aesthetics, '60s & '80s pop, New Wave, funk/soul/R&B, old hip-hop, jazz, classical, you name it. I especially like music that combines or reinterprets established styles, as long as it takes me on a journey.

Grading items for sale—I use the same "Goldmine" standards we used at the shop I worked at in the first half the '90s:

I may replace CD case parts, but only with exact matches. Unlike many sellers, I do include cases in "sleeve" grades. VG+ is my standard sleeve grade for an undamaged, lightly used case with near-mint inserts. G+/VG is for minor damage/creases/bends on an insert, hub tooth damage, a small crack or heavy/dense scratches on the case

For the media, VG+ ranges from spotless to a few tiny, light scratches and minor nicks from normal use & cleaning; VG if there's a lot of scratches or any long/weirdly shaped ones; and G+ or lower for heavier marks that are obvious in any kind of light. I test everything to make sure it plays or rips without error.

To me, Mint only means sealed and without shelf wear (like right out of the box from the factory) and NM means open/inspected but apparently unplayed and with no shelf wear; both of these grades should be rare for secondhand CDs! Feel free to ask for photos and samples.

Vinyl track duration measurement: The following info is for people who are reviewing my edits to track durations on vinyl releases. The durations I enter are always based on measurements taken from my own rips to an uncompressed format. I carefully trim the audio in a wave editor to within ¼-second of the start and end of musical content, so that any between-track pauses, tape hiss, or tape bleed-through normally isn't included in the measurement. I then use the duration the editor tells me, but since Discogs doesn't support fractional seconds, I round up or down, usually up (though not always*). If there are special considerations, I'll mention them, but feel free to ask me questions.

My turntable is a well-cared-for Technics SL-1200M3D model I bought new in 1999. Like all 1200s, the motor is direct-drive and is controlled with "quartz locked" digital circuitry, making it one of the most accurate, speed-wise, in the industry. The M3D model is unique in that instead of a detent/click at the pitch adjustment slider's zero-point, it has a separate pitch reset button, which sets the pitch adjustment to zero regardless of the slider position. I always leave the reset button engaged when ripping. I also use the built-in strobe to visually verify that there's no drift, other than the normal and very slight "wow" oscillations. Therefore I'm fairly confident that my measurements are within about 1 second of correct. Incidentally, I've found that sometimes the same song can appear on different releases made from master tapes that were playing at slightly different speeds, thus they have slightly different durations.

* I admit, I'm inconsistent in my rounding. I'm never quite sure what to do with fractional seconds between about 0.200 and 0.499. I mean, it doesn't seem fair to say that something measured as 6:05.389 is "6:05" when it's actually a bit more than that, especially if there's no fade-out. But then again, is it fair to say it's "6:06" when it doesn't quite reach that mark?


Image credits for this profile:

avatar = a Tumbeast, by Matthew Inman. CC-BY-3.0 license.

background = a little part of "Alice in Wonderland" (2005), a painting by Sergey Tyukanov. Not licensed; hopefully he doesn't mind.


Just in case you thought the major labels kept detailed info about what they have actually released, here is an actual email I received in 2006 from an intern at Atlantic Records:

I just finished checking out the Strictly Rhythm discography on your website and I found it extremely helpful. I'm in the middle of trying to compile complete chronological discographies for all 12" released on the following labels:

Atlantic Records
Elektra Records
Warner Brothers Records
Tommy Boy Records
Cold Chillin' Records
Sugarhill Records

I realize your website is mainly for electronic music, but since your Strictly Rhythm discography was so helpful I wanted to know if you had discographies for any of those labels or could point me in the right direction for finding them (google hasn't been too helpful and has incomplete discographies for those labels). Any help would be great.

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At the shop I used to work at, we called this guy the King of the Promo CDs. Every time we'd sell one, we'd get two more in stock.
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Dealer price was $4.98, list price was $6.98. Quite the budget compilation for 1987.
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What a useless comment. Why did you post this link?
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Most of the tracks have been declicked to death. It is astonishing that nobody can hear the damage they do the percussion attacks when they crank those plugins up to maximum in a desperate bid to remove vinyl surface noise with one mouse click.
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I need to delete this comment, but Discogs does not let me.
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Oh, please.

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Much like Morley's writing, this set of very slight variations on a theme needs a serious editing pass.
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