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posted a comment on Various - Crooning On Venus Ocean Of Sound 2. 5 months ago
Not really...I think a few songs "kind of" segue together...but not too much...not like a DJ mix.
posted a comment on Various - Chill Out Or Die II. 7 months ago
it's VERY similar to the cover/poster to the film "the corpse grinders" lol
posted a comment on Various - Crooning On Venus Ocean Of Sound 2. 7 months ago
the whole collection is priceless beauty but the real killer on here is Tom Jobin*
Cronica Da Casa Assissinada..absolutely breathtaking!
posted a comment on Various - The Cream Of Trip Hop (Issue 3). about 1 year ago
the ballistic brothers song on the mix cd is actually "valley of the afro temple" from the balisitc brothers vs the eccentric afo's volume 1 album. (it's incorrectly listed here as "uschi's groove"
posted a review of Henrik Schwarz - DJ-Kicks. over 6 years ago
it's very interesting and unusual how he blends jazz, funk, soul and world flavors into a very organic-sounding house groove. the transitions are very fluid and lush. a fresh and original sound....
posted a comment on Ollie & Jerry* - Breakin'... There's No Stopping Us. over 6 years ago
and i third that! what a great review!
posted a review of Annie - DJ-Kicks. over 6 years ago
sassy, funky and lovely...these tracks in this context make so much sense together. nice one!
posted a review of Ragtyme Featuring T.C. Roper - Fix It Man. over 6 years ago
what a freakin' hot track! can't believe it's from 1987!
posted a review of Lotterboys - Heroine. over 6 years ago
bizarre vocals, BIZARRE lyrics! this could really put you "out there" on the
posted a review of Daddy G - DJ-Kicks. over 6 years ago
this is a really cool mix...daddy g really hits you with the 1-2-3 punch of killer massive attack remixes (tracks 7-9), before long just laying down the classic reggae vibes like it's nobody's business. makes you feel cool even if you're not...a classy ... See full review
posted a comment on Morgan Geist - The Driving Memoirs. over 6 years ago
i can't believe nobody has commented on this album. morgan geist is awesome and this is an early prime example of his genius. get a kickin' system in your car and turn it up! the bass and production is just perfect for LOUD volume! 15 years later and ... See full review
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II. over 6 years ago
it's not a myth i actually own 2 of the 3 brown records. (my friend joey left them with me).
posted a review of Drexciya - Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller I. over 6 years ago
wow! the remasters really make a world of difference with these (already great) tracks! it's like listening to them for the first time! essential!
sorry for all the exclamation marks but this really warrants the use of them...
posted a comment on Shawn Lee - Happiness. over 6 years ago
this is a beautiful song
posted a comment on Deadbeats. over 6 years ago
that's great news, i love these guys! been just re-checking the back catalogue...
posted a comment on Stasis - Block. over 6 years ago
never know what speed to play this on... ?
posted a review of Lazyboy - Imperial. over 6 years ago
i love this song so, so much! the model 500 sample the dubby part in the middle (scientist?) and the way you "submerge" from the dub back into the groove. what a genius track!
posted a comment on DJ Shadow - Endtroducing...... over 6 years ago
i don't need to repeat the love heaped on this album, it's a known masterpiece. i just wanted to ask if anybody else noticed the samples from the john carpenter film "prince of darkness" and how he uses a little more of the "dream" sample each time you ... See full review
posted a review of Kemistry & Storm - DJ-Kicks. over 6 years ago
i've gotta say, for the most part the mixing is quite good indeed, particularly the transition between the claustrophobic, paranoid and overall intense "closing in" and the way it lets you off the hook into the very beautiful sci-clone track....a moment ... See full review
posted a comment on G-File. over 6 years ago
anybody know who G-File is?
posted a comment on Goldie - Timeless. over 6 years ago
great review, i just wanted to note that you just named 3 of my all time favourite "jungle" albums...i'm sure you know about jacob's optical stairway and tek 9 (on ssr)...
posted a comment on Grantby - Timebooth EP. over 6 years ago
"Timber" will always be one of my all time favourite songs....EVER! it's beautiful!
posted a review of DJ Cam - DJ-Kicks. over 6 years ago
wasn't really feelin' this edition of dj kicks when it came out but listening to it now, i have to say, it's quite good indeed, it's aged surprisgly well, a welcome breath of "real" hip hop in 2012 is never a bad thing.
posted a comment on Shut Up And Dance* - Coca Cola (Remix) / Bastards. over 6 years ago
LOVE the art of noise sample in bastards...
posted a comment on C.J.Bolland* - The 4th Sign. over 6 years ago
Nightbreed is a killer!
posted a comment on Man Made - Space Wreck / Industry. over 6 years ago
found one of the cuts on claude young's dj's awesome!
posted a comment on Carl Craig - DJ-Kicks. over 6 years ago
it can never be too funky, my man.
posted a comment on B.C. - Stronghold. over 6 years ago
hey, great review, totally agree! such a good track...wasn't the other dude in the advent?
posted a comment on God Within - Raincry. over 6 years ago
and of course, "daylight" samples this mortal coil "d.d. & e" off "blood".
posted a comment on Rasmus - Mass Hysteria. over 6 years ago
tonto's release is one of the best trip hop/ambient breaks songs i've ever heard. worth tracking down this album for that alone.
posted a comment on Underworld - Back To Mine. over 6 years ago
i just want to say that this is possibly the best (at least in the top 3) of this excellent and long-running series.
posted a comment on Various - Chill Out Or Die IV. over 6 years ago
it says "mixed" but i honestly don't remember that it was...hmmmmmmm?
posted a comment on Two Lone Swordsmen - The Fifth Mission (Return To The Flightpath Estate). over 6 years ago
some 15 years later and it's still absolutely blinding! i wouldn't say it's their best (that would be "stay down") but it's close. well worth picking up, if you can find it.