DJ and collector since the early nineties.

In the early 80s I began to spin my Dad´s Kraftwerk records when I was still a little boy...
In 1989/90 I got infected with Dance Music/Techno Music!
In 1999 I discovered Italo-Disco and it really had a big influence on my life and my taste of music...

I´m always open to trade some nice Italo-Disco!

All records are from my private collection!

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A discomix from outta space
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posted a comment on Kirk Degiorgio - The Golden Aspect EP. 8 months ago
When is this going to be pressed on vinyl???Great track!
posted a comment on Anthiliawaters - The Miles Without You. over 3 years ago
Nice to see this album beeing pressed on vinyl finally!
Unfortunately the track "Time" is missing on the 2x12" album.
Nevertheless a great album!