Active supporter of xwax, a vinyl emulation free software created by Mark Hills. It's currently into development; runs under GNU/Linux & MacOS€X. It allows you to mix up between 3 decks of timecoded & real vinyls. Fast, Minimal & Elegant as SL1200.

ºº. Coder,
º¹. Unix System Administrator,
¹º. learning djing. µsik lover,
¹¹. Raytracing amator.

Free, 23.
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Mariani, Sharklowsy, Dati, Hortefucks'y, HAL-lio&Mary you're a whole bunch of b#st#rds.
-> { « Le destin des grands esprits ne pouvait continuer à dépendre du caprice d’imbéciles moulés dans de la soie. », Jean-Paul Marat }

Variex corner:
# Technics SL1200 & SL1210 MKII/Pioneer djm400
# Native Instrument Audio 4 DJ & 2 DJ USB Soundcards which are just brilliant toyz!..
# Amiga w/ Protracker & FutureComp.
# Linux w/ Xwax, Reborn, Loopdub, Bristol, Hydrogen.

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submitted O-kok - Rebirth. over 8 years ago
submitted O-kok - Binary Overdose. over 8 years ago
submitted O-kok - System Error. over 8 years ago
submitted Six (2) - Roxxx Freebies. over 8 years ago
posted a review of Al Ferox - Scream 004. over 12 years ago
While on the dancefloor, DJ's and producers may let you flight throughout different journeys. So, Expect this toon from Al Ferox to let you fly floating around, dark, styled, hypnotic sounds with solid beats to step on.. putting you into a land of... See full review
posted a review of Wiggle - Good Inside. over 13 years ago
This record provides really interresting old sound from 1988~1992.
On A-Side «Good Inside» provides a black women vocal mixing together new Beat rythms & grooves melodies. It could merge perfectly with groovy B. Womack sounds from the same periods... See full review
posted a review of The Hacker - Reves Mecaniques. over 17 years ago
This new record from the Hacker did not impressed me at first play, but constructed by nice & calms melodies, it started fast to give me good feelings. We can listen here a kind of mix between the Hacker universe and his influences, New Order/Joy... See full review
posted a review of Death In Vegas - Hands Around My Throat. over 19 years ago
note also that Nicola Kuperus is the Adult singer. Her vocals on this song have great phonic.
posted a review of Death In Vegas - Dirge. over 19 years ago
the original vocals by Dot Allison are not present on those remixes.
posted a review of Crystal Distortion - We Want It All!!!. over 19 years ago
here from the P.()~23:

WE WANT IT ALL!!! Make em dance. Legalize all highs. Stop war. End famine. Power to the people.Fuck Discrimination. Combat Oppression. Uncover all Conspiracies. SETTLE ALL SCORES. and do it all again next season.