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posted a review of Hakim Bey - T.A.Z.. over 12 years ago
The voice of Hakim Bey is singular and haunting. Added to the content of his prose and the soundscapes their morphed with, this makes for an opportunity to have your basic sense of reality stirred up a bit. The CD contains selections of his book ... See full review
posted a review of Doctor B - Floating Music. over 13 years ago
Each track is pretty much the same simple beat. The only difference is the samples used on top of them which correspond with their titles. People talking, whales under water, electrical garden tools etc. . .
posted a review of Richard Youngs - 171 Used Train Tickets. over 13 years ago
Apparently Richard Youngs "hoarded" 171 used train tickets and thought it would be cool to make a perfomance out of them. This is a live recording of him reading each and every one to an audience before his band played.

Recorded @ The Old Angel, ... See full review
posted a review of Viola Wills - Gonna Get Along Without You Now. over 13 years ago
The lyrics on this release were taken from a song done by two young sisters age 11 and 14, who went by Patience & Prudence and recorded in the 50's under the supervision of their father, Mark McIntyre.