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posted a comment on El-Perception. 6 days ago
Match made in heaven these two, looking forward to new releases.
posted a comment on Key To Life - Forever (The Hide 'n' Seek Remix). about 1 year ago
Ignore all other versions, this is the one you need in your collection if you demand bumpiness in your tracks
posted a comment on Boogie Boy* - Remix Showreel. about 1 year ago
Upon hearing the breakbeat mix on here, I thought I had entered heaven and the angels were singing r&b. This is guaranteed to elevate you, make sure you pitch it up and close your eyes..
submitted Avec (3) Meets Haruko Asaka* - Quiet Rooms Song for Couples. over 2 years ago
submitted Aba Shante - Settlin' Tha Score. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on The Unknown Factor. over 3 years ago
Class masterworks courtesy of some of the hardest hitting names that came out of the nineties house arena. Curated by the brilliant Mr. Onester, these two LPs and accompanying singles were simply produced to demolish dancefloors. By bringing together... See full review
posted a comment on Various - DRB01. over 3 years ago
Who the hell is DJ Backspin? Looking forward to future releases hopefully
posted a comment on Tom Middleton - A Jedi's Night Out. over 3 years ago
Are you keen on purchasing a 3xLP compilation of club smashers anytime soon? Then do not look elsewhere, since each one on here is a winner. From Pooley's breaks to the Jedi's funky house and offering some deep house classics and then some, this very... See full review
posted a comment on Antonio (2) Feat. Leo (4) - The New London Soul EP. over 3 years ago
A pioneering record worthy of all the wax in the world for a well deserved repress, good thing his speedier bits are still affordable... for now
posted a comment on 10M - Unreleased Projects. over 3 years ago
Carl Bias & BIP - I'm Up In Heaven (Don't Come For Me Mix) on the B
submitted Beautiful Swimmers - RA.542. over 3 years ago
submitted Private Funk - Love Dancin EP. over 4 years ago
submitted Klubbheads DJ Team* VS DJ Mark van Dale* - Raise Your Hands. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Edwin Yearwood. over 4 years ago
why does his picture on here make him look like a low level league player in fifa 06
posted a comment on DKMA Feat. Stacy Jethroe - The Divine EP. over 4 years ago
Might be because it was produced by Dana Kelley, of Callisto fame... Or simply because all 4 tracks are really dope!
posted a comment on Demo Cates - Seems A Million Sax Vol. 1. over 4 years ago
both sides work at 33 and 45rpm, jazzy slow jams and upbeat sitcom themes for the price of one record
posted a comment on Dean Blunt And Inga Copeland - The Attitude Era. over 4 years ago
some of their more hypnotizing productions.. truly enjoyable release !
submitted Rhythm Stars - Essential Dance Rhythms. over 4 years ago
submitted The Choice Brothers - Home Sweet Home. over 4 years ago
submitted The Rebles - Soca Nice. over 4 years ago
submitted Chocolate Affaire - Fun Time. over 4 years ago
submitted Hanna - Bless. over 4 years ago
submitted Vox Nihili - Proles E.P.. over 5 years ago
submitted Various - Music From Yugoslavia. over 5 years ago
submitted Use It - Feel EP. over 5 years ago
submitted Halo - When House Was EP. over 5 years ago
submitted DVA (2) - Allyallrecords. over 5 years ago