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posted a comment on James Mason - I Want Your Love. about 1 year ago
I'd agree with that. The original recording was most probably a demo on cassette, based on the sound of it.
posted a comment on The Bamboos - Tighten Up. about 1 year ago
Thanks for your opinion, although I'll go with Kenny & Keb on this one. They obviously thought it was a decent version and worth pressing, as prices nowadays seem to be indicating. The Bamboos are acknowledged world-wide as a great jazz/ funk/ soul band ... See full review
posted a review of Debravon Lewis - The Little Things / I'm Not That Kind Of Girl. about 1 year ago
Would love to see this fabulous slice of soulful West Coast disco given a new lease of life. A great song and fabulous vocal performances from Debravon Lewis and the backing vocalists with guidance from soul veteran Harvey Scales. It would probably need ... See full review
posted a comment on Chemise - She Can't Love You. about 1 year ago
It's 2017. And prices are going stupid again. More money than ... ??
posted a comment on Coke Escovedo - Comin' At Ya!. about 1 year ago
Absofreakin-lutely .. They're only starting to cook before the song fades out.
posted a comment on Logg - Logg. about 1 year ago
Kenny Dope and others have been been playing these tracks for years.
posted a comment on Andrés - Mighty Tribe. over 2 years ago
The sample might Earth Wind and Fire from a live recording.
posted a comment on Andrés - Believin'. over 2 years ago
No. Believin' is honestly not the worst song of 2015. There were far greater travesties committed to wax.
posted a comment on Pepe Bradock* - Swimsuit Issue 1789. over 4 years ago
Mark, answering an old question I know, but almost any decent polyphonic synth from the early 1980's would get you that kind of deep sawtooth wave bass. Possibly a Roland JP6 or JP8 or Juno 60 or 106.
posted a comment on Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo / Wet Look. over 4 years ago
This AIN'T Dubstep. Garage. Soul. Yes.
posted a comment on Wax (19) - No. 10001. over 4 years ago
Not sure which aspect of the production quality is "cheap"??