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posted a review of S3A - Mountain Charr. 6 months ago
3 total bangers right there. As I write this there's a Mint copy for £2.50... Make someone you love happy this Christmas.
posted a review of Penya - Super Liminal Remixed. 6 months ago
Bought it based on 15 seconds of track A1, but, this is bloody terrific :-) yoink!
posted a review of Hamatsuki, deRijk, M. Vaughan - 13th Hour Vol. 2. 6 months ago
Jumping Jupiter! 2nd release - straight up bangers! Definitely going on to my "buy blind" list until 13th hour proves otherwise (hopefully never will..!). That deRijk track is f'ing righteous...
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posted a comment that has since been deleted. 8 months ago
posted a review of Subjoi, Ricky Razu - 13th Hour Vol. 1. 9 months ago
Very much in to this record! B1 is top - super uplifting and some lovely chords in there to boot. :-)
posted a comment on Flørist - Dvote. about 1 year ago
Same here - both the original and the bank holiday edit on each side...
posted a review of Afriqua - Aleph EP. about 1 year ago
Aleph is a dream! I always melt for the chimes ---- sun-up kinda business :-)
posted a comment on Dutch Dream Girls - Dutch Dream Girls. about 1 year ago
On redeye now for pre-order if you're that way inclined :-)
posted a review of Pale Blue (3) - Have You Passed Through This Night / Comes Through. about 1 year ago
Every track a champion - a brilliant release - would like to have many many more records like this!
posted a comment on S.O.N.S - Shimokitazawa One Night Stand . about 1 year ago
Thanks man :-)
t h a t ' s g r e a t
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on S.O.N.S - Shimokitazawa One Night Stand . about 1 year ago
Have you got a source for this? Thanks thanks thanks
posted a review of Gropina - Mare Aperto. about 1 year ago
Can't wait for this to come out - sounds like a dream!
posted a review of Edmondson - Flamingo Tripper. over 2 years ago
The title track on this is a dream :-) Definitely one of my faves of this year so far
posted a review of Herbert* With Dani Siciliano - Around The House. over 3 years ago
1998... Crikey! Unbelievable how Herbert was making stuff like this nearly 20 years ago, that still sounds so fresh and so heartbreakingly brilliant today. My copy came in a plain maroon sleeve, with a glossy photograph of Herbert and Dani S waltzing in ... See full review
posted a comment on Mad Mike* / The Deacon - Attack Of The Sonic Samurai / Fuji. over 3 years ago
Would LOVE a copy of this - please PM if you have one for sale!
posted a review of Oorutaichi - Futurelina. over 3 years ago
Absolutely mental, but really really really good in the right circumstances
posted a review of Archie Pelago - Sly Gazabo E.P.. over 3 years ago
Avocado roller is bliss - the most interesting techno :-)
posted a comment on Lisa Lougheed - Run With Us . over 4 years ago
Hi - I do have it yes, I've been meaning to put it up on soundcloud for a while now - will post on here as soon as I get round to it :-)
posted a review of Loco Dice - Flight LB 7475 / El Gallo Negro. over 4 years ago
Couldn't agree more with the previous comment - I've always had a soft spot for El Gallo Negro, and after blasting it out tonight it just reaffirms how spectacular and time-defying it really is, 9 years since its release (7 years since the last comment). ... See full review
posted a comment on Suburban Knight / DJ 3000 - Cargo Cult / Merchants Of Identity. over 5 years ago
Clone got it right with their Drexciya deep sea dweller comps (and notice how the original Drexciya 12's haven't really dropped in value since then - the hype/demand is sill there for the originals!). Would it do that much damage to the SID "ethos" to ... See full review
posted a review of Mark Du Mosch - Exegesis E.P.. over 5 years ago
Incredible stuff - the A side is...well...just incredible..! du Mosch is a bleedin' genius with this kind of stuff - slinky, bright, sunshine techno
posted a comment on Kuba Sojka - Mysterious Intrigue. over 5 years ago
Anyone know if the green/blue vinyl versions suffer from the same quality issues as the normal version?
posted a review of DJ Kyros - Astron . over 5 years ago
Superb release - smart percussion and tight production - Vibration is the winner for me, when the vibes come in it just takes the track to a whole new level! "New Life" is a very close second :-) will be keeping an eye out for future DJ Kyros releases ... See full review
posted a review of Ernesto Ferreyra - Message From Abroad. over 5 years ago
An absolute unsung hero of 2013 - this release is bloody incredible. The A1 and B1 tracks are sooo brilliant - perfect late night/early next morning ammunition; floating, cosmic, slightly acidic, either of these will have people begging to know what ... See full review
posted a review of Mark Du Mosch. over 5 years ago
One of my absolute favourite producers - Mark's earlier EPs such strength, let it go and overload, as well as the later exegesis remain some of my most played records - a great balance between electro and techno with prominent disco inspirations - packed ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Dream House Volume 1.2. over 5 years ago
It's not a joke shop - I used to live in Nottingham and bought a good few records from them - all for pretty standard prices as well.. Perhaps now and again they make a sale on Discogs for silly prices.. Still seems a bit weird though!
posted a comment on Lisa Lougheed - Run With Us . over 5 years ago
Phenomenal (and phenomenally rare) release (12" format with, as far as I am aware, an otherwise unreleased remix). Astounding tune, bursting with nostalgia for fans of The Raccoons - an unrivalled secret weapon. Feel free to message me with questions ... See full review
posted a comment on Funkwerkstatt - Der Kleine Moritz. over 5 years ago
The Mollono.Bass remix on this is a fricking revelation - glorious, sweet, tender dance music - prime stuff for raising spirits as the sun comes up ;-)
posted a comment on Various - Dream House Volume 1.2. over 5 years ago
I agree on one point - I've always wondered how TANMUSHIMUSHI sells anything at all..?? However I think that repressing this release raises an interesting point about how labels put out records - many labels seem to like tagging "limited edition" on to ... See full review
posted a comment on The Abstract Eye - Cool Warm Divine E.P.. over 5 years ago
Not to seem reluctant to embrace the opinions of others or anything, but... The winnets who rated this anything less than 5/5 clearly have no idea about anything, whatsoever ;-)
posted a comment on FCL vs VFB - Love Prescription E.P.. over 5 years ago
repress out this week
posted a comment on Damiano von Erckert - I Think We Agree, The Past Is Over.. over 5 years ago
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posted a comment on GB - 3 Aspects Of One. over 5 years ago
For me, Reyes-Whittaker cannot set a foot wrong. Abstract eye, The Reflektor, Gifted & Blessed --- every single release is rich with unique textures and soundscapes,each track carries a spiritual edge that I just don't get from most other producers. My ... See full review
posted a comment on Lauer* - Phillips. over 6 years ago
Absolutely! Completely destroys the image of the stereotypical dance album as being made up of moments of brilliance in a quagmire of mediocrity - hit after hit after hit on this one :-)
posted a comment on Trace Of Smoke - U.R. / Treasure Mind. over 6 years ago
Bootleg or not, on the contrary, the quality is exceptionally good
submitted Trace Of Smoke - U.R. / Treasure Mind. over 6 years ago
posted a review of Kollektiv Ost / Schäufler & Zovsky - Landstreicher EP. over 6 years ago
Argh! The original of "Leafs" could have been magnificent :-( I love everything about this tune - especially those beautiful chimes -- THEN -- it is completely ruined by those hideous, over-the-top, tasteless "build-up" synth stabs (for example at ... See full review
posted a review of Awane - Atom / Solaris. over 6 years ago
"Solaris" --- what a banger! A brilliant piece of intergalactic, hypnotic techno, interspersed with chimes and pads that add a bright and cheerful tenderness to the record... Could definitely imagine this on a massive rig as the sun comes up!
posted a review of Malin Genie - Pushin' On EP. over 6 years ago
It's all about "Noc" for me on this - bouncing bassline, punchy kick drum and those pitch-bending stabs --- everything rolls on happily until those dreamy chords come in and take it from being a straight-up house number to a track of blissful serenity - ... See full review
posted a review of Bottin Presents Tinpong - The Jabberwock EP. over 7 years ago
This is all about the original - summery, happy disco, slinky guitars, lovely female vox - and a treat especially for those that enjoyed Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky" verse as a child (or adult...). The other tracks add extra merit to the 12" especially ... See full review
posted a review of Rising Sun (7) - Lift Up Your Faces EP. over 7 years ago
A phenomenal release from Fauxpas - Highlights include Steinhoff's brilliant remix of the title track, and "The Sun Orchestra" on the B side, a beautiful and dreamy piece of summery-slow-house with a short snappy slap-bass hook giving a slightly ... See full review
posted a review of Agoria - Heart Beating (Mark E / Argy Remixes). over 8 years ago
Brilliant - Mark E starts things up with a stripped down, chilled-out acid-and-strings version of the remix - really really sublime. First heard this on the Mark E Ghostly Stone Wall podcast, in which he plays an unreleased version of this "Simple ... See full review
posted a review of Perseus Traxx - Untitled. over 8 years ago
You can't use Drexciya's name flippantly, and to be fair this record stands up to the promise of quality. So nice to hear something different, and a press in which every track delivers something of its own. 5/5!
posted a review of Perseus Traxx - Remake 508. over 8 years ago
Can't recommend this enough - tight percussion, underlying subtle acid tones with atmospheric, almost balaeric, deep housey patterns over the top. Get it.
posted a review of Miss Dinky* - Nostalgia EP. over 8 years ago
Can't recommend this one enough - The B side especially. Defrag Your mind is a nice electro piece with some detroit influence shining through in there. Nostalgia is a clear winner though - starts off pretty strange and then develops into this beautiful ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Disco Dancer. over 8 years ago
Bought in a charity shop for 25p, this is still one of my most played records - hit after hit!
posted a comment on Dance Reaction - Disco Train. over 9 years ago
Agreed! If this doesn't bring out the disco dancer in you then there's something wrong! Reminds me loads of "Quadrant Six - Body Mechanic" with the triplets running over the bassline, and occasional lyrical breakdown... Class!
posted a comment on Paul Kalkbrenner - Zeit. over 9 years ago
Why oh why did they not include "Selber" on the 2xLP release?? Absolutely beautiful! It samples 1965 Garage Rock tune "Liar Liar" by The Castaways, although I'm not sure if this is credited on the CD version...