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posted a review of DJ Hype - Playaz4Real. over 11 years ago
Not much value for money with this. There's 'Casino Royale', a chilled out, warm sounding tune with a catchy bassline and '174 Trek', the drum & bass version of the breakz classic. Those both are big tunes but the rest sound like album fillers.
posted a review of Digital / Spirit - Quad 1. over 12 years ago
"Waterhouse Dub" remix by A-Sides is a real tune, even better than the original. Its a proper anthemic bone shaker, one of those DnB tunes where hardcore aggression becomes even beautiful.
Maximum respect to Digital & A-Sides.
posted a review of Trace* - Sonar / Sphere. over 12 years ago
Just a small point, but the Tramen break appeared earlist on Mutant Revisited in 1996. It also use's the same 'Reece' bass sound. These are tunes produced with the help of Dom & Roland even though he is uncredited.