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Bramante & Cross - When The Music's On
posted a review of Bramante & Cross - When The Music's On. 12 months ago
just saw this - could digitize this for you as a file, or put it on cassette...perhaps it's possible to get one of our friends to burn it to CD-R...such a great record, can see (and hear) why you would want/need a copy. let us know! we're big fans of... See full review
Les Rallizes Denudes - The Oz Tapes
posted a review of Les Rallizes Denudes - The Oz Tapes. about 1 year ago
a magnificent release in every way shape and form…all praise and kudos to the mighty temporal drift.
Redveil - Learn 2 Swim
posted a review of Redveil - Learn 2 Swim. about 1 year ago
mine just arrived, been A/Bing for a couple hours...cannot disagree with the momentary surface noise comments (and the kick has some extra bite)... still, happy it's here.
The Bugs (4)
posted a review of The Bugs (4). over 3 years ago
I own every album by only a few bands. The Bugs are one of them. Because The Bugs never let me down. Guaranteed calamity.
Spinners - Spinners
submitted Spinners - Spinners. over 3 years ago
Jimmie Spheeris - The Dragon Is Dancing
submitted Jimmie Spheeris - The Dragon Is Dancing. over 3 years ago