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posted a comment on Seba - Jungle Music / Cloudless. 15 days ago
Maybe it is so obvious that nobody thought it worth mentioning, but Jungle Music is a remix (more like an update, really) of Steve C & Monita - The Razors Edge:

posted a comment on Jungle Buddha - Green Buddha E.P.. 3 months ago
The information above says runout etchings are the wrong way round, but is it actually a case of the labels applied to the wrong sides? Both my copies labelled Side X play as the two untitled tracks, not Drug Me and Psalm IV; the matrix correctly ... See full review
posted a review of PFM / Alaska & Paradox / Cedar - Sakora / Summer Boy / Uncertain Journey / Distant Images. 6 months ago
I'm astounded that Bukem released Uncertain Journey on LGR. It sounds so dark and abrasive compared to the soft and, to my mind, rather uninspired music that Bukem's label was putting out at the time. It is vastly different from the harder Drum and Bass ... See full review
posted a comment on Underground Vegetables - Melting Pot. 9 months ago
Yes, it is, plus a different version of said track on the other side. I don't know if the other version was ever released elsewhere, but it sounds like it is from the same time period and not a modern take.
posted a comment on Mirage (2) - Just For You / No Tomorrow. 9 months ago
I think it is likely the labels were applied to the wrong sides with this record (No Tomorrow is Just For You and vice versa). Why? Because the amen track 'No Tomorrow' has a sample just before the drop that says something I can't make out, then quite ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Gwange - New Creation / Vinyl Paradise. 10 months ago
You could well be right. I now sometimes hear 'music takes me' or 'music changed me', sometimes alternately. I think your suggestion might be the better one though.

I can't say I hear the first word as 'Lucy' as others have suggested. It seems an ... See full review
submitted Karl Matthews - Lynn Slater. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on DJ Gwange - New Creation / Vinyl Paradise. about 1 year ago
Always thought it was "music takes me". I'm pretty sure this is correct.
posted a comment on Sounds Of Life (2) - Trust Me. about 1 year ago
I have both the original and repress and compared the two. The repress sounds no worse than the original to me, but it is a bit louder and the channel balance seems to be more even.
posted a comment on DJ Gwange - New Creation / Vinyl Paradise. about 1 year ago
Of course, when you say get in the way, you mean nearly ruins. To stick that cheesy sample on top of a perfect tune, it boggles the mind....too many Jungle producers had a 'kitchen sink' aesthetic which has not stood the test of time and ruined many an ... See full review
posted a comment on Studio Pressure - Jump. about 1 year ago
Jump, Jump MKII and Presha III all take their vocal sample from 'The Todd Edwards Project - Jump'.
posted a comment on Q Project - Champion Sound / Night Moves. over 2 years ago
For this reissue someone thought it would be a good idea to pitch the tracks up by 4 or 5%, probably so they could be mixed with more recent tunes. Unfortunately, the tracks sound completely ridiculous at these speeds, so will need to be pitched down ... See full review