Collector since late 1995.
These are the records i have with me in Canada, have around 1500 more in storage in Australia that i am looking foward to picking up and putting on my discogs!

Toronto Studio for the EstimuloShow

Collection is private due to requests for me to rip mp3's. Please don't ever request me to rip anything. Instead you can listen to our radio show if you really need to hear something. Try a request.

“I can highly recommend Mike Bishop, his service was excellent and he played the whitelabel sound signature ‘somethin about detroit’ just as we had hoped, it made for a magical evening, thankyou once again for your amazing deepness that opened all our eyes” Sandy Watkins

"mikebishop was so amazing behind the turntables i couldn't even tell the difference between him and my favourite lounge cd" sergey, li'ly lounge

"Mike Bishop certainly has a knack for whats fresh and down with our culture here today, wish there were more like him!" Electrifying Mojo

"I was listening to Mike's mix and angels literally transcended from the heavens with cotton buds and gave my ears a good, holy scrubbing. you should have seen all the trance and d'n'b that came out, it was disgusting!' Bokchoy

Found on youtube 'Listening to DFA on a mix set by Mike Bishop from The Estimulo Show and I have to say it's some of the deepest shit I've heard anywhere. This is the kind of house that transcends genre.

So fucking deep it's making my mind melt.'

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