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posted a comment on P.P.Roy - You Can't Help Liking.... 2 months ago
totally great album, very underrated
millions of samples put together
[like the avalanches were doing around the same time]
but so freakishly different, only P.P. Roy could do it
also check follow up records : )
posted a comment on "Pretty" Tony* - Get Some. 3 months ago
Instrumental still has the vocoder, without the mad dick van dyke cockney vocals
posted a comment on Concept Of One Featuring Noel - The Question. 3 months ago
crazy edits peppered throughout from Albert Cabrera
'rascal beats' version is totally wicked
posted a comment on Canibus - Second Round K.O.. 4 months ago
one of the best dis tracks ever
why ten words man?
posted a comment on Meat Beat Manifesto - Suck Hard. 4 months ago
fucking mental for 1987
funky as hell
crazy samples
great production
good old JD
posted a comment on The Pharcyde - Testing The Waters. 6 months ago
'Pain' and 'Re-Invented' are both truly dope...
...the last truly dope tracks the Pharcyde made?
posted a comment on PCP Project - My Indication Of House. 11 months ago
Lush, quirky as fuck EP from J-Swift & friend
The Trip is fave but all good : )
posted a comment on Dreams Unlimited - Cool Beat. 12 months ago
Lush, bouncy, bleepy Italian deep house
[four more words are needed!]
posted a comment on D.M.S. - Let Me Tell You Somethinn Remixes. 12 months ago
It's not even that dope [by Todd's stupidly high standards]
Found it in MVE in Greenwich for 50p yesterday : )
still possible to get the odd bargain in an actual shop, guys ; )
posted a comment on Rum & Black - ESQ / Slaves. about 1 year ago
The lush-as-fuck breakbeat on Slaves comes from Run DMC's 'I'm Not Going Out Like That', which became more popular in the late nineties as a tek-steppy DnB break
[it's also the break on ESQ, but mixed with half a bar of Renegade Soundwave's ... See full review
posted a comment on The Prince And The Wizard - Untitled. about 1 year ago
Thought we all knew it was L.B. Bad.....
'The Wiz Is A Genius' is my fave jam, anyway
Little known fact, the synth noise is taken from Tom Tom Club's Genius Of Love ; )
posted a comment on Various - Detroit Techno Soul EP. about 1 year ago
All tracks dope
Kelly Hunt's is a beauty [only available on this 12"]
Shake's is a fucking classic
Has that bouncy NY garagey vibe mixed with the Detroity Euro melancholia, kinda MKish : )
posted a comment on Santonio* - That's Where It's At. about 1 year ago
Wot no comments?!
'That's Where It's At' is dope - tight, programmed, jacking drums with loose-as-fuck handplayed synths N piano on top
wickedness : )
posted a comment on Various - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Gordon's War. about 1 year ago
Wish we knew who the "Badder Than Evil" musicians were : (
posted a comment on Badder Than Evil. about 1 year ago
Wish we knew who the "Badder Than Evil" musicians were : (
posted a comment on David Essex - Rock On. about 1 year ago
Amazing production - lowest bass guitar notes ever ? !
Musta bin recorded at half speed or pitch-shifted sumting...
posted a comment on Was (Not Was) - (Return To The Valley Of) Out Come The Freaks - Remixed Version. about 1 year ago
[Predominantly Funk Version] Out Come The Freaks is pretty fucking epic [12:20]
think it's my fave version of that classic. very nice vocoder treatments throughout : )
posted a comment on Michael Sembello - Maniac. about 1 year ago
You can really hear the vocoder backing vocals on the instrumental version : )
posted a comment on Ollie & Jerry* - Electric Boogaloo. about 1 year ago
lovely vocoder : )
'Physical Clash' also a lush track, not on the soundtrack...
posted a comment on The Dale Jacobs Group - Live At Puccini's. about 1 year ago
Thought the year of release might be 1976, if 'Discovery' was an olympic theme..seems much more likely than 1971.
posted a comment on I Love Acid. about 1 year ago
shut up you mad prick
bet your tracks sounds like shit
posted a comment on Sinoesin - Angels Of Altitude. about 1 year ago
Well - good on you sir : )
Ta 4 the choons ><
posted a comment on Sounds Galactic - Nova...Sounds Of The Stars. about 1 year ago
how sweet : ) you must be the only person ever to choose that tho..!
posted a comment on Dan Gulberry. about 1 year ago
A great artist, most underrated. Wish he'd released more stuff 😕
posted a comment on Purveyors Of Fine Funk - Love Faze. over 2 years ago
was actually released 25th October 1999 [I have the press release]
posted a comment on Apollo Two - Volume 1. over 2 years ago
Surprised no one's mentioned the massive sample in the Bukem mix from 'Surkit - Reel By Real' on Interface records
posted a comment on DJ Flashback (4) - Gun / Triple Six. over 2 years ago
amen insanitude : ) amen insanitex : ) amen insanitary : ) amen insanitronics : )
posted a comment on Concept 1 - 01:96 - 12:96. over 2 years ago
Well, another 10yrs on from the last review, and this all still sounds as fresh as fuck.
Shame they're not available on CD in their entirety tho : (
posted a comment on Goodie - I Wanna Be Your Man. over 2 years ago
some nice vocoder dotted about...mainly on 'fun freaks' , 'I wanna be your man' and 'I'll scratch your back' : )
posted a comment on The Gil Evans Orchestra* - Plays The Music Of Jimi Hendrix. over 2 years ago
A heavy, deep, trippy, lush, funky (and of course jazzy and rocky) record
posted a comment on Makers - Don't Challenge Me. over 2 years ago
one if the most amazing singles of all time.....full stop
posted a comment on James Brown - Plays New Breed (The Boo-Ga-Loo). over 2 years ago
I think 'Jabo' is the earliest proper James Brown breakbeat...and what a corker!
posted a comment on Prince - The Black Album. over 2 years ago
Also people who worked in the Warners pressing plant knicked some...that's where I got mine : )
posted a comment on Ray Parker Jr. - I Still Can't Get Over Loving You. over 2 years ago
Lovely, meaty, loud-cut version of 'Invasion' on the 12" here - totally dope vocoder classic : )
posted a comment on Alan Haven - Images. over 2 years ago
Hmm - strangely haunting cover image - looks to me like the poor nude lady's locked inside, depressed & possibly scared for her life..?!
posted a comment on Kid 'N' Play - Do This My Way. over 3 years ago
Wicked treatment of the 'Think' break from Lyn Collins / J.B.s, sampled in many breakbeat & dnb tracks
posted a comment on Mashmakhan - Mashmakhan. over 3 years ago
bloody good LP - funky, psychy lushness - top production - really great songs : )
posted a comment on The Bladerunners - BladeRunners Vol. 1. over 3 years ago
B1 = lush edits of 'Electric Avenue' by Eddy Grant
B2 = lush edits of 'Physical Attraction' by Madonna

A side is boring : (
posted a comment on Kold Sweat. over 3 years ago
I have a white label of KS 102 [missing here]
side one is S.L. Trooper's track 'put your brain in gear',
side two unknown, uptempo UK hip hop style, and is a rap about how good their DJ is,
["my DJ's touch" possibly the title] and says 'cut loose' a lot ... See full review
posted a comment on Meat Beat Manifesto - Version Galore (All Versions In One). over 3 years ago
No way indeed sir! It was my shop also, even though I worked in the shitty Our Price down the road between 1991-94 !

p.s. and weirdly, when I bought this MBM 12", Grant was buying about 743 records as usual, and let me sneak in before him, nodding ... See full review
posted a comment on Just Jungle - Pause Tearout / Listen Tune. over 3 years ago
Pause Tearout is a beast of a cut-up amen tune; one final fuck-off rinse-up, coming right at the arse end of 1995, when that style was already losing it's appeal for most producers and the jump-up bollocks was the new twat on the block [for a few months]
posted a comment on Ruth Joy - Don't Push It. over 3 years ago
tasty edits : )
posted a comment on Various - In The Key Of E. over 3 years ago
2 extra tracks on this CD, not on the vinyl or cassette : the excellent 'House The World' by Adonis [Gentry Ice] and the much-more-acid mix of the Miss Sticky track, both found only on this comp : )
posted a comment on Nouveax Nation* - Strip (Rock Yo Body). over 3 years ago
Another slight Prince rip-off by these chaps [When Doves Cry] but think this one's even better than '17 Daze of Acid Rain'
lovely TB-303 : )
posted a comment on Wanda Dee - To The Bone. over 3 years ago
'To The Bone' is dope [ripped-off by C&C music factory] , but THAT cover is still the best thing about this 12"
posted a comment on Speedy J - Rise. over 3 years ago
It's originally from 'Give It Up' by Kool & The Gang, but from all the crackles & compression on it I think he knicked it from 'Dope On Plastic' by Uptown
posted a comment on O'Chi Brown - Groove Me / Change Acid. over 3 years ago
'Change Acid' is a sweet UK acid track : )
posted a comment on Six Brown Brothers. over 3 years ago
Six Brown Brothers were actually DJ Pierre & Spanky - or at least they wrote + produced all the tracks - not sure who's made this mistake here!
posted a comment on Six Brown Brothers (2) / Fred van Eps - Down Home Rag / Dance Of The Bugs. over 3 years ago
100 year old acid house, anyone?
No - it's not the same 'Six Brown Brothers', sadly ; )
posted a comment on Various - Acid Trax Volume 3. over 3 years ago
It's advertised as being available on CD on the back cover, but I'm certain it wasn't...the bastards!

p.s. if you click on 'Six Brown Brothers' it tells you it's Van Christie - don't think it is - pretty sure it's Spanky & DJ Pierre...