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posted a comment on Samo DJ* - Sap Sap Seoi La. about 1 year ago
Drums are from Goody Goody - Bio-Rhythms. No idea about the guitar either..
posted a comment on Lnrdcroy - Ooze City. over 2 years ago
Well, of course you had to gain up the B-side with a 19min runtime.. and of course you had to gain it down when going to A side after which is only half the time spread out over one entire side. The longer run-time is pressed on a side, the lower the ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Dove - God O' Mighty EP. over 2 years ago
Yes, been pondering that for a long time too. And finally it hit me: Floorplan - Funky Souls (Club 246 Mix)!
posted a comment on DJ Fett Burger & Telephones - Rytmenarkotisk. over 3 years ago
It was only repressed once in 2013, similar to the first pressing. Pretty sure there was never an orange label, most likely it's just the photos from Hardwax which had a bit strange colours?
posted a comment on DJ Fett Burger & Telephones - Rytmenarkotisk. over 5 years ago
Not so far no, it's a vinyl-only label.
posted a comment on Sir Leon Greg - Warehouse Classics 1. over 5 years ago
The second one is an edit of Mystic Merlin - Just Can't Give You Up. Also sampled by several others. Can only think of Deep Sensation on his Guidance 12" right now though.
posted a comment on Enrico Mantini - Smooth Sound Start One. over 5 years ago
Totally ridiculous. Not sure if it was like this before, but now (I didn't notice this happening earlier?) it appears sellers get notified the instance someone baskets their records, before check out. Just the last months I've had countless cynics ... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 6 years ago
posted a review of Four Tet / Daphni - Pinnacles / Ye Ye. over 6 years ago
It totally sounds like there's a sample from Jan Turkenburg's "In My Spaceship" on "Ye Ye".
posted a comment on Muriel Dacq - Tropique. over 7 years ago
Can anyone tell me which release contains the 06:22 extended version of "Tropique"? I can only see ones which are the short version here..