He started in the middle of the 90ies with his passion and possesses a widely mixed repertoire in vinyls. By the border nearness Mike Mullfinger plays not only in Germany, also in Austria and Czech regularly. Beginning from the year 2005, he played almost exclusively in Switzerland. He has played in a lot of legendary clubs of the scene and supported many DJ´s,
like Dr. Motte, Dr. Möhrle, Dr. Gonzo, Marusha, Tom Novy, Mijk van Dijk, Thomas P. Heckmann, Marco Remus, Andreas Kremer, Armin Ascari, Marco Zaffarano, Alex Bau and Sven Dedek aka Basic Implant, Vanguard, Asem Shama, Axel Bartsch, Justin Berkovi, Michael Burkat, Lars Klein, Clemens Neufeld, Tina 303, Acid Maria, Roberto Q. Ingram, Chris Zander, Marco Nastic, Tim Taylor, Louis Osbourne, Reeloop aka Oliver Klitzing, Dominik Schuster, Virgin Helena, Eric Fischer, Peter Pan and many more.

In the past he was the organizer and promoter of some Events around South-Bavaria and Upper-Austria, such as Electronic-Playground (he was the founder) and the Watergate, Watercastle Aistersheim, Austria (he finalized 2003!). Mike Mullfinger adapt his DJ-Set on the Crowd and mood of the location and can´t be placed by his flexibility as well as experience in a category! He plays groovy Tech-House and Tribal just as well straight, monotone and hard Techno what applies from (Comparison) Leandro Gamez as far as DJ Rush and Wittekind extends. He finished his career with a heavy heart in 2007!
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B-side mix should be from Celvin Rotane (noted on label after I received it as promotion release inclusive info-sheet)
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My white label DINST DJ 249 track fits not to the video track. Could anybody share a few seconds of the WL track?
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Hi, please see the added run out etchings which fits to your comment.
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i have a sticker on my white label with the information:
Houseworkx - Bang The Party

the artist Houseworks doesn´t exist.