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posted a review of Front Line Assembly - AirMech. over 6 years ago
Well, I was much anticipating, as always, the new F.L.A. album. What is this ? Delerium or F.L.A. ?? More the former than the latter....
Lush strings, angelic choruses, sad & pretty melodies, barely any vocals to speak of and absolutely no edge or punch ... See full review
posted a review of Wincent Kunth - MDR 8. over 6 years ago
This is by far the most innovative and stimulating release so far on MDR...........makes all it's predecessors seem quite dull in comparison. I hope we'll get more from Mr Kunth........
posted a comment on Silent Servant - Negative Fascination. over 6 years ago
Brilliant album.........powerful, dramatic, evocative & moving. The usual deep, throbbing industrial-sounding bass lines with ever-increasing emotional melodies. Can't stop listening to it........
posted a comment on Dimomib - The Loop. over 6 years ago
What's wrong with everybody ? This is an excellent album.......deep, textured with pulsating rhythms.
posted a review of Fennesz + Sakamoto - Flumina. over 7 years ago
These two composers often produce great music together. However, this long work is not one of them. The first CD, though very pretty and atmospheric, is very derivative of Erik Satie ( a trait Sakamoto should be wary of). They seem to rely too heavily on ... See full review
posted a review of Francisco López | Michael Northam - Belle Confusion 0247. over 10 years ago
I often feel as though I'm in a jungle when I listen to Michael Northam's music: deep and dense roots - teeming life above ground - towering canopies of foliage. I thrill to the way this piece suddenly and surprisingly ignites with a huge burst of bass ... See full review
posted a review of Gert Emmens - Wanderer Of Time. over 10 years ago
What a beautiful piece of work this album is! What sets Gert Emmens apart from his peers are his gorgeous melodies - soaring, lush and sensual. The last track 'The Voyage of Voyager 1' is a masterpiece, the main motif set against ever-changing pitches ... See full review
posted a review of Jim O'Rourke - Long Night. over 10 years ago
Part One of this work really does drone on and on and on and on, relentless in its monodrony (my word). However, just when you’re almost at your wits end, after nigh 90 minutes of drowning in dreary drone with barely a perceptible harmonic variation and ... See full review
posted a review of Mathias Grassow - On Silent Wings Of Healing. over 11 years ago
A shockingly tawdry and whining piece from the ambient pioneer, I can't think why he released it. After a fairly mellow start, it begins to grate on the nerves and, by the time it reaches 'The Touch' one is severely tempted to curtail it's misery. I ... See full review
posted a review of Painting Petals On Planet Ghost - Painting Petals On Planet Ghost. over 11 years ago
The Opalio brothers, although sometimes bordering on pretentiousness, usually steer just clear and one gives them the benefit of the doubt and enjoys their music nonetheless. This release, however, falls squarely into the pretentious. Turgid Japanese ... See full review
posted a review of Alio Die ≈ James Johnson - Sospensione D'Estate. over 11 years ago
A long work of great pathos, very finely textured and, unusually for an ambient work of this length, it commands attention throughout. The blend of sounds is almost like that of a chamber quartet and yet there is apparently nothing string - like used in ... See full review
posted a review of Aidan Baker - Loop Studies One. over 11 years ago
A breath-takingly beautiful work of immense subtlety. The loops, never obvious, are extremely minimal and form the basis, which journeys between passages of great delicacy and sometimes erupts with symphonic power. I couldn't help imaging what an ... See full review