One of the oldest contributor of Discogs.
Now a bad slave.

Don't be surprised if I do not vote on your submissions. Discogs staff has stolen my voting rights without any reason since march 2019.
I asked why. Response: because one of my vote would be (!) incorrect. Surrealist. Especially when the link sent to me as proof is a release where I didn't vote. Fourth dimension.

After that, no excuses, nothing done. They don't care. Shameful.

After 17 years of free hard work, often 4 to 6 hours per day, no recognition, no respect, no protection.
I'm nothing for Discogs staff, just a bad slave. You're nothing either.

Until proven otherwise.

Favorite band: Lords Of Acid
Favorite french band: No One Is Innocent
The female voice: Nikkie Van Lierop
The male voice: Mike Patton

First live x-perience: Mucky Pup with Hoax (3) @ Rock School Barbey in 1994.

French rock-indus masterpiece: Lagony - Añadir
Unknown synth-punk masterpiece: Fatale - We Are Jalouse
Under-rated heavy-rock masterpiece: Bad 4 Good - Refugee
Recent indus-wave masterpiece: Legend (32) - Fearless
UFO-crossover masterpiece: Waltari - So Fine!

Best rock album of the 90's: Mutha's Day Out - My Soul Is Wet
The album I bring to paradise: Mother Love Bone - Apple

Final fantasy: RubberDoll
God: Praga Khan

Life is Muzik.

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Split? DJ Don & Svenson, Regg & Arkin, Adams & Krimson, Kevin J. & R. Cue

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Quote from Diognes_The_Fox from that discussion:
"Incomplete or incorrectly added BaOI data can be removed after a period of 14 days if the contributor is not able to verify or correct the variant data added. Existing subsequent data clusters should not be renumbered to backfill vacated numbers. Those numbers can be backfilled by new entries, though."

Changed country to Europe, the UK & Europe country is for when is stated on a release something as "Distributed in UK by... and distributed in Europe by..", making a distinction between the region, if there is no distinction then Europe is the correct country designation, as the UK is part of Europe.

Distributors as on release: "The 1st step is to list the company name as it appears on the release. Do not alter it or assume anything" (
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