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posted a comment on Dickies* - The Incredible Shrinking Dickies. 2 months ago
I wish i could help you man! More copies should be available, for sure...
posted a comment on Bikini (3). 5 months ago
Essential band from Hungary. The first two albums are great!
posted a comment on John Trubee. 5 months ago
Mr. Trubee is a really classic guy that's for sure.
posted a comment on Steve Fisk. 5 months ago
He's a Genius. No doubt about that. tapes from 1983-88 are all pretty great. Highly Recommended!
posted a comment on Royal Trux - Royal Trux Demo Cassette. over 3 years ago
Holy shit! We all NEED THIS!! I agree with ya, Dan.
posted a comment on Guns N' Roses. over 4 years ago
In the early days they were great. My favorite is Use Your Illusion I. Appetite... is great too but i played it too much. My parents' favorite band actually! How funny is that?
posted a comment on Wipers. over 4 years ago
Very good band. Youth Of America remains their masterpiece in my eyes. SAGE is one of the unsung guitar heroes of all time. What a player! (And quite a good singer, too).
posted a comment on Poison Idea. over 4 years ago
Heavy as fuck. FEEL THE DARKNESS! Heavy band (pun intended).
posted a comment on Peter Steele. over 4 years ago
RIP you jolly Green Giant. What a voice you had!
posted a comment on Type O Negative - Slow, Deep And Hard. over 4 years ago
Brutally heavy and honest album. A great CLASSIC. Enough said!!
posted a comment on Type O Negative. over 4 years ago
Hey i agree. First album remains my favorite. RIP Sir Lord Petrus Steele!!
posted a comment on The Doors. over 4 years ago
Probably the greatest band ever in the history of music. Magical.
posted a comment on Alan Vega. over 4 years ago
Rest in peace, great Artist! He was uncompromising. Love Suicide! He had a unique voice too, like Elvis Presley mixed with Jim Morrison.
posted a comment on Devo - B Stiff. over 4 years ago
There is also a cassette release of this one. It was released in Australia. I got it. Super rare. I should have to add it to the page.
posted a comment on Alice Cooper (2). over 4 years ago
Love his first couple solo albums. He never quite recovered after that. Still, there are good songs on most of the rest of the albums. But they are very uneven.
posted a comment on Alice Cooper. over 4 years ago
My favorite artist/band! He was untouchable during the first half of the seventies. His solo albums are also very good, but not as good as these.
posted a comment on Led Zeppelin. over 4 years ago
What a classic band. Sure they stole A LOT of old blues stuff, but i still LOVE them!
posted a comment on Ludichrist. over 4 years ago
ID is a great album. Very diverse, but super fast at the same time. Did any band play as speedy as this one. Don't know, but they surely are one of the fastest bands on this planet!!
posted a comment on Cro-Mags. over 4 years ago
Hey no comments?!? Two first albums are masterpieces in their genre(s). Great cross-over. But really dangerous at the same time. No band defined NYHC like these guys. I just wish they would bury the hatchet. Too bad Harley and John are still... See full review
posted a comment on The Tubes. over 4 years ago
Wonderful cult band, but not that obscure when u think about it. 1st Lp and Young And Rich are essential. Also Remote Control (produced by Todd Rundgren) has got to be heard.
posted a comment on God Bullies. over 4 years ago
Nice cult band. Favorite: MAMAWOMBWOMB. SEX POWER MONEY is such a great song. That guitar!
posted a comment on Royal Trux. over 4 years ago
Classic fucking band. They rocked. Too bad they had to split ways. My favorites include TWIN INFINITIVES (A monumental recording) and the more accessible ACCELERATOR. But there's good stuff to be found on most of their albums. If you like ROCK N ROLL... See full review
posted a comment on The Frogs. over 4 years ago
Haha, i actually happen to have Aspergers Syndrome!! Great cult band, no one is quite like them. And yeah, RIP Dennis Flemion. A true loss.
posted a comment on Paul Lemos. over 4 years ago
Paul is a great guy. High School TEACHER and MUSICIAN. CB is one of the most eclectic bands out there. Hard to find a group with so many different styles.
posted a comment on Joe Papa. over 4 years ago
Have to agree with you again! Such a loss when he departed. His scat singing was (is) out of this world. According to Paul he had the "fastest mouth on the planet"!!
posted a comment on Chris Moriarty. over 4 years ago
RIP. He was very talented. Check out BODY CLOCK, his own project. Like CB, pretty eclectic if you ask me.
posted a comment on Controlled Bleeding. over 4 years ago
Totally agree! Paul also happens to be one of the nicest human beings one is ever going to meet. Totally schizophrenic in musical styles, CB is certainly one of the most unique. They should be more well-known, but on the other side of the coin they... See full review
posted a comment on Armand Schaubroeck Steals. over 4 years ago
The Ratfucker. Great craziness here!! Armand is a Living Legend.
posted a comment on Armand Schaubroeck. over 4 years ago
He's great! I wish more people knew his crazy odd-ball music.
posted a comment on Sparks. over 4 years ago
I agree with the comments below! No one, i say NO ONE writes as genius, clever lyrics like Ronald Mael. No way. Highly underrated cult band.
Kimono My House, such a great album. But their whole seventies work is pretty perfect, except for Introducing.... See full review
posted a comment on Todd Rundgren. over 4 years ago
No comments? Masterful musician right here. A True Wizard! Not in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame as of yet. But hey, TODD doesn't need them, they need him! Essential albums: pretty much his whole 70's catalog. Start with SOMETHING/ANYTHING? then work... See full review
posted a comment on John Cale. over 4 years ago
Highly underrated artist! No comments yet? FEAR is one of the greatest albums ever recorded. Better than any Lou Reed if you ask me. Also recorded other classics for the ISLAND label.
posted a comment on Talking Heads. over 4 years ago
Have to agree! Great band. My favorites are probably More Songs... and Fear Of Music,
posted a comment on The Residents. over 4 years ago
One of the most creative bands in the history of music. Certainly one of the greatest of all time. Their 1970's albums especially were always good to great.
posted a comment on Pere Ubu. over 4 years ago
Ohio's finest with DEVO. Essential listening: Terminal Tower, Modern Dance, Dub Housing, New Picnic Time and Art Of Walking. If you haven't heard this band yet in your life, you are in for a treat. Mostly for open-minded listeners though. A pretty... See full review
posted a comment on Suicide. over 4 years ago
I agree wholeheartedly. RIP Alan. Legend. All of their studio albums are pretty great. My favorites are the second one and A Way Of Life.
posted a comment on Devo. over 4 years ago
No comments so far? Highly influential band here. They combined great music with an equally great image. Check out the Hardcore comps plus the early stuff (1977-1981). Some of their peers include Pere Ubu (also from O-Hi-O!), The Residents and... See full review
posted a comment on Zoogz Rift. over 4 years ago
He was very underrated. Never a wrestler, but a manager. If you like Beefheart/Zappa and other crazies, please check him out!
posted a comment on The Residents - Duck Stab!. over 4 years ago
Hey you missed to name one of the classics: Hello Skinny!