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posted a review of Mark Allen - Brainforest. 6 months ago

So whats B1??? Cause its mind blowing! I´ve been looking around, and no one has a clue about it. Pretty sad.
posted a comment on John Heckle - The Second Son. over 3 years ago
In John we trust!
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posted a comment on Andy Romano - Every Time Feel Allright. over 5 years ago
did you check the name where they mastered it.... ;) haha
Mastered at Curved Pressings.
posted a comment on Fat Hop. over 5 years ago
I agree with you!
posted a comment on . - .. over 5 years ago
WHO IS THIS??? so hard to find...
posted a comment on Masters Of Deejay - Trance Of Deejay Vol. 1. over 5 years ago
What kind of joke is this? This is bull shit. Mablos Dj - Luca does not exist. Real one is Charging Robot - Bright Light...
posted a comment on Neonicle - Synthetic Voodoo Night. over 5 years ago
I wish there was a vinil of this....! It´s great!
posted a comment on Emile Strunz - Porn Wax Two. over 5 years ago
Emile is god
added Destination Venus - Oh, Lucille to their wantlist. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Vasco Ispirian - VII. over 6 years ago
The right for delirium is a magical production! I wish they had make a vinyl out of this!
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posted a comment on Emile Strunz. over 6 years ago
This guy is a genius!
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