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submitted The Red Birds (2) - The Red Birds. 20 days ago
submitted Thor-Ables - Get That Bread / Our Love Song. 28 days ago
submitted The Fabulous Uptowns / Left Hand Charlie* - New Love I Have Found / Whole Lot Of Drinkin On The Block. 28 days ago
submitted The Dell-Vikings Featuring Chuck Jackson - Cold Feet / I Want To Marry You. about 1 month ago
submitted Marabunta (11) - Allo It's Only Rock N'Roll / Angie. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on The Orioles - Baby Please Don't Go. about 1 month ago
thanks for your comment! maybe a note added to the entry could be helpful
submitted The Champs - Chariot Rock. 2 months ago
submitted Line (20) - Comme La Mer / Oui Je T'Aime. 2 months ago
submitted Lluis Torrent - L'Orellut / El Burro De L'Arturo. 2 months ago
submitted Henry Leca Et Son Orchestre De Danse* - 2 - Exotique. 2 months ago
submitted David Seville - The Bird On My Head. 2 months ago
submitted Xavier Cugat Et Son Orchestre* - Cha Cha Cha. 2 months ago
submitted Daniel Laurent (6) - Plein Soleil Sur Le Rivage. 2 months ago
submitted Rabah Driassa - Derti El Henna / Errim. 2 months ago
submitted The Red Birds (2) - The Red Birds. 3 months ago
submitted Les Atlantiques - Jungle Recordings. 3 months ago
submitted The Danderliers - Little Man / May God Be With You. 3 months ago
submitted The Danderliers - She's Mine / My Love. 3 months ago
submitted Геннадий Хазанов - Дружеские Шаржи. 3 months ago
submitted Webb Pierce with Owen Bradley And His Orchestra - Webb!. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Areski - C'est Normal. 3 months ago
A-side probably inspired by the Gérard La Viny ‎song "La Sérénade".
submitted Orchestra Nicolae Băluță solo acordeon: Fărîmiță Lambru - Hora Lui Fărîmiță / Inimioară, Inimioară. 3 months ago
submitted Leo Petit Et Son Ensemble* - Passeport Pour Le Soleil. 3 months ago
submitted Tony Cacciopoli Et Son Orchestre - Le Patre Des Montagnes. 3 months ago
submitted Luis Valmontès Et Son Orgue Electrique* - Luz De Me Vida. 4 months ago
submitted Félix Marten - T'es Moche. 4 months ago
submitted The Madison's / Olivier Despax Et Les Gamblers - Sélection Du Drug Store Champs-Elysées. 4 months ago
submitted Ray Conniff - Rockin' The Bop - Boppin' The Rock !. 4 months ago
submitted Guy Destal - L'Amour. 4 months ago
submitted Ted Heath And His Music - Baia. 4 months ago
submitted Francis Bay Et Son Orchestre - 2 - Cha Cha Cha. 4 months ago
submitted Сестры Федоровы* - The Fyodorov Sisters. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Big Daddy And His Boys / The Gum Drops - Bad Boy. 5 months ago
President Hifi Records is the follow-up of President Records ; They didn't bother changing the sleeve for reissues.
submitted Various - 1 - American Disc Jockey. 5 months ago
submitted Frankie Brent - Rang Dang Doo / Hold It. 5 months ago
submitted Suzanne* With The Band-Aides - Unchained But Unforgotten. 5 months ago
submitted The Flares / The Ramrocks - Foot Stomping. 5 months ago
submitted The Counts (14) - I Need You Tonight. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Serges Turbide - Serges Turbide. 6 months ago
The Canadian Nino Ferrer! great rhythm & blues in French!
submitted Πάνος Τσανάκος - Δoσ' Mου Το Κορίτσι Θεία. 7 months ago
submitted Arturo Motta Et Ses Chicaboums - Granada - Quatre Boléros. 7 months ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Allez Les Jaunes. 7 months ago
submitted Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps* - Baby Blue / Little Lover. 7 months ago
submitted Tina (49) - La Fille Du Soleil. 7 months ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Gammes A 80 Mots. 7 months ago
submitted André Daick Et Chantal (35) - Folle De Moi..!. 7 months ago
submitted Don Byas Son Tenor Sax Et Ses Rythmes* - April In Paris / Don't Blame Me. 7 months ago
submitted Nightingal - Here For You. 7 months ago
submitted Les Troubadours - Le Vent Et La Jeunesse. 7 months ago
submitted Pedro Castillo His Piano And His Sextet* - Classic In Latin Rhythm - Vol. II. 7 months ago