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We work hard for good service, but sometimes we need to party too.
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CD grading:
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If The jewelcase is attached to an inlay, or if a paperbox/special packaging exists,
we grade jewelcase/sleeve and CD.
We love and support vinyl.
Thanx a lot, let the music play !

Catya & Gregor

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submitted Herman's Hermits - I'm In A Lonely Situation (Love Is All I Need). about 10 hours ago
submitted Charity Brown - No Way To Treat A Lady. about 10 hours ago
submitted Eddie Kendricks - Shoeshine Boy. about 11 hours ago
submitted Eddie Kendricks - Goin' Up In Smoke . about 11 hours ago
submitted Dave Pell Octet - Jazz Goes Dancing (Prom To Prom). 2 days ago
submitted Jackie And Roy* - Storyville Presents Jackie And Roy. 2 days ago
posted a review of Caleidoscope Inc. - Progressive Pop Caleidocope Inc.. 3 days ago
2 cool progressive Krautsongs with organ, flute, nice guitar and good vocals.
Already compiled on 2 CDs, so not "under the radar" anymore.
Great addition to any Krautrock collection, but a tough find.
submitted Various - Electrified Bodies. 5 days ago
submitted Andreas Henneberg - Never Know (How Much I F**ked You). 8 days ago
submitted Boots Brown And His Blockbusters - Cerveza / Juicy. 9 days ago
submitted Cozy Cole - Turvy. 9 days ago
submitted Das Kölner Trompetenkorps - Roter Funken Marsch. 9 days ago
submitted Jack Parnell And His Music Makers* - The Creep / Rout 66. 9 days ago
submitted Various - Country And Western Favorites. 9 days ago
submitted Webb Pierce / Bill Anderson (2) - Country & Western Hitparade Vol. 1. 9 days ago
submitted Roy Drusky / Ernest Ashworth* - Country & Western Hitparade Vol. 3. 9 days ago
submitted Red Foley / Ernest Tubb - Country & Western Hitparade Vol.4. 9 days ago
submitted Slim Whitman - Country & Western Songs. 9 days ago
submitted The R.I.P.ped Nancy's - Highway Superstar. 9 days ago
submitted The R.I.P.ped Nancy's - Highway Superstar. 9 days ago
submitted The R.I.P.ped Nancy's - Highway Superstar. 9 days ago
submitted The R.I.P.ped Nancy's - Highway Superstar. 9 days ago
posted a review of Wolfgang Noack (3) - What Does She Use To Be. 11 days ago
On my search for Missus Beastly Singles, I found this crazy gem on the legendary Electric Bird label.
Both songs are guitar and vocals only. Side A uses some delays and effects to make it a cosmic Folk jam with german vocals.
Side B is in English and ... See full review
submitted Wolfgang Noack (3) - What Does She Use To Be. 11 days ago
posted a review of Horror Charly - Horror Horror Dance. 13 days ago
A really cool and freaky jam, which sounds like Witthüser & Westrupp meet Can on bad Acid.
One of the coolest Krautrock on 45 gems I know of. Not easy to find, but worth every penny.

posted a review of Inn Yard Performance - Bobo. 13 days ago
Some people have no idea how genre & style tags on Discogs work.
If a song has an influence of a certain style, it can be added. The genre is, in this case, Rock and POP.
The 2nd style used is POP ROCK.
That means, this is a Rock/Pop tune with some ... See full review
posted a review of Popol Vuh - Bettina Beat Club 1971. 13 days ago
Supa cool cosmic jam, live at legendary Beat Club in Germany1971.
Thank you for putting this on a 7", such a cool Krautrock on 45 gem.
posted a review of Conrad Schnitzler - Paragon Outtakes. 13 days ago
2 good 2 be true :)
Conrad Schnitzler on 7" !
This fantastic triple pack comes with unreleased versions and an unreleased track on top.
I usually don't buy new pressings/represses, but this one is a must for me.
As of today, you can still get it from ... See full review
submitted Bill Doggett, Hank Ballard And The Mid-Nighters* - Honky Tonk / Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go. 13 days ago
posted a comment on John Shima - 2. 13 days ago
Says the guy, who asks 35 for a Versalife 12" :)
submitted The Parliaments, Little Julian Herrera - (I Wanna) Testify / Lonely, Lonely Nights. 14 days ago
submitted The Crests - 16 Candles / Step By Step. 14 days ago
submitted Diamondback (3) - Wait My Time. 14 days ago
posted a review of Multimedia-Group - 'Morgen Nach Dem Feuer' Hymnus 2. 16 days ago
From the booklet:
Cosmic sounds like astric signals, uranian alphabet and sounds of elemental events.....
What a cosmic find this is :)
Musical styled bombastic Kraut performance like never seen before.
This was written for Joy Unlimited, well known for ... See full review
posted a comment on Anaxas Novus - Forget. 16 days ago
Both songs are dreamy, spacey, progressive Krautrock with some nice Mellotron action.
This great single comes in a fancy gatefold sleeve with the cool green Toncooperative Hannover sticker inside. Another great find related to Toncooperative Hannover.
submitted Epitaph (2) - London Town Girl / Visions. 16 days ago
posted a review of Seffil - When To You Come I'm Wait For You. 16 days ago
Interesting Krautpsych from a Greek/German band, released on legendary Trefiton label.
Strange enough, it seems that most copies found their way to Greece. Most copies for sale are minty and in Greece. The "78" in cat# on label suggests this single is ... See full review
posted a comment on Homburg - Hello Houston. 16 days ago
A style tag does not always mean, that the release is 100% this style. It can also mean, that there are influences of this style. If you feel other styles are missing, you can simply add them. Your crusade doesn't make any sense to me, specially when ... See full review
submitted Various - One Love. 19 days ago
posted a comment on Mountain Ash (2) - Smokers Sorrow . 24 days ago
3 complex progressive Krautrock songs, all 3 are non LP tracks.
Comes in a fancy gatefold sleeve with an inner sleeve attached inside.
Another great Toncooperative Hannover 7" which fits nicely in any Krautrock collection.
posted a comment on SJD-Falkengruppe "WIR" - Solidarität Mit Chile. 27 days ago
Spot on A2. "Señor Presidente" is a nice folky dreamy Krautsong, the instrumental parts reminding me a little bit on "Gravediggers arm, is waiting for you...". Nice find.
posted a comment on Interpol Köln, Die Conrads - Wir Machen Den Roten Punkt. 27 days ago
Der rote Punkt (red point) was a short lived movement in Germany at the end of 60's.
People put a red point sign in their cars. It meant, they were willing to pick up random strangers.
It was a protest movement against rising ticket prices for public ... See full review
submitted Interpol Köln, Die Conrads - Wir Machen Den Roten Punkt. 27 days ago
posted a review of Lony + The Misfits Ltd. - Birthday. about 1 month ago
Both songs are really cool. Freaky krauty Psych with furious guitars, nice vocals, wild drums and some flute as well. Bonus song "Fischmarkt" reminds me a lot on Exuma. Special 8" gatefold sleeve with an inner sleeve glued to inside. Collectable early ... See full review
posted a review of Rotglut - 1984 Einmal Hin + Zurück !. about 1 month ago
Typical leftwing 80's Krautrock with political lyrics against nucelear power, the goverment and police. Obviously inspired by Ska. The title "1984" refers to George Orwell.
The song also appears on the 2nd Trikont album.
posted a comment on Ding Dong Band - Lieder Ohne Worte . about 1 month ago
3 complex jazzy proggy instrumental Krautrock songs. Very good guitar action, but more on the soft side with lots of feeling. Just read the insert....what a freaky release this is :) They started this label without any money, the band paid for ... See full review
posted a review of Hammerfest - Live. about 1 month ago
Harder and typical leftwing Krautrock. Anti nuclear power, anti Nazi and of course against the fat cats :)
Lyrics on backside of sleeve. Another historical and political contemporary document of german Rock.
posted a review of Goin' Sad - Magic Spirit (2) - Take 5 + 2* - Hans Daniels Präsentiert Bonner Beat Bands. about 1 month ago
All 4 songs are simply great, what a cool EP this is.
Funky, jazzy, a good portion of Psychadelic, garnished with some early Krautrock feel. One of the very few Kraut 7"es which got repressed, but one song was remixed on the Reissue. Not easy to find a ... See full review
posted a review of Jackboot - Remember (Walking In The Sand). about 1 month ago
Krautrock superstars Olaf Kübler and Rainer Pietsch team up with Michael Holm. Yes, he is a Schlager singer, but along his career he made a few interesting side trips into Krautrock, Rock and also Disco.
This one is surprisingly hard Rock with just a ... See full review
submitted Justin Paige - Rock & Roll Band. about 1 month ago