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posted a comment on Accomplice (2) - Accomplice. 5 months ago
From all my finds this is one of shiniest gems. "Plain of sorrow", even with all of its pathos, is of shere beauty while "Better To Stand" and "Evil" is great soft rock, the latter sounds like it could've been on on Fleetwood Macs "Rumours". A... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
posted a comment on The Mackenzie Feat. Jessy - You Got To Get Up / Love. 7 months ago
Comes with an insert to this "limited advanced promo release"
posted a comment on Extreme Trax - Final Fantasy. over 2 years ago
My copy isn't stickered, handwritten and with remark : "150 ex"
posted a comment on Innertales - Innertales. over 5 years ago
Everything about the cd looks like it's a genuine release for the public though. Can u elaborate on this, where u get that info?
posted a comment on 3 Dubbs In A Sleeve - Volume 1. over 6 years ago
Vocal from Tim Roth in the movie "Four Rooms"
submitted Tullio De Piscopo - Primavera (Stop Bajon '96). over 7 years ago
submitted Johnattan Scott - Dance WIth Me. over 8 years ago
posted a comment on The Beach Boys - Beach Boys' Party!. over 8 years ago
This release came with a soft cardboard insert with 15 pics, made to tear out from the insert. Each pic containing members of the Beach boys, or snapshots of them having fun on vacation, recording etc.
posted a comment on Various - Argentina. Unmixed (Compiled By Norman H). over 8 years ago
There is NO CD-release whatsoever! I contacted Norman H? owner of Stripped Digital. He says this was a digital release only. Never has there been a regular release. Perhaps the owner in here who claims he has one release can provide a picture of his... See full review
posted a comment on Mario Mathy - Hello... This Is... Mario Mathy !!!. over 8 years ago
The cover is what draw me to this rec, when found in a garage sale. This cover is exactly what would shun others off and yes,...the rec itself is as über-kitsch too. Synth-tracks to give old folks in homes a nice afternoon. One track hints a touch of... See full review
added Survivor - Burning Heart / Eye Of The Tiger to their collection. over 9 years ago
added John Carpenter In Zusammenarbeit Mit Alan Howarth - Die Klapperschlange (Original Filmmusik) to their collection. over 9 years ago
added Womack & Womack - Love Wars to their collection. over 9 years ago
added The Flirts - Passion (Special R.E.M.I.X.E.D. Disco Version) to their collection. over 9 years ago
added The Flirts - Passion to their collection. over 9 years ago
added TC Matic - O La La La to their collection. over 9 years ago
added Lime (2) - Your Love to their wantlist. over 9 years ago
added Michael Garrison - Prisms to their collection. over 9 years ago
added De Strangers - Bij De Rijkswacht to their collection. over 9 years ago
added Poussez! - You're All I Have / Boogie With Me to their collection. over 9 years ago
posted a comment on Charlie - Space Woman. over 9 years ago
This release is one that originates from one particular shop in Belgium: Disc-Kid located the Rekem. The owner was very close befriended with the former ZYX-owner Bernard Mikulski(rip). He's so close connected he can order represses from zyx... See full review
posted a comment on Final Fantasy - Sometimes I See Your Mind E.P.. over 12 years ago
I agree with neurodynamo, pitch the "Sky Is In Your Hands" down to -3 and you've got an incredible melodic and delicate trancer that overpowers me with emotion each time again!
posted a comment on Tannino & Di Carlo - Celesta. over 12 years ago
Beware for misprints. There are copies without the Celesta on the A side.
Instead there's yet another "Nice Trip", regardless of the fact that the label states "Celesta".
I have 2 such copies myself.
posted a review of Sun People - Hindu Tale. over 15 years ago
The 12" release is known under artist name "Art Ethnu".
The "Mass Body Protection Mix" is the same as the known "Trance Mix" as featured on the 12" release.
posted a review of Art Ethnu - Hindu Tale. over 15 years ago
The cd5" of this release was released under artist name "Sun People".
As a completion on former comments,...it was the voice of Sarmila Roy ,which is renowned as one of the worlds top vocalists, which was sampled here without permission.Ironically,it... See full review
posted a review of Quench - Dreams. over 16 years ago
First released on a sampler of the "Sirius Music" label in november 1993.Due to its succes it was rewarded with a cd release on the same label and was soon thereafter licensed to "Infectious".
posted a review of At The Villa People - Open Your Eyes. over 17 years ago
Because the vinyl release whereon "Open Your Eyes" appears was a sampler of At The Villa artists, only one mix made it on that vinyl.
It is the so cold "Bruno Quartier Mix", on this release "Club Mix", that was chosen for at the time.
This cd offers... See full review
posted a review of At The Villa People - At The Villa 004. over 17 years ago
Definitely one of the best true Trance tracks.
It's very melodic yet never commercial and it has withstood the test of time with verve!
The latter is proven by Nalin & Kane's mix in 1999 which hardly differs from it's original.
Always wondered what... See full review
posted a review of Laurent Garnier - Wake Up! One Year Of Music For House Music Lovers. over 17 years ago
It seems that there were 960 copies spread through give-away at the entrance of the "Wake Up" club and that 40 remaining copies were kept aside by Laurent Garnier in advance.He distributed those among friends and sympathisants.
I conclude this out of... See full review
posted a review of U N A* - Can You Hear Me. over 17 years ago
WOW, what a build up and what a climax!
This is as good as oldstyle hard-trance gets.
When this one was played in the clubs it gave an instant adrenaline rush to everyone in the place.Even the personnel always got wild.
A gem to treasure,...my preciousss! See full review
posted a review of Alien Signal - The Search Begins. over 17 years ago
Very nice release similar to the "Innertales" series although less powerful and less rich in melody than the latter.
Overall very nice ambient trance tracks.
A pleasant rework from Ray Love's "Quantum Leap" is also included.Overall a record set one... See full review
posted a review of Various - Music From The Club La Rocca Ballroom Tunes 1. over 18 years ago
La Rocca is the first club in Belgium to come out with a compilation CD.
In its first edition this cd has a specially designed cardboard cd-case with a nice gimmick:it's lay out is like a face.It sticks it's tongue out.When you turn the tongue than... See full review
posted a review of CJ Bolland. over 18 years ago
In the late of '95 the relationship between Renaat Vandepapeliere (the owner of the R&S label) and CJ had reached to a point where no cooperation was possible any more.
From the beginning they met CJ was very influenced by his big example Dave... See full review
posted a review of Apotheosis - O Fortuna. over 18 years ago
The history of the record is as follows.
The "O Fortuna" is a part of classical composer Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana".
Composers Samoy & Rigaux had an almost immediate succes in the clubscene with this record.
They decided to release their version... See full review