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posted a review of Gang Gang Dance - Gang Gang Dance. over 11 years ago
This CD version of their self titled LP plays as two tracks. Track 1 is 19 minutes and 18 seconds long. Track 2 is 21 minutes and 58 seconds long. Each track has lyrics posted inside the CD booklet. The lyrics to track 1 are titled as "Slaven... See full review
posted a review of Dead Voices On Air - Piss Frond. over 15 years ago
i wasn't too impressed by DVOA's cds. around the time of Piss Frond they rolled on through my town. so i decided to go see the live version, and Mark Spybey kicked my ass with his sonic sculptures. i'd say he's only rivaled by the mighty Cevin Key.... See full review
posted a review of More Rockers - Selection 2. over 15 years ago
I recently went back and listened to this. There are some tuff jams on here. "The Cure" and "The Frush" start out on a jazzy vibe, but by the time "Badness A Madness" and "Bongo Music" kick in, you're in a full blown jungle mashup. Surprised that... See full review
posted a review of Ram Science - É Música!. over 15 years ago
This is some sick stuff here. The acid techno jams he does on here can get pretty noisy if you have it turned up. I thought Ram Science would be in the same vein as some of the other Brazilian DNB artists (Drumagick, DJ Marky & XRS, etc...), but he... See full review
posted a review of Jean Grae - The Bootleg Of The Bootleg EP. over 15 years ago
The untitled tracks are mixtape tracks. Jean raps over several Nas tracks ('Purple'), Jay Z tracks ('Excuse Me Miss', 'Breathe Easy') and Scarface tracks ('My Block').
posted a review of Dog (2) - Bitten. over 17 years ago
The original is a great dubbed out track. The Jon Carter remix is so-so. But the Klute remix is heavy. It starts out on a smooth chilled tip and then throws you into the middle of overdriven DNB funk. Driving bass, chopped up vocals and keyboard... See full review
posted a review of 1000 Homo DJs - Supernaut. over 17 years ago
The version of Supernaut that appears on here is not the Trent Reznor version. The vocals for that track are by Al Jourgensen. If you want the Trent Reznor version, it only appears on the "Black Box" boxed set.
posted a review of Cyberaktif - Tenebrae Vision. over 17 years ago
This is a collaboration between Cevin Key (Skinny Puppy) and Wilhem Schroeder (Front Line Assembly). This was a shock to some, due to the fact that Wilhem Schroeder was kicked out of Skinny Puppy very early on. The resulting album is a razor sharp... See full review
posted a review of Tricky - Pre-Millennium Tension. over 17 years ago
This is spilling over with genius. Industrial abrasiveness rubs up with dub and hip hop. And Tricky and Martina channel some voodoo throughout all the tracks. This being his second album (under the name Tricky; Nearly God was actually his second),... See full review
posted a review of Funkstörung - Viceversa. CD. over 17 years ago
There are some great tracks on here. This encompasses all of Funkstorung's remixes up until this was released. The Beans and A Guy Called Gerald mixes are worth it alone for this album. Check out 'Additional Productions' for more Funkstorung remixes.
posted a review of Various - Paradigm Shift. over 17 years ago
The Skinny Puppy track on here is amazing. It is without Ogre but it still kicks. It has to be one of the most powerful Skinny Puppy trax I have ever heard (sound wise and production wise). PLAY LOUD!!
posted a review of Jonny L. over 17 years ago
I have to say that at first I really wasn't into Jonny L. Then I heard 'I'm Leaving' and I was a fan for life. Now I worship at his temple. His 'Magnetic' album is essential and his EP's are even more essential. Great producer!!
posted a review of Freaky Chakra - Blacklight Fantasy. over 17 years ago
Fascist Funk! What a great title and song! Freaky Chakra blew me away with this album. I own the first album but wasn't really liking it. This just sealed it for me. Permanently in my collection!!
posted a review of Maurizio - Maurizio. over 17 years ago
This was the first time I had heard of Maurizio. I had read about some good stuff coming out on Basic Channel and this was the only thing I could find at the time that was related. Great packaging, songs and dubby techno. Doesn't get any better than that! See full review
posted a review of Shimon & Andy C* - Body Rock. over 17 years ago
Super funky! This track just came out of left field and threw everyone for a loop with it's odd tempo. I got into it immediately, and it seems like alot of the DNB guard figured out that they have to be on top of their game, because trax just seemed... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 17 years ago
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 17 years ago
posted a review of Hive - Devious Methods. over 17 years ago
Please buy this album. You will thank me later. Star Trek samples, Wu-Tang Clan samples and a Bad Brains sample all mixed up with DNB, Hip Hop and all out bizareness. The artwork alone makes it top any other American DNB release. Check out... See full review
posted a review of Foetus. over 17 years ago
Why isn't this guy huge! He influenced everybody. Foetus means alot to me. His early sonic explorations were always on my mixtapes. Plus his lyrics were deranged, ironic and super clever. He employed the use of sampling early on. His... See full review
posted a review of Severed Heads. over 17 years ago
One of the greatest electronic artists ever. Apparently they were influences on NIN and Skinny Puppy. At times they sounded like New Order, Erasure and Throbbing Gristle all ran into each other in a blender and then were poured over some ear... See full review
posted a review of Curve. over 17 years ago
I am completely in love with Toni Halliday and her voice. I cannot understand why Curve never became huge. Bands like Garbage totally ripped them off and took it to the bank. Nonetheless, Curve made great electronic and rock music. They always had... See full review
posted a review of Björk. over 17 years ago
Sometimes you're sitting in your bedroom drawing or writing or creating music or something. And you just feel like you have so much talent and creativity. And then along comes Bjork to totally blow you out of the water. She's insanely genius at... See full review
posted a review of Tricky. over 17 years ago
A personal me, Tricky can do no wrong. His tracks with Massive Attack were great, but his own are fantastic. He truly doesn't care what is in vogue or topping the charts right now. His music can be avant garde, abrasive, hip hop, pop,... See full review
posted a review of Fad Gadget - Fireside Favourites. over 17 years ago
One of my all time favorite artists and albums. Fad Gadget never receives enough attention in electronic music history. Smooth electronic pop, grating textures, and demented tongue-in-cheek lyrics collide violently on this early Mute album. Check... See full review
posted a review of The Human League - Travelogue. over 17 years ago
One of the best electronic albums period. This was before they added those horrid girls. This album is a precursor to synth-driven industrial and electronic pop. I've mixed this in with some more recent Missy Elliott trax and it always sits well. ... See full review
posted a review of Hive - Bedlam. over 17 years ago
ESSENTIAL!!!!This mix is one giant middle finger to the "American Drum N Bass Is Crap" crowd. Hive keeps his mixing tight and relentless. Easing up for a tiny breather and then bringing the heaviness back in for the kill. Excellent mix and... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 17 years ago