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Eddie C - Green Space
posted a comment on Eddie C - Green Space. over 5 years ago
feels just right I enjoy it a lot!! Eddie is cool
posted a comment on 1080p. over 5 years ago
it seems that way, label ceased and there are some records that indicate the owner was shady af and artists went elsewhere but I have not read much else
Güero - My Way My Rules
posted a comment on Güero - My Way My Rules. over 5 years ago
aLL Right cosmic less weatherall, seems melodic yet EBM and electro are present, not minimal at all
So Many Men (2) - Voskhod
posted a comment on So Many Men (2) - Voskhod . over 5 years ago
have some feeling of EBM or electro more than techno
Khotin - New Tab
posted a comment on Khotin - New Tab. over 5 years ago
great release by far one of his best works really cool
Uabos - Shadow
posted a comment on Uabos - Shadow. over 5 years ago
it has a nice ring to it I dig the EP
Tragic Error - Tanzen
posted a comment on Tragic Error - Tanzen. over 5 years ago
timeless classic af from the mind of Patrick De Meyer
Heinrich Dressel - Lost In The Woodland
posted a comment on Heinrich Dressel - Lost In The Woodland. over 5 years ago
its enough soundtrack as well as electronic excursion into the night
Darling (17) - Tulipa Moves
posted a comment on Darling (17) - Tulipa Moves. over 6 years ago
music for heads made by heads. . . . .
Solar (32) X Brother Nebula - S.I.S.
posted a comment on Solar (32) X Brother Nebula - S.I.S.. over 6 years ago
brother nebula revision really takes me places, amazing on all fronts
Marcello Giordani DJ* - Orizzonti
posted a comment on Marcello Giordani DJ* - Orizzonti. over 6 years ago
i really like this release, sounds fresh yet the italo spirit is alive as fuck
Udmo - Luba Luft
posted a comment on Udmo - Luba Luft. over 6 years ago
driving on endless roads with music I´m feeling this release as soundtrack for the journey.
Various - Figures
posted a comment on Various - Figures. over 6 years ago
fucktastic release I really dig it :) :) :) :)
Ramzi - Pèze-Piton
posted a comment on Ramzi - Pèze-Piton. over 6 years ago
fuck the pitchfortks for their idiotic take on music that is not proto typical for music indie nerdy needy guys, their electronic reviews are worthless, this album is too much for them!!!
Chinaski (5) - Unschuld Der Sinne
posted a comment on Chinaski (5) - Unschuld Der Sinne. over 6 years ago
Chinaski does it again... carefully arranging the beats for maximum pleasure, the definition of dark and sexy! great great release
Lawrence Le Doux - Music For Documentaries
posted a comment on Lawrence Le Doux - Music For Documentaries. over 7 years ago
Hivern continues to destroy 2017 with solid releases, I think the album is a headphones dream come true!
Urban Homes - Jams
posted a comment on Urban Homes - Jams. over 7 years ago
Real gem and dreamy release not to bouncy but trippy enough I dig this :)
Tiga - Blondes Have More Fun
posted a comment on Tiga - Blondes Have More Fun. over 8 years ago
Gerd Janson remix proves that both artists should collaborate more at least a b2b dj set :)
JMII - Thrills
posted a comment on JMII - Thrills. over 8 years ago
solid release for Hivern, this 2016 are on a solid pattern :)
Golden Ivy - To Elvira From Ivy With Love
posted a comment on Golden Ivy - To Elvira From Ivy With Love. over 8 years ago
more albums like this?? I found it quite amazing :)
Âme - Fiori
posted a comment on Âme - Fiori. over 8 years ago
this made it to the essential mix by Ame x Dixon?
Lizards (3) - Glamour Catty
posted a comment on Lizards (3) - Glamour Catty. over 8 years ago
The Bird of Paradise remix is ACE :) really solid and complex layered
Goitia Deitz - MODE
posted a comment on Goitia Deitz - MODE. over 8 years ago
Amazing sounds, complex and deeply layered I am loving this album!
Land Of Light - Land Of Light (Remixes)
posted a comment on Land Of Light - Land Of Light (Remixes). over 8 years ago
Words fell short to express the beauty of this release :)
Wareika - The Magic Number
posted a comment on Wareika - The Magic Number . over 8 years ago
More complex that just Downtempo and Deep House, Wareika are relevant on their own terms
Alias* - Civil Defense
posted a comment on Alias* - Civil Defense . over 8 years ago
Mastery at work on this release, a really solid EP by Ivan and the rest, loved it :)
Feingold* - Nuff Zang
posted a comment on Feingold* - Nuff Zang. over 8 years ago
good album, 1080p continue to become a massive organism of quality releases
Betonkust & Palmbomen II* - Center Parcs EP
posted a comment on Betonkust & Palmbomen II* - Center Parcs EP. over 8 years ago
amazing album by all means, just eager to hear much more