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Do you have details on the second EP? Label? Name? Anything?
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There are both covers printed in color, and black and white versions.
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Note, there are actually at least two pressings of this on orange. Slightly different shades, and different masters as the matrixes differ. First one was recalled, but some leaked out.
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There is a opaque green vinyl edition of 100 as well. It was the last pressing. 1100 made total.
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There is a black vinyl version with a screened cover. I believe 100-150 were made of the screened covers. They were the first copies sold on tour. The rest of the covers were offset pressed.
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One of the best new school metallic hard SXE hardcore EPs ever. From the late 80s, so a total precursor to much of what happened in the early/mid 90s. A total rager. Maybe a bit flat with the mastering, but a gem of a record. The gold vinyl is worth ... See full review