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Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Show Your Bones
posted a review of Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Show Your Bones. over 3 years ago
A lot better than I was expecting, to be honest I wasn't expecting much. Yeah Yeahs I have found very dull in the past, but this album rocks. It's got a lot of tracks that are catchy and it is well played and produced.

Stand Out Tracks; 'Gold Lion',... See full review
Audioslave - Audioslave
posted a review of Audioslave - Audioslave. over 3 years ago
This is a nice post-grunge album, it has the seeds of greatness but doesn't quite make it. It's a good album but just not history making, maybe I need to give it more chance.

Stand Out Tracks; 'Cochise', 'Like a Stone', 'Set It Off'
S Club 7 - Sunshine
posted a review of S Club 7 - Sunshine. over 3 years ago
This is a very middle of the old pop album, that doesn't offend. There is a couple of little gems, but the rest is throughway.

Stand Out Tracks: 'Don't Stop Movin', 'You', 'Have You Ever'
The Pussycat Dolls - PCD
posted a review of The Pussycat Dolls - PCD. over 3 years ago
Well I'm shocked to say that I like this album even though I wanted to hate it. The album has a lot of upbeat tracks and the songs are very catchy. I wouldn't say it is a classic album, but it is a good pop album.

Stand Out Tracks: 'Don't Cha',... See full review
The Horrors - Primary Colours
posted a review of The Horrors - Primary Colours. over 3 years ago
This reminds me of The Cure, although this has a more modern sound, it also has flavours of Bowie. This is album that we grow on me, as on first listen I couldn't really get into it.

Stand Out Tracks: 'Three Decades', 'Who Can Say', 'Scarlet Fields'
Eliza Carthy - Anglicana
posted a review of Eliza Carthy - Anglicana. over 3 years ago
This is a mix of traditional folk music with and modern twist. Eliza is a very good fiddle player, and this album highlights her skills. I like all sorts of music and I love folk, but to me this album does not sound unique. I found a lot of the songs... See full review
New Order - Get Ready
posted a review of New Order - Get Ready. over 3 years ago
Really impressed by this album, full of great guitar work and really solid tracks. I was not expecting much, but I don't think there is a dud track here. This is a long way from Joy Division, but I really love it. It was also good to hear Smashing... See full review
Ian Brown - My Way
posted a review of Ian Brown - My Way. over 3 years ago
I have only had one listen of this album, and overall it's sounds good. It starts well with some interesting tracks, and it feels fresh compared to his older stuff. I am not totally convinced by the whole thing, but over time I think it will grown on... See full review
The Black Eyed Peas* - The E·N·D
posted a review of The Black Eyed Peas* - The E·N·D. over 3 years ago
'I Gotta Feeling' is such a banging track, and everybody from young too old loves that track. The amazing track is 'Boom Boom Pow' and the rest of this album just feels like filler. The album is way too long and all the tracks sound the same. I guess... See full review
Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me...Then
posted a review of Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me...Then. over 3 years ago
This is an album that I would not buy or listen to, but my wife had it on and I was pleasantly surprised. When you hear tracks played on the radio to death, you start to ignore them. Listen to this album now, I'm surprised how much I enjoyed it. Full... See full review
EU* - Reframing
posted a review of EU* - Reframing. over 3 years ago
I found this album in some stuff that they were getting rid of. I had no idea what would come out of the speakers, which is the best way to discover music. This is a nice little chilled out dance electronic album, with some interesting sounds. It an... See full review
Gene - To See The Lights
posted a review of Gene - To See The Lights. over 3 years ago
Was given this album and knew nothing about it. I looked Gene up and apparently they are like the Smiths. I thought this sounded nothing like them, but found the music good. It feels like early britpop, and the songs are well crafted. With only one... See full review
Eternal (2) - Greatest Hits
posted a review of Eternal (2) - Greatest Hits. over 3 years ago
I have not properly heard Eternal for 20 odd years. So when I was given a copy of Greatest Hits and listened I was expecting some 90's cheesy pop, but what a treat. Eternal had some proper good tracks and this collection is fab. I have a lo more... See full review
The Ting Tings - We Started Nothing
posted a review of The Ting Tings - We Started Nothing. over 3 years ago
The two hits are good pop hits, and great to sing a long too. The rest of this album is more of the same. The rest of the tracks are fine, but there really isn't anything special here.

Stand Out Tracks; 'Great DJ', 'That's Not My Name', 'Shut Up and... See full review
Delirious? - Kingdom Of Comfort
posted a review of Delirious? - Kingdom Of Comfort. over 3 years ago
First few listens to this and I wasn't that impressed, but now that I've heard it multiple times he has grown on me. It a good solid album with some classic tracks on it. Delirious? have tried to be a bit more edgy and modern here and overall I think... See full review
REM* - Accelerate
posted a review of REM* - Accelerate. over 3 years ago
The couple of albums before this release I didn't think much of, so wasn't expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised, and although it's not as good as classic R.E.M., this album holds it's own. It is upbeat and full of catchy tracks, nothing super... See full review
Estelle - Shine
posted a review of Estelle - Shine. over 3 years ago
The big hit from the album 'American Boy', is the tune that everybody will know. But there is more here that also follows the same kind of vibe. Estelle has a fabulous voice, it's soulful and sounds very mature. The problem here is that the album... See full review
Supergrass - Diamond Hoo Ha
posted a review of Supergrass - Diamond Hoo Ha. over 3 years ago
This is a solid effort by Supergrass, and well worth a listen. Although it doesn't sound as special as their first few albums, this does feel like those albums. It full of meaty tracks to get your teeth into, and it doesn't hold back from throwing... See full review
Foals - Antidotes
posted a review of Foals - Antidotes. over 3 years ago
For a debut album, this is a solid album. I picked up on the Foals early on in their carer and have been impressed by this first effort, and surprised they all not really mainstream. The album is full of tracks that just sound so good, musical well... See full review
Operator Please - Yes Yes Vindictive
posted a review of Operator Please - Yes Yes Vindictive. over 3 years ago
This album starts well, and sounds very fresh. You get a mix of punk with violin hooks, which blends extremely well. The whole album is a good first effort, although it does tale off after the first few tracks. The album is like a little ray of pop... See full review
The Presidents Of The United States Of America - These Are The Good Times People
posted a review of The Presidents Of The United States Of America - These Are The Good Times People. over 3 years ago
I am a huge fans of the Presidents first two albums, and have been keeping an eye on them. The other albums have not been great so far until now. The first half of this album harks back to those first two albums, and could easily fit on them. The... See full review
MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
posted a review of MGMT - Oracular Spectacular. over 3 years ago
A nice album with a great production and some tracks which are catchy and will last the test of time. The album is a little avant-garde and won't be many peoples cup of tea. I don't think it flows as an album, and it needs a bit more contrasts.... See full review
Kelis - The Hits
posted a review of Kelis - The Hits. over 3 years ago
I love the first two tracks on this hits collection, then it goes down hill. Kelis is very average, she just doesn't pull any punches. Some of the tracks just feel slung together, and feels that no thought has been put into them. She can sing and has... See full review
Duffy - Rockferry
posted a review of Duffy - Rockferry. over 3 years ago
I remember when Duffy was on the radio all the time, and 'Mercy' became very wearing. Going back this album after many years, I'm pleasantly surprised how fresh it feels. The hits still sound as good in 2020 as they did 12 years ago. The others tracks... See full review
Amplifico - See Heart, See Muscle
posted a comment on Amplifico - See Heart, See Muscle. over 3 years ago
If you are A KT Tunstall fan then you will love this. I have heard this album many times now and it just gets better and better. Even though there is nothing that really stands out, it is just a solid album with lots of great catchy tracks. I have... See full review
Hayseed Dixie - No Covers
posted a review of Hayseed Dixie - No Covers. over 3 years ago
This is the first time Hayseed Dixie have done an album without covers. I can understand why they have taken that route as you don't want to be seen as a covers band. They bring the same style as always and these tracks are not too bad, and it's album... See full review
Jack Johnson - Sleep Through The Static
posted a review of Jack Johnson - Sleep Through The Static. over 3 years ago
Sleep Through the Static, is more of the same chill out summer acoustic laid back pop. This is a great album to fill the background with music over a dinner, but does little more. I like Jack's music but it's all so very familiar and I just want him... See full review
Adele (3) - 19
posted a review of Adele (3) - 19. over 3 years ago
When Adele first come on the scene I wasn't that interested, I's heard 'Chasing Pavements' everywhere, I thought it was good but wasn't that fascinated. Since she has other releases I have final seen how special she is. Adele has a beautiful voice... See full review
Eels - Meet The Eels Essential Eels Vol.1 1996 - 2006
posted a review of Eels - Meet The Eels Essential Eels Vol.1 1996 - 2006. over 3 years ago
I'm a massive fan of Mr E, and this is the perfect entry point to his amazing back catalogue of work. The Eels even today sound so different to their peers and very unique. This collection has every track that I would have chosen, with a few added... See full review
Flyleaf - Flyleaf
posted a review of Flyleaf - Flyleaf. over 3 years ago
There are so many bands who sound like Flyleaf, and it's a shame as this album is a solid piece of work. The is well played and totally rocks, it's just not original, you could be listening to any generic band. It feels a bit like painting by numbers,... See full review
Soul Survivor (3) - Complete (Live Worship From Soul Survivor 2008)
posted a review of Soul Survivor (3) - Complete (Live Worship From Soul Survivor 2008). over 3 years ago
A nice collection of live worship songs from Soul Survivor 2008. There nothing really special here but it's not a bad collection.

Stand Out Tracks; 'Your Name Is High', 'One Way', 'How I Love You'
Various - The People’s Album 3
posted a review of Various - The People’s Album 3. over 3 years ago
I was given this album, and I wasn't expecting much from this worship album. I was wrong, it is really good, full of great tracks. For the most part these songs are more rocky than your typical worship compilation.

Stand Out Tracks; 'Great Is The... See full review
Kris Morris - I Think We Both Know
posted a review of Kris Morris - I Think We Both Know. over 3 years ago
Not many people would have heard of Kris Morris, and I'm not sure if he is still making records. This I believe is his first album, and it's beautiful. He has a very likeable voice, and he wonders through these tracks very elegantly. I love the laid... See full review
Queen And Paul Rodgers - Say It's Not True
posted a review of Queen And Paul Rodgers - Say It's Not True. over 3 years ago
An original Queen song with Paul Rodgers. It's OK, it will never be like anything they have done with Freddie, but it's not a bad track. The video has been added but nothing else.
Kevin Max - The Blood
posted a review of Kevin Max - The Blood. over 3 years ago
An album all themed on the crucifixion of Christ. This is an odd album as it has so many different styles, and it feels like it is by different artists. It starts with a traditional hymn 'The Old Rugged Cross', which is stunning, I just wish he had... See full review
Shaun The Sheep - Life's A Treat
posted a review of Shaun The Sheep - Life's A Treat. over 3 years ago
It's a big shame that the original version of the song is not on this single. The different mixes are OK, but don't add anything. The best thing about this disc is the added video, but you can find that on YouTube.
[dweeb] - It Came From Outer Space!
posted a review of [dweeb] - It Came From Outer Space!. over 3 years ago
I loved [dweeb's] little EP and thought it was a comical and refreshing piece of work. Now we get a full album, it reminds me of Biffy Clyro. It's not as comical as the EP, and they have tried to be a little more professional. It has moments of... See full review
Gwen Stefani - Now That You Got It
posted a review of Gwen Stefani - Now That You Got It. over 3 years ago
A solid track from Gwen, which is upbeat and fun. The remix tracks don't add much, but they are a little bit of fun.
Various - Now That's What I Call Music! 68
posted a review of Various - Now That's What I Call Music! 68. over 3 years ago
As with album Now albums, they are all a little hit and miss. The first disc is really not worth the effort, apart from a few hit tracks. The second disc however is a great set of tracks, more indie rock, and well worth having.

Stand Out tracks:... See full review
Led Zeppelin - Mothership
posted a review of Led Zeppelin - Mothership. over 3 years ago
It's hard to make a Led Zeppelin best of album as there are so many great tracks. This album is great place to start if you are new to Zeppelin, everything you expect to be here is here. This is a must have album as it absolutely rocks from being to... See full review
Portico Quartet - Knee-Deep In The North Sea
posted a review of Portico Quartet - Knee-Deep In The North Sea. over 3 years ago
What an album! I found out about these guys through the Mercury Music Prize, and they grab my attention. I had to get the album, and boy was I in for a surprise. The whole thing is beautiful crafted, and there is not a dud track to be found. I love to... See full review
Queen - Rock Montreal
posted a review of Queen - Rock Montreal. over 3 years ago
This is a really good set for Queen, I love how raw it is. It taken from the last concept they did in 1981, and the last time they played as just the 4 members on stage. Track after track the energy grows and gets better and better. It's good to hear... See full review
Robert Plant | Alison Krauss - Raising Sand
posted a review of Robert Plant | Alison Krauss - Raising Sand. over 3 years ago
Not who you would normally put together, but Plant and Krauss sound amazing together. This is a beautiful album full of stunning folk and bluegrass songs. The album is also a grower, first time round I enjoyed it, but it does need a few runs through... See full review
Avril Lavigne - Hot
posted a review of Avril Lavigne - Hot. over 3 years ago
'Hot' is a fairly average track for Lavigne, it doesn't really pack a punch, but is OK as a pop song.
Whitney Houston - The Ultimate Collection
posted a review of Whitney Houston - The Ultimate Collection. over 3 years ago
I'm not a big Houston fan, but what a selection of songs. Whitney could really sing, and this album really highlights her range, not just her vocal range, but her different styles. This album is a good starting point for anybody who is new to her... See full review
Various - Radio 1's Live Lounge: Volume 2
posted a review of Various - Radio 1's Live Lounge: Volume 2. over 3 years ago
A nice album full of fab tracks, that flow well and have a lot of energy. There is something here for everybody. It's good to hear The Zutons original of 'Valerie', but also to hear Winehouse version. She had an amazing voice and on this version she... See full review
Jars Of Clay - Christmas Songs
posted a review of Jars Of Clay - Christmas Songs. over 3 years ago
I always worry when band bring out a Christmas album, either they are amazing or just terrible. This album is a bit of both, most of the songs are on the dull side with a few highlights. My favourite track is 'Wonderful Christmastime' a cover of a... See full review
Stereophonics - Pull The Pin
posted a review of Stereophonics - Pull The Pin. over 3 years ago
Meh, another Stereophonics album that leaves you wanting so much more. It's just so mediocre, I just don't want to bother. I guess the problem though is me, I want them to be a class rock band, but really they are just a pop band who like to do mellow... See full review
Radiohead - In Rainbows
posted a review of Radiohead - In Rainbows. over 3 years ago
I love Raidiohead's early stuff so much, and it's difficult for them to compete with themselves. When I bought this album when it came out, I was not a fan, I found it very dull. I have come back to it, and it has just grown on me. Now I am a super... See full review
Plumb - Blink
posted a review of Plumb - Blink. over 3 years ago
This is an odd album, I have been a fan of Plumb and enjoyed most of her albums. This album is dedicated to her young child, and what it means to be a mother. Maybe if I was a mother I would understand this more, but as a father of two crazy boys who... See full review