I had always liked electronic dance music (EDM), but I didn't really start to get into the scene until I heard Darude's classic Sandstorm, picked up his album Before the Storm locally, and my friend hap-hazardly downloaded Techno Beats Volume 21 off a torrent site.
So naturally trance was (and still is) my first love, but I also listen to house and progressive.
Torrents began to give me an exposure to a mostly european phenomonon. If it wasn't for the scene I wouldn't have bought all the EDM releases you now see in my collection.

I'm still seaching for 12" mixes of many of my favorite tracks from Techno Beats Volume 21 and other hard trance / euro dance compilations like:
Dreamforce - Another Day
Mark 'Oh - Stuck On You
Darude - Next To You
Florida Inc. - F**k It (I Don't Want You Back)
E Nomine - Das Omen (Im Kreis Des Bösen)
Rumble! Feat. Dick Rules - Tricky Tricky
Familiar Faces - Mad World
DJ Dean - It's A Dream and Music Is My Life
Ernesto vs. Bastian - Dark Side Of The Moon (for those Sunloverz Rmx's)

I only deal in CD or 320kbps mp3 preferably ripped in Easy CD-DA Extractor.

Alex M.O.R.P.H. quickly became my favorite trance producer with his productions like New Harvest, Ibiza Sky (Alex M.o.r.p.h. & Mike Shiver Mixes), Shivers, The 1, Servant of Justice, Marrakech, the Arc In The Sky project and of course Life Less Ordinary. :)
During my Alex M.O.R.P.H. craze I also became a fan of the longstanding German compilation series Dream Dance as they began consistently featuring exclusive edits of his productions that were simultaneously catching my attention. I always like to have the radio friendly edit of the stand-out mix. :)

It seems, when I wish to compile my own mixed compilation, I only have the edit of the desired track, and when I only wish to compile a CD of edits I only have the desired track in full length. :(
So I'm still trying to get a hold of This Is the Last Time (Edit), The Eternal (Edit), Second Day (Martin Roth Remix Edit), Catch (Martin Roth Mix), the full length David Guetta & Joachim Garraud Remixes of The World is Mine and Shiney Gray's You Made a Promise
also Sidewinder (Arc in the Sky Remix Edit), Apache, One More Time (Shorter Edit), Vampire (Nu NRG Remix) and (Nu NRG Remix Edit) as well as Free Fall (Edit)
Junkie XL mixes of Coldplay's Talk, Bombs (Benassi Mixes), Never Win (Benny Benassi Remix), All I Need 2006, Techno Rocker (Rob Mayth Remix), Ligaya (Original Instrumental Mix), Airbase, and Yoji Biomehanika Remixes), System F - Qrious (Remo-Con Remix).

Feel free to contact me for mp3 trades / requests. I know what it's like to want an out of print or relatively unatainable track / release.
Note that all 12" vinyls you see in my collection I don't physically own--only the 320kbps mp3 equivalent from a digital retailer like beatport, junodownload, djtunes, etc...
I also do some of the best scan on discogs. -_-

Trance Nation 19 and 20 are still my favorite trance mix CD's by Fenology boys Woody van Eyden and Alex M.O.R.P.H.. It was there in Alex's set I heard Vampire (Nu NRG Remix) which is probably my favorite female vocal trance track--it's defenately my most wanted track. Shane said something about how his album My Way would get a special Beatport release in 2006, but it never happened... At this point it's really an injustice to Nu NRG fans and I'm very indignant about it.
I got into Nu NRG with their remix for Jose Amnesia's classic trance peice The Eternal and the melodic beauty Freefall. Giuseppe Ottaviani is an ever promising solo artist as well and a real hot remixer right now. I expect great things especially in light of his work on Y68.
I'm pretty burnt out on albums honestly. I prefer radio edits or the full length mixes (7" or 12" mixes) not album versions!

Dream Dance 40 (Disc 2) is still my favorite installment of the series. That CD is priceless to me.

Outside of electronica I listen to prog rock gods Tool as well as KMFDM, a little industrial / EBM from time to time too whilst my favorite "band" remains Rammstein.
Outise of music my interests include health & fitness coupled with weight lifting and yoga. My personal myspace profile.

I'm removing vinyls from my discogs wantlist because Ii'm just tired of getting for-sell notifications in my inbox. I may want the release, but only the mp3 equivalent in 320kbps mp3 and no vinyl rips!