I'm A 0l'Dirty Ph0nKi MutafuKaZ Keepin' Tha Ancient L0st SeKret Hidden Thr0ugh Thee ArKanez 0v Thee DynamiK'z StruKtuRe 0v Tha RhythmiK

~ ~ ~

ReZpeKt Hardc0re M0ther Earth
Hardc0re Y0u Know The Sc0re
Hardc0re Will Never Die

~ ~ ~

"This is Network 23, the network that means business, now transmitting live to the world."

~ ~ ~



~ ~ ~

KΛoZ 2 ʒ

___ 2 ʒ ____________________

les Anges Meurent En b]N[/b]oir

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posted a comment on The Mafia Sauce Killers - L.S.D. EP. 10 months ago
Yo, Bourbonman did you try to simply have a look to the The Mafia Sauce Killers artist's page ? Cuz' there you can find who are The Mafia Sauce Killers : Laurent Debraz, Phranteek & Singularity A.I. ...
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Laurent Debraz whose... See full review
posted a comment on Cavage. 11 months ago
(Les Enregistrements du...) Cavage, tout premier Rekord's Label ''expé/dub/gabber/hip-hop/hardcore/breakz'' fondé par Gorki Plubakter AKa Saoulaterre, de son vrai nom [b][i][a=Boris... See full review
posted a comment on Firm Gurder - Positron Emission. about 1 year ago
This is just a b0ring ''rek0rd'' with abs0lutely n0 interest !!! That's the same shit than Stay Up Forever, Cluster and Chris Liberator pr0ds AKa ''Punx Acied'' !!! That's [i]''Thee Wr0ng Side 0v UK Acied... See full review
posted a comment on Spiral Tribe - Spiral Tribe E.P. - Forward The Revolution. about 1 year ago
W0w !!! Dear Singularity140 I give y0u all my Rezpekt f0r y0ur Kn0wledge ab0ut this Legendary Rek0rd and ab0ut Spiral Tribe !!! Maybe y0u didn't knew it but Kn0wledge is thee [b][i]5th... See full review
posted a comment on The Brown Brothers - A Planet Full Of Robots EP. about 1 year ago
It d0esn't s0unds like any Underground Resistance / Mad Mike Banks Rek0rdz I ever ear !!! Sci-Fi Theme isn't particular t0 Underground Resistance 0r t0 the Detr0it 90's Techn0 Scene that I rezpekt s0 much cause... See full review
posted a comment on DCT Crew - My Jsme Blazni !!. about 1 year ago
Y0 Unit23 !!! I really think we have t0 unite Thee ForceZ 0v TeKn0 and conneKt the Gl0bal EleKtr0niK Netw0rK ... ²3 !!!

Then we need t0 decide each 0ne in 0ur l0Kal Tribes wh0 will be PsychicK AKtiviZts... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Observer E.P.. about 1 year ago
B2. Enthrall - Untitled - 5:o3 ϟ Λmazing FucKin' TracKz !!! 1oo% Masterpiece !!!
TuLuZ HaRDKoRe !!! Λgain & Ouanaigaine !!! 45+8 Sub-Label !!!
ЄИJoY KΛoZ !!! __[x_O]__________''>
posted a comment on Dexter (2) - Tronic / Inside Out. about 1 year ago
Y0 br0, this UK-Tech-H0use is fr0m an0ther space time c0ntinuum than Dexter who pr0duce always the same tracks, t0tally b0ring after 2o Yearz Party-Crasherz and Hacktivizt int0 undergr0und free-parties in BXLz: N0 Tekn0 0r HardK0r I really L0ve but... See full review
posted a comment on The Cyberminds - Base Spatiale. about 1 year ago
F0ll0w The 3rd Eye Traveller !!! Be Undergr0und !!!
Stritly Undergr0und !!! Gl0bal EleKtr0niK M0vement !!!
Thee Egreg0re 0v 2ʒ Is Magick !!! K0llab0rate with 23 Tru L0ve And Rezpekt !!!
And All... See full review
posted a comment on Unit Moebius. about 1 year ago
Wow !!! Fuck !!! You know the Parkzicht which is the most famous early hardcore and gabber club in Rotterdam !!! I'm from Belgium but nobody knows Parkzicht here !!! It's krazy !!! Each gabbahead would have to know this club and his amazing... See full review
posted a comment on Casco Presents BWH* - Stop / Livin Up (Original / Mixes). about 1 year ago
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction !!! Fucking Life !!! So much frustration... Cause it could be a quite good track... But it miss the magickal stuff that could... See full review
posted a comment on Nasenbluten - 500/600/1200 EP. over 2 years ago
Yo, Groland3000 ... Haven’t we ever taught you that we don’t get in the way between us?
No one ever taught you about Loyalty? Nobody has ever taught you manners?
[b][i]So... let's have a look to the Groland3000's... See full review
posted a comment on Various - La Contrebande - Mixtape Vol. 1. over 2 years ago
Polo Les Diam's - Dark Rudholf - Monkey Estrada - Système Sans Pulsion
Sur ce track, il s'agit, en réalité de Sozyone Gonzalez, Kaer & Profecy, qui ont posé en scred sur La Contrebande - Mixtape Vol. 1... See full review
posted a comment on Zekt - Godly Obscurity. over 3 years ago
- > HARDKoRe WaS ALWaYS HeRE !!! AND WiLL Be ALWaYS HeRE !!! HARDKoRe iS THe ViBRATioN oF LiFe !!! LiKe A PuLSATIoN oF HeART !!! iT'LiKe THe SOuND ''ÔHM'' !!!
...So HARKoRe WiLL NeVeR DiE !!!
- > We'Re ONe !!! ONe LoVe !!! KEeP iT ReAL !!! PeACE !!!
posted a comment on Iron Monkey (2) / Tamahata - Untitled. over 4 years ago
Yes absolutely, most Homicide with this very agressive style. This is'nt what I called really industrial coz' it sound ''warm'' or ''deep'' as you said. What I eared in industrial hardcore I did'nt liked it at all coz' it sounds too ''cold''. I'm from... See full review